YouTuber aka Mr Beast, stunts, philanthropist, nifites, NFTs, crypto enthusiast

Richard Branson

Billionaire founder of Virgin brands, author of Losing My Virginity, entrepreneur, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Radio, Virgin Records, Bitcoin investor, crypto, owner of Necker Island

Soulja Boy

Rapper aka Drako, DeAndre Cortez, singer, face tattoos, private jet owner, crypto enthusiast

William Shatner

Actor, TV series StarTrek as Captain James T. Kirk, crypto enthusiast, crypto mining

Justin Sun

Marketer, crypto enthusiast, founder of TRON Foundation, CEO of BitTorrent

Vitalik Buterin

Software developer, founder of Ethereum, crypto enthusiast

Charlie Lee

Founder of Litecoin Core, crypto enthusiast

Joel Comm

Crypto enthusiast, podcaster, Bad Crypto Podcast

Tai Lopez

Founder of BuzzBear, TAL Promotions, co-founder of MentorBox book clubs, financial planner, CFP, internet marketer, life coach, dating coach, angel investor, entrepreneur, luxury cars, crypto

Roger Ver

Bitcoin investor, Bitcoin evangelist, billionaire, crypto enthusiast, angel investor, known as Bitcoin Jesus

Changpeng Zhao (CZ)

Co-founder and CEO of Binance, billionaire, entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast

Andreas Antonopoulos

Blockchain developer, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, podcaster, Let's Talk Bitcoin, author of Mastering Bitcoin

Nouriel Roubini

Global economist, warned of US housing market crisis, crypto enthusiast, investor in water technology

Stefan Molyneux

Anarchist, blogger, economist, philosopher, YouTuber, vlogger, libertarian, cryptocurrency

Erik Voorhees

Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto, founder and CEO of ShapeShift

Anthony Pompliano

Podcaster at the Pomp Podcast, formerly Off The Chain, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, founder of Morgan Creek Digital

Brian Armstrong

Founder and CEO of Coinbase, entrepreneur, billionaire, crypto enthusiast

Brenna Sparks

Pornstar, webcam model, busty, enhanced breasts

Thaiana Rodrigues

Blonde bikini model, glamour model, busty, huge enhanced breasts

Nick Szabo

Founder of Bit Gold, cypherpunk, polymath, computer programmer, cryptographer, inventor and pioneer of smart contracts in digital currency since 1998, possible co-founder of

Michael Arrington

Founder of TechCrunch, CrunchFund, venture capitalist, crypto enthusiast

Max Keiser

TV host of the Keiser Report, formerly at Battle at the Box Office on Access Hollywood, broadcaster, filmmaker, theater actor, crypto enthusiast, Maxcoin, StartCoin, former writer at HuffPost

Whale Panda

Angel investor, Bitcoin investor, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Jameson Lopp

Co-founder & CTO of Casa, cryptographer, cypherpunk, computer programmer

Tyler Winklevoss

Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, billionaire, co-founder of Gemini, The Winklevoss Twins are known for being involved early with Facebook and social networking websites

Tuur Demeester

economist, Bitcoin investor, crypto enthusiast

Barry Silbert

Bitcoin investor, crypto enthusiast, billionaire, founder of SecondMarket, chairman of Digital Currency Group

Cameron Winklevoss

Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, billionaire, co-founder of Gemini, The Winklevoss Twins are known for being involved early with Facebook and social networking websites

Tone Vays

Bitcoin investor, crypto enthusiast, futures trader, derivatives trader, former trader at Bear Sterns, former VP at JPMorgan Chase

Joe Weisenthal

writer, crypto enthusiast, podcaster, host of the Odd Lots podcast

Adam Back

Cypherpunk, cryptographer, computer programmer, possible co-inventor of, inventor of Hashcash in 1997 and finalized the whitepaper in 2002, Hashcash – A Denial of Service Counter-Measure

Charlie Shrem

Bitcoin pioneer, member of Blockchain Foundation, cryptographer, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, entrepreneur, founder of BitInstant

Gavin Andresen

co-founder of, cryptographer, crypto enthusiast, cypherpunk, computer programmer, co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation

Peter Todd

cypherpunk, blockchain tech, cryptographer, applied cryptogrphy consultant, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast


Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Tim Draper

Venture capitalist, billionaire, founder of DFJ, VenturesLab, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Mike Novogratz

