Bill Gates

Billionaire, philanthropist, founder of Microsoft Windows, investor, Serene

Oprah Winfrey

Billionaire media mogul, entrepreneur, chairwoman of Harpo, actress, former TV host of Oprah Winfrey show, owner of OWN aka The Oprah Winfrey Network, private jet owner

Elon Musk

Billionaire, co-founder of the PayPal Mafia and, co-founder of Tesla Motors, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), The Boring Company, a modern day Tony Stark

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Billionaire, politician aka His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the United Arab Emirates

Richard Branson

Billionaire founder of Virgin brands, author of Losing My Virginity, entrepreneur, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Radio, Virgin Records, Bitcoin investor, crypto, owner of Necker Island

Kevin Systrom

Billionaire, co‑founder and former CEO of Instagram, entrepreneur

Mark Cuban

Billionaire financier, super angel investor, outspoken basketball owner of the Dallas Mavericks, recurring TV host of Shark Tank, creator of Cyber Dust

Paul McCartney

Singer, songwriter, bass guitarist, The Beatles, billionaire

Jack Dorsey

Billionaire, entrepreneur, computer programmer, software engineer, co-founder of Twitter, Square

Michael Bloomberg

Billionaire founder of Bloomberg, entrepreneur, 108th mayor of NYC, philanthropist

Vince McMahon

Billionaire heir to WWE that his father started

Chris Sacca

Super angel investor, billionaire, democrat, venture capitalist, Shark Tank

Rashed Belhasa

Billionaire kids, YouTuber aka Money Kicks, KA-1

Marissa Mayer

Billionaire, co-founder of Sunshine (Lumi Labs), former CEO at Yahoo!, formerly Product Development Lead at Google, super angel investor

Warren Buffett

Billionaire investor, financier, founder of Berkshire Hathaway, the Sage of Omaha is highly touted as the most successful investor ever

Kevin O'Leary

Billionaire, investor, TV host on Shark Tank, formerly on Dragons Den, wine lover, co-founded educational SoftKey Software Products which sold to Mattel

Leyla Milani Khoshbin

Hairstylist, enhanced breasts, fashion model, Deal or No Deal, philanthropist, billionaire trophy wife

Marc Benioff

Billionaire founder and CEO of, entrepreneur, author of Behind the Cloud, Trailblazer

Alexis Ohanian

Co-founder of Reddit, entrepreneur aka Alex Ohanian, billionaire, venture capitalist, angel investor at Initialized Capital

Sheryl Sandberg

Billionaire, COO of Facebook, philanthropist, worked as EVP at Google prior to joining Facebook

Robert Herjavec

TV co-host on Shark Tank, billionaire founder of Herjavec Group an IT security firm

James Cameron

Billionaire filmmaker aka JIm Cameron, Titanic, Aliens, Terminator, Avatar, film producer, film director

Thaksin Shinawatra

Billionaire, businessman, politician, former Prime Minister of Thailand from 2001 to 2006

H. Fisk Johnson

Billionaire, businessman, inventor, scientist, CEO of SC Johnson & Sons

Roger Ver

Bitcoin investor, Bitcoin evangelist, billionaire, crypto enthusiast, angel investor, known as Bitcoin Jesus

Tamara Ecclestone

Billionaire, model aka Tamara Ecclestone Rutland, reality TV star, her father is CEO of the Formula One Group, broadcaster on Sky Sports Italia, philanthropist

Jennifer Stano David

Fashion designer, co-founder of swimwear company, fashionista, fitness model, bikini model, swimsuit model, enhanced breasts, Billionaire trophy wife

Reid Hoffman

Super angel investor at Greylock Partners, billionaire, author of Masters of Scale, co-founder and chairman of LinkedIn, formerly at PayPal Mafia and SocialNet

Changpeng Zhao (CZ)

Co-founder and CEO of Binance, billionaire, entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast

Aerin Lauder

Billionaire heiress, her father is Ron Lauder, daughter and heiress of Estee Lauder, owner of AERIN lifestyle brand

Ray Dalio

Billionaire, hedge fund manager, financier, author of Principles for Success, life coach, keynote speaker

