Ellen DeGeneres

Standup comedian, TV host of The Ellen Show, speaker

Kevin Hart

Actor aka Kevin Heart, standup comedian, standup comic, co-author, Kevin Hart I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons

Jimmy Fallon

Comedian, TV host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, author, kids books, childrens books

Lele Pons

YouTuber, comedian

Sabrina Sato Rahal

Comedian, reality TV star, Big Brother Brasil 3

Conan O'Brien

Comedian, TV host of CONAN on TBS

Amanda Cerny

YouTuber, comedian, model, busty, enhanced breasts

Daniel Tosh

Comedian, TV presenter, TV host

Andrew Bachelor

YouTuber aka King Bach, comedian

Stephen Colbert

Comedian, TV host of The Late Show, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show

Jim Carrey

Actor aka Jim Carey, The Truman Show, Dumb and Dumber, comedian, painter, artist, Golden Globe winner

Seth MacFarlane

Comedian, screenwriter, TV producer, creator of Family Guy, The Orville, film director, film producer


YouTuber aka Olajide Olatunji, video gamer, comedian, actor, rapper, boxer

Joe Rogan

Podcaster at Joe Rogan Experience, standup comedian, MMA analyst, UFC sports commentator, MMA reporter, mixed martial arts, taekwondo, owner of CYIB Land Trust

Aziz Ansari

Actor, standup comedian

Sarah Silverman

Standup comedian

Mindy Kaling

Actress, comedian

Jimmy Kimmel

Comedian, TV host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, TV presenter

Russell Brand

Actor, comedian, podcaster, political commentator, politics, yogi

Josh Ostrovsky

YouTuber, comedian

Bill Maher

Political commentator, politics, comedian, TV host on Real Time with Bill Maher, Politically Incorrect

Jenna Marbles

Makeup artist, MUA, life coach, dating coach, comedian, early YouTube sensation

Trevor Noah

Comedian, TV host of The Daily Show

Shane Dawson

YouTuber, vlogger, comedian, singer, songwriter

Melissa McCarthy

Comedian, actress

Steve Martin

Actor, standup comedian, standup comic

Seth Rogen

Actor aka Seth Rogan, comedian

Chelsea Handler

Standup comedian, TV host, Chelsea Lately, TV presenter

Jack Black

Actor as Po on Kungfu Panda, comedian, voiceovers, musician in Tenacious D

Jimmy Carr

Standup comedian

Andrea Espada

Comedian, glamour model, busty, enhanced breasts, reality TV star, beauty blogger, actress, comedian, TV host, EDM, dance music

Tiffany Haddish

Actress, standup comedian, Black Mitzvah, singer, author

Jack Whitehall

Stand-up comedian

Chris Rock

Standup comedian

Seth Myers

Comedian, TV host of Late Night with Seth Meyers

Alan Carr

Standup comedian, standup comic, TV presenter

Patton Oswalt

Standup comedian

Aubrey Plaza

Actress, comedian

Ryan Higa

YouTuber, streamer, vlogger, comedian

Lil Duval

Standup comedian aka Roland Powell, recording artist

Curtis Leopore

YouTuber, comedian

Steve Harvey

Standup comedian, actor, Little Big Shots, TV presenter, TV host on Family Feud

Jim Gaffigan

Standup comedian, actor

Kevin Smith

Film director, filmmaker, comedian, actor, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Craig Thompson

Entertainer aka Craig Thompson, comedian, YouTuber

Joel McHale

Stand-up comedian

Mike Epps

Standup comedian

Chris D'Elia

Standup comedian

Billy Eichner

Comedian, YouTuber as Billy on the Street

Kumail Nanjiani

Actor, comedian

Adam Devine

Standup comedian, standup comic, actor

Brittany Furlan

YouTuber, comedian, very busty, lips, actress

Rebel Wilson

Actress, comedian, curvy model, writer, producer

David Spade


Deji Olatunji

YouTuber, comedian, gamer, game commentator

Adam Sandler

Actor, comedian

Adam Scott

comedian, actor

Trey Kennedy

Comedian, YouTuber

Whitney Cummings

Standup comedian, sex robots, feminist, feminism

Kathy Griffin

Standup comedian, redhead actress

Bill Burr

Standup comedian, podcaster of Monday Morning Podcast

Sarah Millican

Standup comedian, standup comic

Ray William Johnson

YouTuber, stand-up comedian

Brendan Schaub

MMA analyst, sports commentator, podcaster, comedian

Penn Jillette

TV presenter, owner of Penn's Sunday School, bestselling author, magician, comedian