Billionaire, ex-hedge fund manager, human rights activist, Bitcoin evangelist, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, CryptoKitties, investor in FTX

David Pakman

Political commentator, politics, TV host, radio broadcaster, YouTuber, nifties, NFTs, crypto enthusiast

Chris Burniske

crypto enthusiast, cryptoassets, blockchain researcher


Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Charles Hoskinson

Mathematician, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, co-founder of Ethereum, Cardano

Hotep Jesus

Tech angel investor, crypto enthusiast, marketer, author of Dominate Twitter

Laura Shin

Crypto journalist, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, podcaster of Unchained Podcast

Joseph Lubin

Ethereum contributor, co-founder of Ethereum, crypto enthusiast, founder of ConsenSys, founder of EthSuisse

Don Tapscott

Co-author of Blockchain Revolution, crypto enthusiast, blockchain technology

Altcoin Dad

cryptocurrency enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast

Ben Bernanke

Economist, cryptographer, financier, 14th chairman of the Federal Reserve from 2006-2014, author of The Courage to Act


Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Meltem Demirors

Bitcoin crypto enthusiasts, founder of CoinShares

Mark Fidelman

Marketing consultant, Executive Marketing Leader, digital marketer, Online marketer, Internet marketer, influencer marketing, writer, journalist, crypto enthusiast

Stacy Herbert

Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, podcaster on The Keiser Report, former TV producer of Popetown

Ryan Selkis

Founder of Messari, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, speaker

Fred Ehrsam

Billionaire, co-founder at Coinbase, crypto enthusiast, founder of Paradigm Investments, financial trader at Goldman Sachs

Alex Winter

Actor, filmmaker of Deep Web documentary films, film producer, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast

Jeff Garzik

co-founder of, cryptographer, crypto enthusiast, cypherpunk, computer programmer, creator of the original Bitcoin cpuminer, co-founder of Bloq, BitPay, SpaceChain


Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Emin Gün Sirer

cypherpunk, cryptographer, professor of computer science at Cornell University

Tiffany Hayden

Blockchain enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, CEO of Ripple

David Gokhshtein

Politician, writer for Forbes, entrepreneur, speaker, crypto enthusiast, founder of Gokhshtein Media, PAC Protocol

Siraj Raval

YouTuber, crypto enthusiast

Pierre Rochard

Computer programmer, cryptographer, cypherpunk, podcaster, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast,

Saifedean Ammous

Author, The Bitcoin Standard, crypto enthusiast

Trace Mayer

Bitcoin evangelist, angel investor, podcaster, crypto enthusiast

Pieter Wuille

co-founder of, cryptographer, crypto enthusiast, cypherpunk, computer programmer

Brock Pierce

Futurist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, economist, chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, politician, crypto investor, co-founder of EOS Alliance,, Tether, Blockchain Capital, Mastercoin

Erik Finman

Bitcoin millionaire, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast, speaker

Caitlin Long

Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, banker, financier

Francis Pouliot

CEO of Bull Bitcoin, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast

Andrei Jikh

YouTuber aka Magic of Finance, investor, investing, personal finance educator, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Chris Larsen

Co-founder and executive chairman of Ripple, billionaire, blockchain tech, crypto enthusiast

Matt Odell

Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Nathaniel Popper

Writer, author, Digital Gold, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Alessio Rastani

Stock trader, forex trader, stocks investing, speaker, crypto investor

Giacomo Zucco

Bitcoin crypto enthusiast

Michael Goldstein

Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, podcaster, President of Nakamoto Institute, SwitchPitch

Cathie Wood

Hedge fund manager, financier aka Catherine Wood, crypto enthusiast, founder of ARK Investment Management

Bram Cohen

Inventor of BitTorrent protocol, computer programmer, crypto enthusiast, founder of Chia Network

Peter Van Valkenburgh

Lawyer, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin advocate

Adam Draper

Angel investor, crypto enthusiast, scifi, son of Tim Draper

Zara Zentio

Brunette glamour model, big enhanced breasts

Jack Mallers

Computer programmer, software developer, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, chess player

Stephan Livera

Podcaster at the Stephan Livera Podcast, co-founder of Ministry of Nodes, investor, partner at Bitcoiner Ventures, venture capitalist, financier, crypto enthusiast

