Snoop Dogg

Rapper, hip hop singer, democratic activist

Leonardo DiCaprio

Actor, Titanic, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Beach, Inception, The Departed, Blood Diamond, Body of Lies, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, environmentalist, activist, filmmaker, film producer

Emma Watson

Actress, environmentalist, climate change activist

Blake Lively

Actress, Green Lantern, spouse to Ryan Reynolds, pregnant, mom, activist

Dalai Lama

Monk, human rights activist, author, The Book of Joy, The Art of Happiness, Freedom in Exile

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)

Democratic Party politician aka Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, political activist, Tax the Rich

Greta Thunberg

Environmentalist, environmental activist, climate change, autism, autistic, daughter of opera singer Malena Ernman

Gary Lineker

Sports reporter, sports news reporter, activist

Alyssa Milano

Actress, producer, designer, activist

Mark Ruffalo

Actor, solar energy activist, environmentalist

Michael Moore

Filmmaker, politician, activist

Emily Sears

Bikini model, feminist, activist

Edward Snowden

CIA whistleblower, PRISM data collection, privacy activist, political activist, political commentator, politics

Omari Hardwick

Actor, as Ghost on the hit TV series Power, artist, poet, activist

Marianne Williamson

Politician, author of A Return to Love, activist, Democrat

Ilhan Omar

Feminist, activist, democratic politician, democrat in Minnesota House of Representatives for Minnesota

Al Gore

Founder of Current TV and sold it to Al Jazeera, politician, environmentalist, climate change activist, global warming, global climate change researcher

Ben Affleck

Actor, writer, film producer for Pearl Street Films, film director of The Town and Argo, activist, philanthropist, founder of Eastern Congo Initiative, spouse to Jennifer Garner

Kristen Bell

Actress on The Good Place, feminist, activist


Singer, the most famous female pop singer of all time, democratic activist

Sharon Stone

Actress, Basic Instinct, Casino, activist, mom

Michelle Malkin

Political commentator, politics, activist

Colin Kaepernick

BLM activist, former NFL football player

Cobie Smulders

Actress aka Jacoba Francisca Maria Smulders, activist

Candace Owens

Author of Blackout, activist aka Blexit, Blaxit, political commentator, politics, Republican, conservative political activist

Charlie Kirk

Republican political activist, political commentator, politics, founder and president of Turning Point USA, author of The MAGA Doctrine

Alison Wonderland

DJ, music producer, busty blonde, political activist, political commentator, politics

Paul Joseph Watson

Geopolitical commentator, politics, polemicist, writer, journalist, activist, The Spectator

Tamika D. Mallory

Activist, Black Lives Matter movement, democratic, political commentator, politics, gun control, feminist, organizer of the Womens March


Redhead singer, musician, activist, foodie, fitness junkie

Noelle Foley

blonde glamour model, busty, enhanced breasts, curvy model, hips, big booty, foodie, nerd, geek, Autism activist

Rachel Riley

TV host, TV presenter, activist

Elizabeth Gilbert

Author of Eat, Pray, Love and Nuturing Your Creative Genius, activist

Dr. Cornel West

Professor at Harvard, philosopher, ethics, political activist, political commentator, politics, identity politics, podcaster on The Tight Rope, identity politics, social critic, author, religious, Bap

Regina King

Ebony actress, BLM activist

David Frum

Political activist, news reporter, political commentator, politics

Larry Elder

Politician, BLM activist, documentary film producer of Uncle Tom, documentary films, radio broadcaster, TV host of Larry Elder Show, radio host, libertarian, documentary filmmaker

Ryan Fournier

Political commentator, politics, activist at Turning Point Action

Anita Sarkeesian

Video gamer, gaming news reporter, feminist, activist, media critic, blogger, YouTuber on Feminist Frequency

Willie Nelson

Musician, singer, songwriter, poet, actor, activist, cannabis, marijuana, weed

Chuck Woolery

Hollywood conservative activist, TV host, podcaster at Blunt Force Truth

Nicole Moudaber

DJ, music producer, radio host, music composer, racing, race car driver, philanthropist, human rights activist

Naomi Klein

Journalist, writer, bestselling author, No Logo, The Shock Doctrine. This Changes Everything. No Is Not Enough, filmmaker, activist, feminist