Russell Howard

Comedian, TV host, radio host, radio broadcaster, podcaster of The Russell Howard Hour

Jordan Peele

Comedian, impersonations of Barack Obama

Nick Swardson

Standup comedian

Rosie O'Donnell

Actress, comedian, TV host

Amanda Paris

fitness model, busty, big enhanced breasts, comedian, YouTuber

Theo Von

Actor, standup comedian, standup comic, redneck raunchy humor, Road Rules, podcaster

Kym Whitley

Ebony actress, very busty, comedian, producer, author of The Delusion of Cinderella

Paul F. Tompkins

Standup comic, standup comedian

Jo Koy

Standup comedian aka Joseph Glenn Herbert, standup comic, actor, radio broadcaster

Nick Kroll

Standup comedian, comedy actor

Michael McIntyre

Standup comedian, standup comic

John Mulaney

Standup comedian, standup comic


Comedian, actor, stuntman, extreme sports

Christian Delgrosso

YouTuber, comedian


YouTubers, comedians, political commentator, politicss, conservative Republicans

Dax Shepard

Actor, comedian, podcaster on Armchair Expert podcast

Roseanne Barr

Actress, comedian, bestselling author, writer, TV producer, TV director, political commentator, politics

Gabriel Iglesias

Standup comedian

Katherine Ryan

Stand-up comedian, writer, presenter, actress, blonde model, busty, barbie doll

Syd Wilder

Actress, comedian, writer, dancer, fitness model, busty, enhanced breasts

Ken Jeong

Actor, stand-up comedian

Chris Lilley

Actor on Lunatics, comedian

Sebastian Maniscalco

Standup comedian, standup comic

Jeff Ross

Standup comedian, comedy roast

Terrence K. Williams

Standup comedian, standup comic, political commentator, politics, Republican conservative

Marc Maron

Podcaster, standup comedian

Andrew Schulz

Standup comedian aka Andrew Schultz, standup comic, podcaster on The Brilliant Idiots, Flagrant 2, Westerbros

Doug Benson

Podcaster, comedian, filmmaker, documentary films, documentarian, Super High Me

Paul Scheer

Comedian, actor

Al Franken

Podcaster, former politician, US senator, democrat in Minnesota, former comedian of SNL, Saturday Night Live

Colin Jost

Standup comedian, actor, comedy writer, TV writer, author of A Very Punchable Face: A Memoir

Dave Rubin

TV host, The Rubin Report, comedian, political commentator, politics, journalist, author of Dont Burn This Book

Larry The Cable Guy

Standup comedian aka Dan Whitney

Jim Jefferies

Standup comedian, democrat, gun control guy, TV host of The Jim Jefferies Show

Sarah Beattie

redhead glamour model, writer, comedian, very busty, enhanced breasts

Joey Diaz

Comedian aka Joey Coco Diaz, podcaster on The Church of Whats Happening Now

Keegan-Michael Key

Comedian, actor on SNL

Dave Chappelle

Standup comedian aka Dave Chapelle

Pete Holmes

Standup comedian, TV actor, author of Sex God, podcaster of You Made It Weird

Jay Leno

Gearhead, autos, classic cars, former TV host, comedian

Mike Birbiglia

Standup comedian

Tara Strong

Voiceovers, comedian, voice actor, Timmy Turner, Bubbles, Raven lover, Harley, Baby Dil, Twilight, Batgirl, very busty

Michelle Wolf

Standup comedian, writer, producer, TV host of the Joke Show, Late Night with Seth Myers, The Daily Show

Trevor Wallace

Standup comedian, podcaster

Christina P.