Brian Armstrong

Founder and CEO of Coinbase, entrepreneur, billionaire, crypto enthusiast

Brian Chesky

Tech billionaire, co-founder & CEO of Airbnb

Tom Steyer

Hedge fund manager, billionaire, Farallon Capital, philanthropist

James Altucher

Entrepreneur, angel investor, hedge fund manager, writer, bestselling author of Think Like A Billionaire, podcaster

Peter Thiel

Billionaire, super angel investor, co-founder of Palantir, PayPal, Founders Fund, early investor in Facebook, author of Zero to One, chess player

Tyler Winklevoss

Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, billionaire, co-founder of Gemini, The Winklevoss Twins are known for being involved early with Facebook and social networking websites

Barry Silbert

Bitcoin investor, crypto enthusiast, billionaire, founder of SecondMarket, chairman of Digital Currency Group

Cameron Winklevoss

Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, billionaire, co-founder of Gemini, The Winklevoss Twins are known for being involved early with Facebook and social networking websites

Amanda Hearst Rønning

Fashion model, marketer, billionaire heiress of Hearst Media, her grandfather founded Hearst Corporation

Keith Rabois

Super angel investor, Khosla Investments, Y Ventures, billionaire, entrepreneur, sports, eLearning, PayPal Mafia, LinkedIn, marketplaces

Tim Draper

Venture capitalist, billionaire, founder of DFJ, VenturesLab, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Mike Novogratz

Billionaire, ex-hedge fund manager, human rights activist, Bitcoin evangelist, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, CryptoKitties, investor in FTX

Megan Ellison

Film producer, billionaire heiress, daughter of Oracle founder Larry Ellison

Thomas Piketty

Economist, author, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, billionaires, income inequality

Larry Ellison

Founder of Oracle, billionaire

Garry Tan

Billionaire angel investor in Coinbase, Instacart, startups, software developer, YouTuber

Tilman Fertitta

Billionaire, chairman, CEO, and sole owner of Landry's restaurants and Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, sports team owner of Houston Rockets and Post Oak Motor Cars

Fred Ehrsam

Billionaire, co-founder at Coinbase, crypto enthusiast, founder of Paradigm Investments, financial trader at Goldman Sachs

Wilbur Ross

Billionaire, investor, financier, US Secretary of Commerce

Talulah Riley

Actress, Westworld, model, former wife of billionaire Elon Musk

Georgina Bloomberg

Fashion designer, businesswoman, equestrian, horse rider, riding horses, billionaire heiress

Alexandra Andresen

Billionaire heiress, dressage rider, horse rider, daughter of Johan H. Andresen Jr.

Preston Pysh

Podcaster, We Study Billionaires

Steven Spielberg

Billionaire filmmaker, film producer, Jaws, ET, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List, Seven Seas yacht owner

Nicole Systrom

Billionaire entrepreneur aka Nicole Schuetz, democrat wife of Kevin Systrom, founder of Sutro Energy Group

Jessica Hart

Fashion model, Vogue cover, girlfriend of billionaire Stavros Niarchos III

Linda McMahon

Billionaire, WWE heiress, wife of Vince McMahan, politician, chairwoman of Super PAC America First

Chris Larsen

Co-founder and executive chairman of Ripple, billionaire, blockchain tech, crypto enthusiast

Garrett Camp

Billionaire, investor, entrepreneur, founder of StumpleUpon, co-founder of Reserve, former chairman and co-founder of Uber

Bill Ackman

Founder of Pershing Square, billionaire financier, hedge fund manager, philanthropist

Ryan Graves

Billionaire, entrepreneur, board member and former SVP Operations at Uber, angel investor

Ben Mezrich

Author of Bitcoin Billionaires, The Accidental Billionaires, investigative journalist, crypto enthusiast

Mario Gabelli

Billionaire, hedge fund manager, co-author of Merger Masters: Tales of Arbitrage

John Schnatter

Billionaire, founder and former CEO of Papa John's Pizza, owner of Indiana Pacers

Daryl Roth

Film producer, Broadway theatre, heiress, wife of real estate billionaire Steven Roth

Roman Abramovich

Billionaire, oil and gas tycoon, bought Sibneft which is now Gazprom Neft

Rick Rule

Billionaire, investor, financier, macro economist, goldbug, President and CEO of Sprott US Holdings Inc.