Malin Åkerman

Blonde actress, activist

Amanda Seyfried

Actress, activist for INARA

Angela Bassett

Ebony actress, activist

Evan McMullin

Executive director at Stand Up Republic, independent presidential candidate, politician, political activist, political commentator, politics, former CIA officer, morman

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Political commentator, politics, activist, politician aka Robert F Kennedy Jr, Bobby Kennedy Jr

Scott Presler

Republican political activist aka The Persistence, polticial commentator, politics

Nazem Kadri

NHL ice hockey player, formerly on the Toronto Maple Leafs, philanthropist, political activist at his own Nazem Kadri Foundation

Andy Slavitt

Activist, healthcare

Cenk Uygur

political activist, TV host, The Young Turks

Cory Doctorow

Journalist, activist, writer, editor of Boing Boing, blogger, science fiction author of Radicalized, Walkaway, In Real Life, Little Brother

Earthling Ed

YouTuber, vegan activist, environmental activist, animal activist

Kyle Kulinski

Political activist, political commentator, politics, democratic, TV host of The Kyle Kulinski Show

Bill McKibben

Environmentalist, climate change activist, author of The End of Nature, Falter, journalist, founder of, educator, opponent to Canada's Tar Sands pipeline

Matt Couch

Republican Conservative activist, political commentator, politics

Christina Hoff Sommers

Feminist aka Christina Hoff Sommers, feminism activist, philosopher, feminism, author of War Against Boys, podcaster of The Factual Feminist

Ashley St. Clair

Activist, political commentator, politics

Malin Andersson


Dr. Joseph Mercola

Natural health activist, doctor, physician, health and wellness doctor


Political commentator, politics aka Kambree Kawahine Koa, feminist, activist, Republican conservative

Laci Green

Feminist, sex educator, teacher, activist, vlogger, public sex educator, YouTuber, YouTuber aka Lacey Green

Forrest Galante

TV host of Animal Planet, speaer fisherman, wildlife adventure, wildlife biologist, conservationist, environomental activist

Frank Figliuzzi

Political activist, counterintelligence officer, former FBI assitant director, author of the FBI Way

Joe Cross

Documentary filmmaker of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, documentary films, entrepreneur, wellness advocate, vegan activist, juicing

Nadya Tolokonnikova

Political activist aka Nadya Tolokno, conceptual artist, model

Mikhaila Peterson

Political commentator, politics, activist, podcaster, daughter of Jordan Peterson, diets, The Lion Diet

Neera Tanden

Political commentator, politics, political activist, philanthropist, President of Center for American Progress, lawyer, attorney

Ed Calderon

Environmental activist, security specialist

Kurt Schlichter

Conservative activist, writer, editor for

DeRay McKesson

Author of On the Other Side of Freedom, human rights activist

Jaime Pressly

Actress on My Name Is Earl, model, social activist

Ashley Salazar

Playboy model, photo journalist, Playmate, USAF veteran, animal lover, animal rights activist, radiology, MMA ring girl, bikini model, cover model, enhanced breasts

Sophie Brussaux

Artist, activist

Dr. Rashid Buttar

Doctor Buttar aka Dr Buttar, physician, political activist, author of The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away

Jimmy Dore

Standup comedian, standup comic, YouTuber, political commentator, politics, political activist, podcaster on The Jimmy Dore Show, formerly with The Young Turks

Sherrilyn Ifill

Civil rights activist, political commentator, politics

Selenis Levya

Author, My Sister

Charlotte Lambert

Playboy model, Playmate, glamour model, bikini model, huge enhanced breasts, vegan, animal lover, animal rights activist

Avunclar Baller


Vikki Lenola

Redhead lingerie model, bikini model, promo model, gogo dancer, animal activist, animal lover

Harnaam Kaur

Trans alt model, transgender

Amy Smart

Blonde actress aka Amy Lysle Smart, mom, environomentalist, environmental activist

Noam Chomsky

Libertarian, social activist, policital commentator, politics, philosopher, author of Manufacturing Consent

Nick Knudsen

Founder and executive director of DemCast, activist, political commentator, politics

Denyce Lawton

Blasian actress, ebony actress, very busty

Mike Novogratz

Billionaire, ex-hedge fund manager, human rights activist, Bitcoin evangelist, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, CryptoKitties, investor in FTX

Andrew Adonis

Politician, activist

Tory Fibs


Faith J. Goldy-Bazos

Political commentator for The Rebel Media, politics aka Faith Goldy Bazos, guns activist, redhead fitness junkie

Katrina Pierson

Tea Party activist aka Katrina Pearson, political commentator, politics, conservative Republican

Lee Camp

Standup comedian, writer, actor, activist

James Wilks

MMA fighter, mixed martial arts, retired UFC fighter, personal trainer, bodybuilder, fitness instructor, fitness trainer, krav maga athlete, vegan activist, film producer of The Game Changers

Michael Greger, M.D.