Ryan X. Charles

Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Ben Mezrich

Author of Bitcoin Billionaires, The Accidental Billionaires, investigative journalist, crypto enthusiast

Simon Dixon

Co-founder of Bank to the Future, crypto enthusiast

Rodolfo Novak

crypto enthusiast

Calvin Ayre

Venture capitalist, founder of the Ayre Group, Bodog, CoinGeek, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin SV investor, poker player, poker news reporter

Catherine Austin Fitts

Economist, investigative journalist, editor-in-chief of the Solari Report, Dillon Read and Co, speaker, crypto enthusiast, former stock trader

Alex Tapscott

Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute

Tai Zen

crypto enthusiast

Alena Vranova

Co-founder and former CEO of SatoshiLabs, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Taylor Monahan

Founder & CEO of MyCrypto, blonde mom, crypto enthusiast

Daniel Bernstein

Cryptographer, computer scientist, creator of ChaCha stream cypher

Daniel Roberts

TV host on Yahoo Finance, business news reporter, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast, journalist, editor at Yahoo Finance, democratic political commentator, politics

Chiara Francica

Bitcoin advocate, cryptocurrency evangelist, digital marketer, vegan

Bill Barhydt

Founder and CEO of Abra, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast

Kiana Danial

YouTuber, investing advice, crypto investor aka Invest Diva, Kiana Daniel, stock trader, crypto enthusiast, author, very busty brunette, mompreneur, skier, skiing

Sinclair Skinner

Founder of BitMari, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast

Jalak Jobanputra

Founder of Future Perfect Ventures, crypto enthusiast

Amanda B. Johnson

YouTuber, crypto enthusiast, supervisor at Dash Investment Foundation

Evan Ratliff

Journalist, author of The Mastermind, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast

Kevin Kwok

software developer, crypto enthusiast

Amir Taaki

co-founder of, cryptographer, crypto enthusiast, cypherpunk, computer programmer

Ben Perrin

YouTuber aka Ben Perrin, personal finance educator, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Ben Perrin

Bitcoin educator, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, podcaster for BTC Sessions

Elizabeth McCauley

Political commentator, politics, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin evangelist, mom, technologist

Jen Wieczner

TV host, Balancing The Ledger, writer, journalist at FORTUNE Magazine, cyclist, yogi, organics, juicing, fintech, crypto enthusiast

Brian Fabian Crain

Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, YouTuber, podcaster at Epicenter Podcast, events coordinator, Blockchain Meetup Berlin

Cesar Gaytán

Blockchain expert, speaker, crypto enthusiast, YouTuber

Tony Sheng

Crypto enthusiast

Eric Lamison-White

Stablecoin patent holder, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, Pareto Network

Jeremy Welch

Chief Product Officer, CPO at Kraken, crypto enthusiast, founder of Casa

Kate Rooney

News reporter, tech journalist, crypto enthusiast, fintech, Bitcoin writer, markets reporter

Ben Lawsky

BitLicense lawyer, attorney, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast

Matt Spoke

CEO at Moves, crypto, co-founder of Aion


Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, Ethereum miner, Ethereum crypto enthusiast

David Chaum

Cryptographer, privacy, cybersecurity, computer scientist, computer programmer, cryptography pioneer, cypherpunk, inventor of DigiCash, Blind Signatures for Untraceable Payments

Crypto Finally

Crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast, YouTuber

Melanie Shapiro

PhD, CEO of Token, crypto enthusiast

Jeff Berwick

Bitcoin evangelist, crypto enthusiast, inventor, entrepreneur, founder of Stockhouse, TheAnarchast, libertarian, anarchist, podcaster at The Dollar Vigilante, The Lucy & Jeff Show, The Anarchast

José Rodríguez

Computer scientist, cryptographer, Bitcoin evangelist

Marshall Long

Bitcoin miner, crypto enthusiast, CTO of, managing director at Mockit eSports, podcaster on the Shitcoin Dot Com Show

Hartej Sawhney

Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, investor at Pink Sky Group, marketer, founder at Hosho, Zokyo

Galia Benartzi

Entrepeneur, crypto enthusiast, business development at Bancor

Noelle Acheson

Researcher, crypto enthusiast

Cedric Dahl

crypto investor

Greg Schoen

PHP web developer, crypto enthusiast

Koleya Karrington

Blockchain, crypto enthusiast, entreprenur, co-founder of Canadian Association for Women in Blockchain