Standup comedian aka Christina Pazsitzky, podcaster at Your Moms House Podcast

Colin Quinn

Standup comedian

Rachel Bloom

Comedian, actress, singer, writer

Jim Norton

Standup comedian, author, actor, podcaster on the Chip Chipperson Podcast

DL Hughley

Standup comedian, actor, radio host

Orny Adams

Standup comedian, standup comic, actor, comedy writer

Greg Davies

Standup comedian

Heather McDonald

Standup comedian, podcaster of Juicy Scoop Podcast

Michael Che

Standup comedian

Barbara Dunkelman

Actress, comedian, TV host, voice actress, marketer at Rooster Teeth

Jessimae Pelluso

Standup comedian, standup comic, actress, MTV's Girl Code, podcaster at Deuce Podcast, busty blonde

Lauren Francesca

Bikini model, swimsuit model, enhanced breasts, actress, comedian, YouTuber, glamour model, accountant

Tom Segura

Standup comedian, podcaster at Your Moms House

Ron White

Standup comedian

Doug Stanhope

Stand-up comedian

Kevin James

Actor, standup comedian

Nikki Glaser

Standup comedian, standup comic, podcaster of You Up podcast

Artie Lange

Comedian, former TV host on The Howard Stern Show

Carly Aquilino

Standup comedian, podcaster of Secret Keepers Club

Gilbert Gottfried

Actor, comedian, speaker, cameos

Dave Attel

Standup comedian

Donnell Rawlings

Standup comedian, vulgar, podcaster of Donnell Rawlings Show

Natasha Leggero

Actress, standup comedian, standup comic

Josh Wolf

Standup comic, standup comedian

Jenny Johnson

Standup comedian, TV writer, TV producer, animal lover, dogs

Sarah Colonna

Actor, comedian, bestselling author

Todd Barry

Comedian, voiceovers

Taylor Tomlinson

Standup comedian, Quarter Life Crisis, cannabis, edibles

JP Sears

YouTuber, standup comedian, redhead ginger, author of How To Be Ultra Spiritual

Brad Williams

Standup comedian, standup comic, dwarf, dad

James Willems

YouTuber, comedian, film producer, creative director at Funhaus

Sugar Sammy


Maz Jobrani

Standup comedian, podcaster of Back To School

Bryan Callen

Actor, comedian, writer, podcaster, The Fighter and The Kid, Below The Belt

Roisin Conaty


Tony Hinchcliffe

Standup comedian, podcaster at Kill Tony

Jen Kirkman

Standup comedian

Maria Bamford

Standup comedian, standup comic

Elyse Williams

Comedian, comedy writer, creative director, TV producer, video gamer

Tim Dillon

Standup comedian, standup comic, podcaster on The Tim Dillon Show

Kate Quigley

Standup comedian, blonde model, enhanced breasts

David Cross

Comedian, actor on Arrested Development

Reggie Watts

Musician, singer, beatboxer, actor, comedian

Rachel Dratch

Comedian, actress

Iliza Shlesinger

Standup comedian, spirit monster

Neal Brennan

TV director, screenwriter, standup comedian, comedy writer

Count Dankula

YouTuber aka Mark Meechan, comedian, video gamer, Twitch streamer

Sam Morril

Standup comedian, standup comic

Brian Redban

Comedian, TV producer of Deathsquad, artist

Louis C.K.

Standup comedian

Jay Pharoah


Jimmy Dore

Standup comedian, standup comic, YouTuber, political commentator, politics, political activist, podcaster on The Jimmy Dore Show, formerly with The Young Turks

Brian Regan

Standup comedian, standup comic

Ron Funches

Standup comedian, standup comic, podcaster on Gettin Better podcast, Getting Better podcast

Bridget Phetasy

YouTuber, writer, comedian, podcaster on Dumpster Fire

Eddie Griffin

Standup comedian

Moshe Kasher

Standup comedian, standup comic, comedy writer

Chevy Chase

Actor, comedian, screenwriter, investor, co-founder of WeddingWire, dad, father

Tom Papa

Standup comedian, actor, writer, author of Youre Doing Great

Ali Wong

Standup comedian, raunchy humor

Maya Rudolph

Actress aka Maya Rudolf, comedian

Bobby Lee

Standup comedian, actor, podcaster on Bad Friends, Tiger Belly

Lee Newton

Actress, comedian, YouTuber

Kyle Kinane

Comedian aka Thad Daiquiri

Jim Florentine

Standup comedian, standup comic

Rob Anderson

Comedian, streamer

Ørjan Burøe

Comedian aka Ørjan Burøe

Akilah Hughes

Writer, author of Obviously, comedian, YouTuber for Akilah, Obviously!