Physician, nutritionist, activist

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Celebrity chef, activist

Mia Kirshner

Actress from 24, writer, social activist, animal lover

Tony Robinson

Actor, comedian, historian, TV host, political commentator, politics, political activist, author


YouTuber, political commentator, politics, political activist, whistleblower

Melissa Chen

Managing Director of Ideas Beyond Borders, journalist, writer, contributing editor for Spectator USA, civil liberties activist, runner, wino, foodie

Dr. Patrick Moore

Environmentalist, PhD ecologist, Allow Golden Rice Now!, former activist, climate change alarmism, former president of GreenPeace Canada, author of Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout

John Joseph

Vegan activist aka John Joseph McGowan, rock singer, musician, endurance athlete

Carrie Symonds

Activist aka Carrie Simmons, animal lover, fiancee to Boris Johnson

Megan Phelps-Roper

social media activist, lobbyist, speaker, author of Unfollow

Eliza Orlins

Criminal lawyer, activist, feminist, reality TV star, game show competitor, Survivor Micronesia & The Amazing Race

Rachel McAdams

Actress, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, environmental activist, environmentalist

Mike Prysner

Documentary filmmaker, political activist, Iraq war veteran, army veteran

Karyn Calabrese

Restauranteur, vegan activist, raw foodist, speaker

Veronica Koman

Activist, human rights lawyer, human rights attorney

Dr. John A. McDougall

Physician, nutritionist, educator, speaker, foodist, vegan activist, founder of Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Inc.

Keegan Kuhn

Film producer, documentary film producer, documentary filmmakers, documentarian, documentary films, activist, videographer, cinematographer

Patrick O'Flynn

Political commentator, politics, activist

Tristan Taormino

Sex educator, feminist, activist, author

Vinicius Machado

Actor, as Nomar on the hit TV series Power, producer, fashion model, activist, philanthropist

Buck Angel

trans adult performer, transgender, transsexual man, human rights activist

Kerry Anne Mendoza

Editor-in-chief of The Canary, activist, Author of Austerity: Demolition of the Welfare State and the Rise of the Zombie Economy

Kip Andersen

Documentary films, documentarian, documentary filmmaker, vegan activist, Cowspiracy, What the Health, Running for Good

Markie Williams

blonde fitness model, blonde bikini fitness model, TV host, enhanced breasts, biceps, smile, domestic violence activist

Sherri Tenpenny

Osteopathic doctor aka Sherry Tenpenny, physician

Karol Cummins

Activist, political commentator, politics

Kodette LaBarbera

Reality TV star, Hockey Wives, podcaster of Our Hockey Life, realtor, autism activist, mom, philanthropist

Ethan Nadelmann

Activist, former executive director

Shoshana Zuboff

Scholar, futurist, professor at Harvard, social activist, privacy activist, author of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

John Perkins

Author, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, political activist

David Brock

Political commentator, politics, political activist, author, Killing the Messenger

Dr. Toni Bark

Medical doctor, physician, biohacker, speaker, homeopath, Keto fitness coach, vegan activist

David Kurten

UK Independence Party politician, political activist, Leader of the Heritage Party

Cathy Connors

Entrepreneur, activist, feminist

Ari Solomon

Animal rights activist, animal lover

James Foster


Ali Alexander

Political consultant, political commentator, politics, political activist, teacher, publisher

James Cromwell

Actor, ethical vegan activist, executive producer

Carré Otis

Model aka Carrie Otis, activist, mom, author

Erin Elizabeth

TV journalist, author, public speaker, writer at Health Nut News, activist

Ty Bollinger

Author of Cancer: Step Outside the Box, activist

Savanah Hernandez

Conservative political activist aka Savannah Hernandez, Republican political commentator, politics, news reporter, formerly TV host on Info Wars, podcaster on Rapid Fire Podcast