Jim McKelvey

Billionaire entrepreneur, founder of Invisibly, co-founder of Square, author of The Innovation Stack

Chip Wilson

Entrepreneur, billionaire founder of Lululemon Athletica yoga athleisurewear brand, yogi, Hold It All, entrepreneur

Cheryl Saban

Writer, author, skier, glass blower, artist, wife to billionaire Haim Saban

Thor Bjorgolfsson

billionaire, author, Billions to Bust and Back, motorbikes, motorcycles

Bernie Marcus

Billionaire, co-founder of Home Depot

Ernesto Bertarelli

Billionaire, founder of Serono biotech, chairman of Waypoint Capital, competitive sailing with Alinghi team, dad, father of 3

Susan Niczowski

Billionaire, businesswoman, microbiologist, co-founder of Summer Fresh Salads

Ron Burkle

Angel investor, Yucaipa Companies, billionaire, co-owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins

Angela Leong On-kei


Travis Knight

Billionaire heir to Nike, his father is Phil Knight the founder of Nike, lead animator at Laika, film producer, filmmaker, film director, musician, writer

Alexa Dell

Branding consultant for Bumble, billionaire heiress, model, daughter of Michael Dell, lips

Ron Baron

Billionaire, financier, buy and hold investor, value investor, growth investor

Stan Kroenke

Billionaire, real estate investor, land owner, he owns the LA Rams, the Arsenal FC, the Colorado Rapids, and the Colorado Mammoth sports franchises

Claudio Del Vecchio

Billionaire, Brooks Brothers, Brightark

Simona Fusco

Celebrity matchmaking, entrepreneur, billionaire matchmaker, luxury buyer, real estate professional

Neil Shen

Billionaire, investor, venture capitalist

Stephen Ross

Billionaire, real estate mogul

John C. Malone

Billionaire, philanthropist, landowner, media mogul, owner of SiriusXM, former CEO of Tele-Communications Inc.

Sherry Brydson

Billionaire owner of Woodbridge, entrepreneur, also the largest shareholder of Thomson Reuters

Andrew Cherng

Billionaire, co-founder of Panda Express

Tatiana Kovylina

Supermodel, fashion model, runway model, founder of Silou London, married to billionaire Yuri Shefler

Barbara Hostetter

Billionaire heiress, co-founder and chair of Barr Foundation

Zong Qinghou


Ziyavudin Magomedov

Russian oligarch, billionaire, Summa Group

Zhou Qunfei

Billionaire, founder of Lens Technology a touchscreens manufacturer

Zhou Hongyi


Zhong Huijuan

Chinese billionaire

Zhang Zhidong

Billionaire, co-founder of Tencent

Zhang Yong


Zhang Yiming


Zhang Jindong


Zhang Fan


Zhang Bangxin


Zeng Yuqun


Zeng Fangqin


Yusuffali M.A.

Billionaire aka Yusuff Ali Musaliam Veettil Abdul Kader

Yuri Shefler

Billionaire, owner of SPI Group and Stolichnaya vodka brand

Yongxing Liu


Yen Kuok

Billionaire heiress, socialite, daughter of Robert Kuok

Yasumitsu Shigeta


Yao Zhenhua


Yao Liangsong


Yang Huiyan

Billionaire heiress, owner of Country Garden Holdings, richest woman in Asia, heiress to her real estate developer father's fortune

Xu Shihui


Xu Hang


Xingfa Ma


Xavier Niel


Wu Yajun


Wu Shaoxun


Woody Johnson

Billionaire, owner of New York Jets

Wolfgang Herz


Winnie Johnson


William Lerach

Lawyer aka The King of Pain, attorney, multi-millionaire, billionaire

William Ding


Wichai Thongtang

Lawyer, attorney, billionaire, Chairman of Cable Thai Holding PLC and a major investor (around 15% stake) in Dusit Medical