Sébastien Couture

Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, podcaster at Epicenter Podcast

Adriana Belotti

Bitcoin enthusisast, crypto enthusisast, writer, marketer

Frank Braun

Privacy activist, political commentator, politics, cypherpunk, cryptoanarchist, podcaster of the Cypherpunk Bitstream

Jordan Leigh

Bitcoin enthusiast, cryptocurrencies

Noah Jessop

Founder of Honeyminer Bitcoin mining software, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Zach Piester

Co-founder of Intrepid Ventures, crypto enthusiast

Neil deMause

journalist, blockchain, crypto enthusiast

Marco Cavicchioli

Crypto writer, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast

Crypto Casey

YouTuber aka Casey, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast, personal finance educator

Luke Mitchell (programmer)

Computer programmer, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast

Bertrand Diard

Angel investor, crypto enthusiast, serial entrepreneur, CEO & co-founder of Talend

Merunas Grincalaitis

Ethereum software programmer, crypto enthusiast, smart contracts, software developer

Steve Ehrlich

Founder of Voyager, crypto enthusiast

Bogdan Fiedur

Software developer, Ethereum, Solidity, crypto enthusiast, ICO advisor

Grey Jabesi

Podcaster, crypto enthusiast

Andy Hoffman

Financial advisor, crypto enthusiast

Rex Kneisley

YouTuber aka The Crypto Dad

Aaron St. Hilaire

marketer, cryptocurrency evangelist

Larissa Larson

Escort, MILF, very busty, crypto

Amy Kim

CPO of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, crypto enthusiast, chief policy officer promoting blockchain technology

Yubo Ruan

Venture capitalist, crypto enthusiast, CEO of 8 Decimal Capital

Vladimir Renda

crypto investor, crypto enthusiast

Carla Carriveau

Senior regulatory council at Circle, crypto lawyer

Yves Weisselberger

Angel investor, crypto enthusiast

Wladimir J. van der Laan

co-founder of, cryptographer, crypto enthusiast, cypherpunk, computer programmer

William E. Quigley

Co-founder of, co-founder of Tether, crypto enthusiast, blockchain investor, director at Magnetic

Wei Dai

Computer programmer, cypherpunk, blockchain tech, cryptographer, inventor of B-Money Crypto++ algorithm, possible co-founder of, Ethereum unit named "wei" after him

Vladimir Oksman


Vlad Zamfir

crypto enthusiast

Viktor Mangazeev

Co-founder of, entrepreneur, tech investor, crypto enthusiast

Vanessa Sierra

Professional show jumper, horse jumping, horse jumper, horse trader, horse trading, Twitch streamer, crypto, arm sleeve tattoos

Tyler Krebs

CEO of Olaplex, crypto enthusiast

Travin Keith

crypto enthusiast

Tony Simonovsky

YouTuber, streamer, entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast, blockchain developer, software developer

Tony Gallippi

Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, co-founder and chairman of BitPay

Tom Lee

Managing Partner at Fundstrat Global Advisors, head researcher, Bitcoin investor, financial advisor, crypto enthusiast

Timothy May

Cypherpunk, cryptographer

Tim May


Tim Denning

Keynote speaker, writer, entrepreneur for Web3 writing projects, NFT writing, NFTs, crypto enthusiast, personal development coaching, business coaching, life coaching

Tim C. May

cypherpunk mailing list, blockchain tech, cryptographer

Theresa Longo

Film actress, musician, busty blonde fashion model, beauty queen, beauty pageant queen, crypto enthusiast

Ted Rogers (crypto)

Founder of Xapo, the largest Bitcoin custodian in the world

Ted Nelson

YouTuber, crypto enthusiast, Internet pioneer in hyperlinks with a Xanadu project in 1960

Tatiana Koffman

Venture capitalist at Moonwalker Capital, crypto, Bitcoin enthusiast, author of Myth of Money

Tascha Che

Writer, crypto enthusiast

Tariq Cherif

Co-founder and CEO of Rolling Loud, crypto

Tamer Sameeh

crypto enthusiast, ICOs

Tadge Dryja

Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, blockchain developer at MIT Digital Currency Initiative

Sunny King

Founder of Primecoin, Peercoin, crypto enthusiast

Steven Ehrlich

Director of Research at Forbes, crypto enthusiast, former US Department of Defense