Ben Sellers


Yvette Carnell

Activist, political commentator, politics

Belle Knox

Pornstar, webcam model, human rights activist, sex workers activist

Alexis McGill Johnson

President & CEO of Planned Parenthood, social justice warrior, political activist, academic

Anna's Analysis

YouTuber, vegan activist

Cassie Jaye

Feminist, activist, documentary films, documentary filmmaker, film director of The Red Pill, former actress

Rachael Denhollander

Olympic athlete aka Rachel Denhollander, Olympian, activist, author, attorney, lawyer, mom

Daryl Davis

R&B, rhythm and blues, musician, lecturer, activist, actor, bandleader, author of Klan-Destine Relationships: A Black Man's Odyssey in the Ku Klux Klan

D'Anthony Evans

Bodybuilder, fitness coach, life coach, vegan activist, cancer survivor


Blonde glamour model aka Ashley Lawrence, bikini fitness model, swimsuit model, fetish model, huge enhanced breasts, 34DD


YouTuber, vegan activist, podcaster at The Vegan Vanguard

Kendall Reed

Activist, feminist

Melanie Joy, PhD

Social psychologist, educator, speaker, vegan activist, founder of Beyond Carnism, author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism

Laura Loomer

Investigative journalist, political activist, Republican conservative political commentator, politics, journalist, writer at Loomered

Frank Braun

Privacy activist, political commentator, politics, cypherpunk, cryptoanarchist, podcaster of the Cypherpunk Bitstream

Gretchen Smith

Military veteran, soldier activist, very busty MILF

Richard Oppenlander

Environmental researcher, vegan activist, plant foodist, author of Comfortably Unaware

Tracey Wilson

lobbyist, mom, guns activist

Matt Damon

Actor, Good Will Hunting, Jason Bourne Supremacy, Jason Bourne Ultimatum, activist

Alison Morrow

Investigative journalist, writer, activist, Antifa expert, former TV host, news reporter

Kristine Pearson

Energy activist, nonprofits

George Farmer

Activist, Blexit Party, beautiful aquariums, aquascaping

Shannon Keller O'Loughlin

Director, native affairs, civil rights, human rights activist, lawyer, attorney

Saphia Hall

Video producer at Beautycounter, activist, TV presenter

Emily Rothschild

Political commentator, politics, activist

Natalie McIntosh

Vegan activist aka Natalie Dowel McIntosh, raw foodist, raw food activist, plant based nutrionist, nutrition coach, wellness coach

David Suzuki

Environmentalist, environmental activist, public speaker

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Poet, painter, social activist

Julie Couillard

Political activist, author

Michal Siewierski

Film director, activist, TV producer, marketer, documentary filmmaker, documentarian, Food Choices documentary films, author of Diet Fiction: How the Diet Industry Makes People Fatter and Sicker

Marianna Luft

Redhead ex pornstar aka Neesa, enhanced breasts, activist, life coach

Dr. Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko

Family physician, family doctor, pioneer of the Zelenko Protocol for COVID outpatients; hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulphate, azithromycin, Coronavirus whistleblower, activist

Yvonne C

Journalist, activist

Young Pharaoh

Singer, rapper, BLM activist, podcaster

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Physician, doctor, activist, dieBasis party politician, member of Bundestag from 1994-2009

William LeGate

Founder and CEO of GoodPillow, democratic activist

Wayne Allyn Root

Conservative political commentator aka Wayne Allyn Root, politics, Radio host of the Wayne Allyn Root Show, political activist, author of The Great Patriot, writer, podcaster of Root For America

Way of the World

Activist, communism, globalism

Dr. Vin Gupta

TV presenter on MSNBC

Vijaya Gadde

Censorship activist, lawyer, attorney, Civil Integrity Trust & Safety at Twitter, mom

Vicki McKenna

Activist, guns

Vera Eidelman

Journalist, writer, activist


Antifascist activist, libertarian socialist

Varshini Prakash

Climate change activist, SJW, social justice warrior, co-founder and Executive Director of the Sunrise Movement

Vanessa Nakate

Environmentalist, climate activist

Vanessa Beeley

Investigative journalist, independent journalist, photographer, writer, peace activist, whistleblower for the Syrian war, Palestine and Israel, horse riding