Wendy Schmidt

Philanthropist, democrat, billionaire wife of Eric Schmidt

Wee Cho Yaw


Wayne Huizenga

billionaire, former owner of Miami Dolphins

Wang Zhenhua


Wang Xing


Wang Wenjing


Wang Wei

Billionaire founder and chairman of SF Express / SF Holding, 1993

Wang Linpeng


Wang Jianlin

Chinese billionaire, Wanda Group

Wang Chuan-Fu


Walter Scott


Walter Salles


W. Herbert Hunt


Vladimir Putin

President of Russia, KGB intelligence officer, oligarch who grew up very poor, modern tsar and suspected billionaire

Vladimir Potanin


Vladimir Lisin


Vivien Chen


Viktor Vekselberg


Victoria Mars

Billionaire heiress of the Mars chocolate family

Victor Rashnikov


Vanisha Mittal Bhatia

Billionaire heiress, her father is the founder of ArcelorMittal a steel magnate, daughter of Lakshmi Mittal, married to Amit Bhatia

Valerie Mars

Billionaire heiress of the Mars chocolate family

Vagit Alekperov


Urs Schwarzenbach

Swiss-British billionaire

Udo Tschira


Uday Kotak


Tung Chien-Cheng


Tsai Eng-Meng


Trevor Rees-Jones


Trever Rees-Jones


Tom Morris


Tom Love


Tom Gores

Billionaire, PS&E

Tito Beveridge


Tim Sweeney


Thomas Strungmann


Thomas Schmidheiny


Thomas Peterffy

Billionaire, founder of Interactive Brokers, trading pioneer, computer programmer, architectural draftsman

Thomas Kwok


Thomas Frist


Theo Mueller


Tessa Thomson

Billionaire heiress of Thomson Reuters dynasty, daughter of David Thomson the founder

Terry Pegula

Billionaire, sports team owner of the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres

Terry Gou


Teh Hong Piow


Teddy Schleifer

Journalist at Recode, writer, startups, billionaires

Ted Rogers III

Billionaire, owner of Rogers Communications, sports team owner of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball franchise MLB team, Xapo

Ted Lerner


Ted Alfond

Billionaire businessman, shoes, shoemakers

Taylor Thomson


Tao Zhao

Entrepreneur, billionaire founder of Shandong Buchang Pharmaceuticals

Tan Siok Tjien


Tan Kim Choo


Takemitsu Takizaki


Takahisa Takahara


Tadashi Yanai

Billionaire, Fast Retailing

Susanne Klatten

Billionaire heiress, inherited BMW from her parents, sold off Atlanta AG for a cool $6 Billion, daughther of Herbert and Johanna Quandt, Germany's wealhiest woman

Sunil Mittal


Sun Hongbin


Sumet Jiaravanon


Sultan Al Kabeer


Suleiman Kerimov


Suhail Rizvi

Billionaire, venture capitalist, investor, founder of Rizvi Traverse Management

Steven Tisch

Billionaire, democrat

Steven Ji

Billionaire investor, entrepreneur, sold to Alibaba

Steven A. Cohen

Billionaire financier, hedge fund manager, sports team owner of New York Mets

Steve Varsano

Private jets, private jet sales, aircraft sales, aircrafts, billionaires, The Jet Business

Stephen A. Schwarzman‎

Billionaire financier aka Steven Schwarzman, Stephen Schwarzman, Stephen A Schwarzman, founder and CEO of Blackstone, bestselling author, What It Takes

Steve Cohen

Billionaire, financier, hedge fund manager, Chief Strategy Officer at AEG Entertainment

Steve Ballmer

Billionaire, co-founder of Microsoft

Stephen Feinberg

Billionaire, hedge fund manager at Cerberus Capital

Stéphane Bancel

Billionaire, CEO at Moderna pharmaceuticals, formerly CEO at BioMérieux medical diagnostics biotechnology

Stefano Pessina


Stefan Quandt


Stefan Persson

Billionaire, H&M, Ramsbury Property

Stef Wertheimer


Stavros Niarchos III

Kiteboarder, billionaire heir to the family shipping business fortune

Stanley Ho


Stanley Druckenmiller

Economist, legendary investor, billionaire philanthropist, hedge fund manager of the Duquesne Family Office, former portfolio manager of Quantum Fund

Stan Druckenmiller


Sol Kerzner

Billionaire hotelier, founder of Southern Sun Hotels (Tsogo Sun) in partnership with South African Breweries