Bobcat Goldthwait

Actor, comedian, documentary filmmaker of Call Me Lucky

Wes Bergmann


Big Jay Oakerson

Standup comedian, standup comic, raunchy humor

Jim Breuer

Standup comedian, standup comic, actor, podcaster on The Jim Breuer Podcast

Todd Glass

Standup comedian, podcaster of The Todd Glass Show

Adam Ray

Standup comedian

Ryan Stiles

Comedian, improv comedy, improvisational comedy

Crystal Marie Denha

News reporter, standup comedian, standup comic, very busty

Annie Lederman

Standup comedian, standup comics, actress on Girl Code, podcaster on Meanspiration

Cody Johnston

YouTuber for Cracked Studios, comedian

Guillermo Rodriguez

TV host sidekick of Jimmy Kimmel, comedian

Mark Normand

Standup comedian, podcaster of Tuesdays with Stories!

Lee Camp

Standup comedian, writer, actor, activist

Andrea Wendel

YouTube prankster, comedian

Noel Casler

Standup comedian

Dan Soder

Actor, standup comedian

Nick Di Paolo

Standup comedian aka Nick Di Paolo

Miel Bredouw

YouTuber, content creator, comedian

Tony Robinson

Actor, comedian, historian, TV host, political commentator, politics, political activist, author

Andrew Santino

Standup comedian, actor

Matt Castro

Video gamer, comedian, League of Legends

Silvia Saige

Brunette pornstar, enhanced breasts, standup comic, standup comedian

Joe List

Standup comedian, podcaster of Tuesdays with Stories

Andrew Doyle

Comedian, political satirist, playwright, journalist, political commentator, politics, author of Woke: A Guide to Social Justice

Jonathan Torrens

Screenwriter, comedian, Jonovision, Trailer Park Boys

Owen Benjamin

Standup comedian, standup comic, TV host on Bar Rescue, raunchy humor

Hal Sparks

Standup comedian

J.D. Witherspoon

Comedian, comic, actor, TV host

Charlotte Dawson

Glamour model, actress, daughter of comedian Les Dawson, climber of Mount Kilimanjaro

Rich Vos

Standup comedian

Nicole Arbour

YouTuber, comedian, choreographer, bikini model, busty, enhanced breasts, conservative political commentator, politics

Kelsey Cook

Standup comedian, busty blonde, podcaster on Self Helpless Podcast

Blake Anderson

Actor aka Uncle Blazer, comedian

Ian McCall

Standup comedian, MMA, mixed martial arts, psychedelics, podcaster

Dean Delray

Standup comedian, podcaster of Let There Be Talk

Corinne Fisher

Comedian, comedy writer

Yannis Pappas

Standup comedian, visual artist, character piece artist, podcaster of the History Hyenas Podcast

Trevor Moore

actor, comedian, writer, director, producer, musician

Dave Smith

Standup comedian, standup comic, libertarian, podcaster of Part Of The Problem

Emma Willmann

Standup comedian, podcaster of Secret Keepers Club

Ali Macofsky

standup comedian, standup comic, actress, writer, podcaster on Resting Bitch podcast

Benton Ray

Comedy writer, standup comedian, standup comic, podcaster on Good For You Podcast

Krystyna Hutchinson

Standup comedian

Luis J. Gomez

Standup comedian, standup comic

Rory Albanese

Standup comedian, standup comic, comedy writer

Beth Stelling

Standup comedian

John Caparulo


Steve Byrne

Standup comedian


Standup comedian

Alia Janine

Comedian, producer of Hardcore Comedy, former brunette pornstar, MILF, busty legends, big naturals

Dana Ulwick

Comedian aka Intern Dana

Pete Dominick

Standup comedian, standup comic, speaker, political commentator, politics

Joe Machi

Standup comedian

Kurt Metzger

Standup comedian, actor, writer, podcaster of Can't Get Right, Race Wars

Carlos Mencia

Standup comedian aka Ned Arnel Mencia, standup comics

Alonzo Bodden

Standup comedian, winner of Last Comic Standing

Justin Martindale

Standup comedian, standup comic, writer, producer, actor, podcaster on the Glitter and Garbage Podcast