Vandana Shiva

Bestselling author, activist, keynote speaker


Conservative activist aka TRU Reporting, True Reporting, Qanon

Tommy Robinson

Political activist, co-founder of English Defence League (EDL), Pediga

Tomas Morales

Political activist with Proud Boys, founder of Proud Boys

Tom Perez

Democratic Party politician, civil rights activist, attorney, lawyer, former Chair of The Democrats, Labor Secretary, dad, father

Dr. Tom Frieden

President & CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, climate activist

Tina Forte

Conservative activist, Republican political commentator, politics

Tim Lassley

Political activist

Tim Gionet

Activist aka Baked Alaska, Tim Treadstone, writer for BuzzFeed

Tim Ballard

Human rights activist against slavery, human trafficking, sex trafficking, CEO of The Nazarene Fund, Founder of Operation Underground Railroad, former CIA officer

Thich Nhat Hanh

Buddhist monk, peace activist, author

Therese Coffey

Politician, MP, activist

Theresa Mullins

Flight attendant, activist

Theo E.J. Wilson

Human rights activist, keynote speaker

Theo Fleury

Political activist, former NHL ice hockey player for the Calgary Flames, gold medalist at 2002 Canada Olympics, owner of NFT Advantage hockey series

Taylor Nolan

Podcaster at Lets Talk About It, BLM activist, animal lover, cats

Tarl Warwick

Writer, illustrator, occultist, blogger, gardener, activist, whistleblower, YouTuber

Tariq Ali Khan

Writer aka Tariq Ali Khan, journalist at New Left Review, filmmaker, democratic geopolitical commentator, politics, political activist

Tara LaRosa

MMA fighter, mixed martial arts, BJJ grappler, Republican activist with Proud Boys

Tania Khazaal

Tania The Therapist, plant medicine, holistic healing, activist, mom

Tammy Clark

Educator, consultant, speaker, entrepreneur, political activist

Tamara Lich

Political activist, fundraisers, member of the Maverick Party, Wexit (Alberta) and Yellow Vest movements


YouTuber, BLM activist, podcaster at Sweetalks

Sunsara Taylor

Political activist

Stewart Rhodes

Military veteran, army veteran, activist, founder of Oath Keepers, podcaster

Dr. Steve Pieczenik

Bestselling author of American Warrior in Crises, podcaster at Steve Pieczenik Talks, conservative activist, Republican political commentator, politics, former CIA, international relations

Steve Biko


Stephen K. Bannon

Republican activist, conservative lobbyist, political commentator, politics, political strategist, former investment banker, former executive chairman of Breitbart News, pardoned by Trump

Stephanie Wilkens

firearms activist, guns activist

Stephanie Carvin

Associate Professor of International Affairs at Carleton University, political activist, writer

Stanley Keyser


Spiro Skouras

Investigative journalist, political commentator, politics, whistleblower, news contributor to Activist Post, YouTuber

Spike Lee

Film director, film producer, Inside Man, 911 whistleblower, activist, owner of 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, democratic activist

Spencer Fernando

Writer, political activist

Sophia Kianni

UN climate advisor, climate change activist

Solomon Yue

Conservative political commentator, politics, Republican activist

Matt Baker (Slave2Liberty)

Political commentator, politics, Liberty Slave activist

Dr. Simone Gold

Physician, doctor, human rights activist, lawyer, attorney, COVID whistleblower, founder of America's Frontline Doctors

Silkie Carlo

Investigative journalist, political activist, director at Big Brother Watch since 2018

Shelby Shepard

Writer, climate change activist

Shea Garrsion

Conservative political commentator, politics, activist

Shauna Wright

Political commentator, politics, activist, writer at TheFW

Shaun Robinson

TV host, TV presenter, journalist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, activist, founder of Shaun Robinson Media

Shaun Attwood

YouTuber, activist, ecstasy drugs, UFOs, aliens, whistleblower, mafia, true crimes, bestselling author of Who Killed Epstein

Seth Holehouse

Republican political activist, staunch conservative political commentator, politics, podcaster for Man in America Podcast, luxury watches, entrepreneur, owner of Sell to Seth

Dr. Seth Berkley

Epidemiologist, CEO of the GAVI Alliance

Sean Whalen

Entrepreneur, businessman, owner of Lions Not Sheep, father, dad, conservative Republican, activist

Dr. Sean M. Brooks, Ph.D.