Simon Reuben


Silvio Berlusconi


Sid Bass


Shu Ping


Shiv Nadar

billionaire industrialist, philanthropist, chairman of HCL

Shigenobu Nagamori


Sheldon Solow

Billionaire, real estate mogul

Sheldon Adelson

Billionaire casino magnate, chairman & CEO of Las Vegas Sands, The Venetian Hotel, owner of Yisrael Hayom, supports Yad Vashem

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Billionaire, owner of Topaz mega yacht and Manchester City FC

Shari Arison

Billionaire heiress, her father started Carnival Cruises

Shahid Khan

Billionaire, Flex N Gate, owner of the Four Seasons Toronto and the Jacksonville Jaquars

Seth Klarman

Billionaire financier, hedge fund manager, democrat

Serra Sabanci

Billionaire heiress, owner of Sabanci Holdings

Sergey Galitskiy


Sergey Brin

Billionaire, co-founder of Google, Alphabet

Sergei Popov


Seo Jung-jin

Billionaire, co-founder and chairmand of Celltrion

Scott Farquhar


Scott Duncan


Scott Daniel Duncan

Billionaire, heir to Dan Duncan the founder of Enterprise Products

Savitri Jindal


Sarath Ratanavadi


Sara Mota de Larrea


Sara Blakely

Billionaire, founder of Spanx pantyhose for women, former door-to-door salesperson

Sandra Ortega Mera

Billionaire heiress, father is Amancio Ortega Gaona, he

Samantha Kluge

Billionaire heiress, daughter of John Kluge

Sam Zell

Billionaire real estate investor, laywer, attorney, philanthropist

Sam Bankman-Fried

Billionaire, crypto enthusiast, founder and CEO of FTX digital exchange, CEO and asset manager at Alameda Research, BA Physics from MIT, former trader at Jane Street

Saad Hariri

Prime Minister of Lebanon from 2009-2011 and 2016-2020, politician, billionaire heir, Saudi Oger

Ryan Breslow

Billionaire founder and chairman of Bolt, Prism, entrepreneur, co-founder of Eco, Love, The Movement, dancer

Rupert Murdoch

Newspaper magnate, billionaire

Ross Perot


Ronda Stryker


Ronald Perelman

Billionaire, MacAndrews & Forbes

Ronald McAulay


Ronald Lauder

Billionaire, father of Aerin Lauder, and the Estee Lauder dynasty

Ron Perelman

Billionaire, art collector

Roger S. Penske

Billionaire, CEO of Penske Automotive Group, race car driver that won 28 racing titles, richest former athlete

Rocco Commisso


Robert Smith

Billionaire, CEO/CFO of Alkane Truck Company

Robert Rowling


Robert Pera


Robert Ng


Robert L. Johnson

Billionaire, founder of BET Entertainment

Robert Kuok

Billionaire, businessman, hotels owner, real estate, owner of HIstory Supreme luxury yacht designed in 24K gold by Stuart Hughes

Robert Kraft

Billionaire businessman, chairman and CEO of the Kraft Group, sports team owner of the New England Patriots

Robert Muse Bass

Billionaire aka Robert Muse Bass, chairman of Aerion Corporation, heir to oil tycoon Sid Richardson

S. Robson (Rob) Walton

Billionaire heir of Walmart family

Rivera Sun

Author of the Billionaire Buddha

Rinat Akhmetov


Richard Scruggs

Lawyer, attorney, billionaire served 6-years in prison for bribing judges amassed his fortune suing tobacco, pharmaceutical companies (for Ritalin) and also Lehman Brothers

Richard Livingstone

Billionaire, land owner, real estate investor

Richard Liu


Richard Li


Richard LeFrak

Billionaire, real estate mogul

Ricardo Salinas


Reinhold Wuerth


Reinhold Schmieding


Reed Hastings

Billionaire, co-founder & co-CEO of Netflix

Red Emmerson


Raymond Kwok


Ray Lee Hunt


Ray Hunt


Ray Davis


Randall Rollins


Randa Duncan Williams


Ralph Lauren

Fashion designer, billionaire

Rahul Bajaj


Rahel Blocher


Rafael del Pino


Radhakishan Damani


Quek Leng Chan


Qin Yinglin


Qaboos bin Said al Said

Billionaire, Sultan of Oman, owns Al Said mega yacht

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal

Billionaire, member of the Saudi Royal family, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Prem Watsa