Jesus Trejo

Standup comedian

Dom Irrera

Standup comedian aka Dom Herrera, standup comic, podcaster

Al Madrigal

Standup comedian

Ms. Pat

Comedian aka Patricia Williams, actress, author, podcaster of The Patdown

Jonny Pemberton

Actor, comedian, podcaster

David Lucas

Comedian, podcaster at Brothers in Cursive

Ian Stone

Comedian, radio broadcaster

Bret Ernst

Standup comedian, standup comic, actor on Cobra Kai

April Macie

comedian, busty, redhead

Sam Jay

Standup comedian

Mark Forward

Standup comedian, physical comedy, actor on Letterkenny, Fargo, Cupcake & Dino

Owen Smith

Standup comedian, writer, actor, TV producer

Sara Weinshenk

Podcaster at Shenk podcast, actress, TV host, standup comedian, standup comic

Bennet Silverman

TV director, comedian, comedy writer

James Pietragallo

Standup comedian, filmmaker, podcaster on Crime In Sports, Small Town Murder

Greg Benson

YouTuber, cosplayer, TV host, comedian, prankster

Jonny Harris

comedian, TV host of CBC Still Standing

Mike Feeney

Standup comedian, podcaster

Jason Byrne

Standup comedian

Joe DeRosa

Comedian, actor, writer, director


Comedian, podcaster, Tiger Belly

Jax Dell'Osso

Comedian, very busty, enhanced breasts, big booty

Ian Edwards

Standup comedian, podcaster of Soccer Comic Rant

Jimmie Whisman

Podcaster, comedian

Shane Mauss

Standup comedian, standup comic, drugs, psychedelics

Fahim Anwar

Standup comedian, actor

Andy Richter

Comedian, podcaster at The Three Questions podcast

Wuz Good

YouTuber, comedian

Rod Man

Standup comedian

Adam Hunter

Standup comedian, standup comic, comedy writer, actor

Lenny Clarke

Standup comedian, standup comic

Mo Amer

Standup comedian

Eddie Ifft

Comedian, podcaster aka WODcast Podcast

Katie Cazorla


Ian Fidance

Standup comedian

Jason Collings

Standup comedian, standup comic, podcaster on The Lions Den podcast

John Heffron

Standup comedian, author of The Holding Deal, podcaster of Kid With A Cape

Chrissie Mayr

Standup comedian, standup comic, Friday Night Tights, podcaster on Compound Media, YouTuber, streamer, very busty redhead

Mike Cannon

Standup comedian, podcaster of Irish Goodbye Podcast

Pete Correale

Standup comedian, For Petes Sake

Carol Leifer

Comedy writer, TV producer, actress, comedian

Lynne Koplitz

Standup comedian, MILF, very busty

Eleanor Kerrigan

Standup comic, standup comedian, podcaster

Wayne Federman

Standup comedian, comedy writer

Brian Scolaro


Rocky LaPorte

Actor, comedian

Gary Vider

Standup comedian

Brian Holtzman

Standup comedian, standup comics

Byron Bowers

Standup comedian, standup comic

George Perez

Standup comedian

Gavin Webster

Stand-up comedian

Kevin Ryan (comedian)

Standup comedian, standup comic, podcaster on Are You Garbage?

Laura Peek

Standup comedian

George Wang

Comedian, skateboarder, tattoos

Richy Leis

standup comedian, standup comic

Brian Moses

Standup comedian, writer, producer, podcaster at Verbal Violence Podcast, Roast Battle

Frank Castillo

Standup comedian

Paul Trineer


Don Gavin

Standup comedian, actor

Graham Kay

Standup comedian

Mike Von

Comedian, writer, photographer

Mikah Wyman


Courtney Shane

Actor, dancer, comedian

The Fine Brothers

YouTuber, comedians, creators of REACT

Loretta Jenkins

former escort, comedian, redneck, YouTuber, huge enhanced breasts


YouTube sensation, life coach, comedian


President of Ukraine since 2019, politician, comedian actor

Zach Galifianakis

Standup comedian, comedy actor

Yoshi Obayashi

Standup comedian, podcaster of Yoshi Didnt Podcast


Actress, comedy writer, comedian

Will Sasso

Actor, comedian

Will Forte

Actor, comedian

Will Ferrell

Actor, comedian

Whoopi Goldberg

Actress, comedian

Weird Al Yankovic

Comedy singer, comedian, music parodys, music parodies

Wanda Sykes


Vladimir Caamaño

Standup comedian, standup comic

Vince Vaughn

Actor, comedian, Swingers

Vicka Margulis

Standup comic, standup comedian

Uncle Hack

Standup comic with the Danger Cats, standup comedian, podcaster on The Uncle Hack Podcast

Tyler Fischer

Comedian, YouTuber, streamer, standup comic

Tyler Boeh


Trey Parker

Comedian, actor aka Eric Cartman, voiceovers

Tracy Morgan

Actor, 30 Rock, comedian

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