Educator, activist, writer for The American Classroom, podcaster on the American Education FM Podcast

Scott Sniedzins

Founder of Truly Local Farms, entrpreneur, podcaster, news reporter, activist

Scooter Libby

Attorney, lawyer, activist, diplomat, US Chief of Staff from 2001-2005, former advisor to Dick Cheney

Sayer Ji

Health and wellness, health entrepreneur, author of Regenerate, activist

Sarah Westall

Radio host of Conscious Business Radio, programmer, political activist, whistleblower, enterpreneur, writer, blogger at Transparent Media Truth

Sarah Vine

Journalist, columnist, writer for Daily Mail, feminist, activist

Sarah Trott

Reality TV star on The Bachelor, news reporter, ALS activist, feminist, podcaster of From Here to Where Podcast

Sarah Porscheta

Actress, dancer, kambo practitioner, reiki healer

Sandy Hudson

Political activist, BLM activist, podcaster at Sandy & Nora

Samer Hassan

activist, AI researcher

Sam Hersh

Political activist, politics, BDS movement, director of Horizon Ottawa

Ryan Knight

Socialist, democratic activist, political commentator, politics, podcaster on Amped Up

Ruben Gallego

Politician, Marxist communist, BLM activist

Royce White

Political activist, mental health and wellness, former NBA basketball player

Rowan Atkinson


Rose McGowan

Actress, activist

Ron Coleman

Conservative lawyer, attorney, free speech activist, political commentator, politics

Dr. Rochelle Walensky

Physician, doctor, scientist

Robert Mercer

Financier, investor, activist, linked to Cambridge Analytica and Trump presidency

Robert De Niro

Actor, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Cape Fear, Casino, Meet The Fockers, democratic activist

Rob Loggia

Human rights activist, writer at LoggiaOnFire Magazine

Rizza Islam

Activist for the Nation of Islam

Rilee ManyBears

Long distance runner, athlete, activist for indigenous people

Richard B. Spencer

Political activist, fascist, conservative political commentator, politics

Richard Osman

TV presenter, TV producer, activist

Riccardo Bosi

Political consultant, keynote speaker, One Australia Party politician, activist

Rashad Turner

former BLM activist

Rashad Robinson

Political activist, President of Color of Change, foodie

Randy Hillier

Independent politician, libertarian MPP, conservative politicial activist

Randall Evans

Video producer, YouTuber aka Deactivist, content creator, whistleblower

Piers Corbyn

Weather forecaster, meteorologist, environmental activist, climate scientist

Pierre Paul Hus

Conservative politician, activist

Peggy Hall

Doctor, political activist

Paul Fromm

Politician, free speech activist

Paul Eisen

Human rights activist, author of Jewish Power, director at Deir Yassin Remembered

Paul Connett, PhD

Politician, no fluoride activist

Patriot Barbie

Political activist, political commentator, politics, busty, arm sleeve tattoos, podcaster at The Patriot Barbie Podcast

Patrick Colbeck

Aerospace engineer, author, politician, activist, 5G carcinogenic

Pat King

Activist, whistleblower

Patrick D. Daniel

Retired chemical engineer, environmentalist, formerly the President and CEO of Enbridge, colon cancer activist

Pamela S. Karlan

Democrat political commentator, politics, activist, scholar

Oscar Schofield

Antarctic oceanographer, climate change activist

Opal Tometi

Feminist, human rights activist, co-founder of Black Lives Matter

Olivia Rodrigo

Pop singer, fashion model, political activist

Oliver Ibáñez

YouTuber, whistleblower, activist

Noah Feldman

Professor, activist, politician

Nina Kayy

Blonde pornstar, blonde glamour model, big booty, urban model, round booty, big ass, very busty blonde, enhanced breasts

Nimco Ali

CEO of The Five Foundation, human rights activist, feminist

Nikole Hannah-Jones

Social justice warrior, investigative journalist aka Nicole Hannah Jones, Ida Bae Wells, civil rights activist, ebony redhead

Nikita Kahn

Blonde fashion model, businesswoman, animal rights activist, animal lover, dating Larry Ellison

Nicole Wallace

News reporter, TV presenter on MSNBC

Nicole Schwab

Feminist, feminism activist, queerious conversations

Nick Hudson

Actuary, investor, chairman of Panda, human rights activist

Nick Hewer

Reality TV star on The Apprentice, TV presenter, activist

Nick Fuentes

Conservative political commentator, politics, Republican activist, founder of the America First movement