Billionaire, investor, owner and CEO of Fairfax Financial, BlackBerry

Prakash Lohia


Prajogo Pangestu


Pony Ma

Billionaire, entrepreneur, founder of Tencent

Pierre Omidyar

Billionaire founder of eBay

Pierre Karl

Billionaire, father started Quebecor Media, chairman of Hydro-Québec

Phyllis Lambert

Billionaire heiress to the Seagram dynasty, owns 22% of Seagram's, architect, philanthropist

Philippe Laffont

Billionaire financier, hedge funds, founder of Coatue Management

Philip Ng


Phil Knight

Billionaire founder of Nike

Phil Anschutz

Billionaire aka Philip Anschutz, Phillip Anschutz, founder of Anschutz Exploration, owner of Xanterra Resorts

Pham Nhat Vuong


Petra Stunt

Billionaire heiress, daughter to Bernie Ecclestone

Petr Kellner


Petr Aven


Peter Woo


Peter Thomson

Billionaire, Woodbridge, Thomson Reuters, racing, race car driver, venture capitalist, heir of David Thomson family dynasty

Peter Kamprad

Billionaire heir, son of Ingvar Kampgrad, the IKEA founder

Peter Gilgan

Billionaire, owner of Mattamy Homes

Perenna Kei

Billionaire, 85% majority holder in Logan Property Holding

Peggy Cherng

Billionaire, co-founder of Panda Express

Pedro Moreira Salles


Pauline Keniath

Billionaire heiress, owns 9% stake in Cargill

Paul Tudor Jones

Financier, billionaire hedge fund manager, Bitcoin enthusiast

Paul Sciarra

Billionaire, tech entrepreneur, co-founder of Pinterest

Paul Salteri

Billionaire, sold Tenix Defence to BAE Systems and Downer Group

Paul Desmarais Jr.

Billionaire heir, owner of Power Corporation of Canada

Paul Bailey

Billionaire, supercar owner, exotic cars, hypercars, teleconferencing, teleco entrepreneurs

Patrick Soon-Shiong


Patrick Drahi


Patrick Collison

Billionaire, co-founder of Stripe

Pat Stryker


Park Hyeon-joo

Billionaire, founder of Mirae Asset Investment Advisory

Paolo Rocca


Pang Kang


Pam Mars-Wright

Billionaire heiress of the Mars chocolate family

Pallonji Mistry


Olav Thon


Odd Reitan


Nusli Wadia


Nika Soon-Shiong

Socialite, billionaire heiress to pharmaceuticals father Patrick Soon-Shiang

Niels Louis-Hansen


Nie Tengyun


Nick Pritzker

Billionaire, real estate developer, entrepreneur, chairman and CEO of the Hyatt Development, heir to family fortune that sold Conwood to Reynolds American, co-founder of Clean Energy Trust

Neri Oxman

Professor at the MIT Media Lab, designer, wife of billionaire William Ackman

Nedenia Rumbough

Billionaire heiress, daughter of actress Dina Merrill, owner of Post Cereal and her father ran Colgate-Palmolive for many years

Ned Johnson IV


Ned Johnson III


Ned Goodman

Billionaire, Dundee Corporation

Natie Kirsh


Natasha Ziff

Owner of World Surf League (WSL), billionaire wife of Dirk Ziff of the Ziff Davis Publishing dynasty

Nassef Sawiris


Nancy Walton Laurie

Billionaire heiress of Walton family dynasty, her father James Bud Walton gave her and Ann Walton Kroenke shares of Walmart

Naguib Sawiris


Mukesh Ambani

Chairman of Reliance Industries, billionaire

Mort Zuckerman

Billionaire, real estate mogul, owner of New York Daily News

Montri Jiaravanont


Mohammed bin Salman


Mohammed Al-Amoudi


Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud

Billionaire, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, owner of Serene mega yacht

Mohammad Al Abbar

Dubai billionaire, bought JadoPado from Omar Kassim

Mohamed Al Jaber


Mirella Saputo

Billionaire, her husband is Lino Saputo

Mimi Haas

Billionaire heiress of Levi's Jeans

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