Naz Obredor

Social activist, COVID whistleblower, 911 whistleblower, blogger at I Am The Face of Truth

Nathanael Kapner

Blogger aka street evangelist, investigative journalist studying Jewish people, activist, conspiracy theorist

Nate Lerner

Democratic activist, political commentator, politics

Natasha Devon

Medical health practitioner, activist

Dr. Naheed Dosani

Palliative care physician, doctor, health justice activist

Mouthy Buddha

Whistleblower, human rights activist

Mort Halperin

Political theorist, political activist, author of Bureaucratic Politics and Foreign Policy

Morgan Zegers

Founder and CEO of Young Americans Against Socialism, political activist, Turning Point USA Contributor, political commentator, politics

Mordechai Vanunu

Technician, nuclear physicist, nuclear whistleblower, peace activist, political activist, has spent 18 years in an Israeli prison

Montgomery Granger

Military veteran, activist, voiceovers, author of Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay

Monica Smit

Politican, whistleblower, activist, managing director at Reignite Democracy Australia

Monica Lewinsky

Fashion designer, cyberbullying activist, affair with Bill Clinton

Misty Winston

Political activist, podcaster at Facts on the Ground Show, Action 4 Assange

Mindy Robinson

Conservative activist, political commentator, politics, busty blonde, biceps

Mike Isaacson

Antifa activist

Michèle Flournoy

Political activist, co-founder of the Center for a New American Security (CNAS)

Michal Kosinki

Computational psychologist, behavioral scientist, big data scientist, privacy activist

Michael Gerhardt

Professor, activist, politician

Michael Chong

Liberal politician, democratic activist, MP for Halton Hills

Michael Buckley

Podcaster of What The Buck Show, certified master life coaching

Melina Abdullah

Democratic activist, BLM activist, mom

Mel K

Activist, COVID whistleblower, podcaster on The Mel K Show

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Princess Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, married to Prince Harry, philanthropist, humanitarian, human rights activist, former actress, hit TV series Suits as Rachel Zane

Megan Rapinoe

Footballer, soccer player for OL Reign (NWSL), feminist, feminism activist

Meena Harris

Niece of Kamala Harris, BLM activist


Libertarian activist, entrepreneur

Max Igan

Political activist, COVID whistleblower, streamer, author of Earths Forbidden Secrets

Matthew Heimbach

Political activist, founder of the Traditionalist Worker Party (Traditionalist Youth Network) in 2013

Matt Lepacek

President and CEO of ValuPhone, VoIP consultant, activist

Matt Forde

Comedian, activist

Matt Brittin

Businessman, climate activist

Matt Baker

Conspiracy researcher, political activist, podcaster at Slave2Liberty

Mary L. Trump

Author, BLM activist

Mark Feinberg, M.D., Ph.D.

President and CEO of IAVI

Marie-Paule Kieny

Virologist, vaccinologist

Marie Alex

Brunette bikini model, very busty, enhanced breasts

Maria Zack

CEO at Quantum Solutions Software, business strategist, inventor, public speaker, serial entrepreneur, activist, elections whistleblower

Margot James

Politician, activist

Marc Morano

Founder of Climate Depot, entrepreneur, activist, writer, author of Green Fraud, expert on the Green New Deal

Marc Emery

Budtender, cannabis activist, founder of Emery Brothers Cannabis, politician for the PPC party

Dr. Mamphela Ramphele

Politician, international activist, former freedom fighter

Malhar Mali

Founder of Areo Magazine, writer, social justice warrior, social activist, identity politics

Maj Toure

Human rights activist, guns, founder of Black Guns Matter

Magnus Panvidya

Podcaster of Unity or Death, libertarian, political activist

Mae Martin

Blonde actress, standup comic, standup comedian

Maajid Nawaz

TV host, radio broadcaster, human rights activist, journalist, political commentator, politics, author of Radical

Lucinda Creighton

CEO of Vulcan Consulting, activist, writer

Louis Shenker

Conservative activist, political commentator, politics

Louis Farrakhan

Religious leader of the Nation of Islam, political activist

Liz Wheeler

Conservative activist, political commentator, politics, podcaster on The Liz Wheeler Show, author of Tipping Points: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards

Liz Crokin

Investigative journalist, conspiracy theorist, human rights activist

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