Steve Randy Waldman

Writer at Interfluidity, economist, philosopher, crypto enthusiast, Machinery For Change, sbt Ethereum

Steve Lee

Head of Crypto at Square


Writer, author, Un-Crap Your Life, crypto enthusiast

Smoke a Fatty with Paddy

Political commentator, politics, private investigator, criminology, podcaster on Crypto War Live, crypto enthusiast

Shane Kipper

Digital marketer, entrepreneur, founder of Prestige Media, podcaster, co-host of the Know Your Worth Podcast, crypto enthusiast

Sébastien Lucas

Angel investor, crypto enthusiast

Scott Melker

crypto enthusiast

Sam Bankman-Fried

Billionaire, crypto enthusiast, founder and CEO of FTX digital exchange, CEO and asset manager at Alameda Research, BA Physics from MIT, former trader at Jane Street

Rosa Shores

Web3 tech executive, co-founder & CEO of BlockSpaces, crypto entrepreneur, busty brunette

Richard Heart

crypto enthusiast, founder of CFD Token

Rachelle Fit

crypto enthusiast, fitness junkie

Rachel-Rose O'Leary

Computer programmer, former writer at CoinDesk, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast

Phil Zimmermann

cypherpunk, cryptographer, blockchain tech, cryptographer, inventor of PGP encryption, founder of Pretty Good Privacy an email encryption software, co-founder of Silent Circle

Phil Dunkelberger

President & CEO at Nok Nok Labs, director at MYPINPAD, cryptographer, former CEO of PGP Corporation (Pretty Good Privacy)

Phil Collins (crypto)

Co-founder of CoinCorner

Peter Sussman

Software developer, Ethereum trader, crypto enthusiast

Peter Smith


Peter Rizun

Computer scientist, physicist, co-founder of Ledger, founder of Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Pavol Luptak

Ethical hacker, computer scientist, Bitcoin evangelist, crypto enthusiast

Paul Vigna

Crypto enthusiast, co-author of The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything, author, The Age of Cryptocurrency

Patrick Thompson

crypto enthusiast

Patrick Byrne

Co-founder and former CEO at Overstock, Deep Capture, crypto enthusiast, angel investor in Ravencoin, met Warren Buffett as a kid as his father saved GEICO

On Yavin

crypto enthusiast, writer

Nozomi Hayase

crypto enthusiast

Nils Schneider

co-founder of, cryptographer, crypto enthusiast, cypherpunk, computer programmer

Niklas Nikolajsen

Founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG, early Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Neal Kin


Nayib Bukele

President of El Salvador, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast

Natalie Brunell

Journalist, educator, crypto, podcaster on Coin Stories, Career Stories

Naomi Brockwell

Redhead actress, traveler, TV producer, documentaries, documentary filmmaker, Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It, crypto journalist, TV host, crypto enthusiast

Mike Hearn

Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, chypherpunk cryptographer, software developer, former Bitcoin developer at Bitcoin Core, Bitcoinj, former software engineer at Google

Mike Belshe

crypto enthusiast

Michael Moro

crypto enthusiast, former investment banker at Citigroup

Michael del Castillo

Journalist, news reporter, crypto

Michael Clear

Computer programmer for Allied Irish Banks, crypto enthusiast, computer scientist, early Bitcoin core developer

Michael Casey

Crypto enthusiast, co-author of The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything

Max Wright

Bitcoin investor, crypto enthusiast

Matthew Roszak

Billionaire, crypto enthusiast, billionaire, co-founder of Bloq

Martti Malmi

Founder of Iris, Sirius Business, co-founder of, cryptographer, crypto enthusiast, cypherpunk, computer programmer, made the first 5,050 Bitcoin transaction in history for US$5 (PayPal)

Martin Berggren

Crypto enthusiast, writer

Luke Martin

Founder of Coinist Research, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast

Luan Poi

Computer programmer, cryptographer, founder of Kevacoin, Keva Memorial

Louisa Bai

Blockchain enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Lindsay Carr

Publicist, blockchain crypto enthusiast

Leonidas Hadjiloizou

Investigative journalist, crypto enthusiast, Ripple XRP watcher

Leigh Drogan

Software developer at Stocktwits, programmer, crypto enthusiast, general partner and CIO at Starkiller Capital, founder and CEO of Estimize, surfing, hockey

Leah McGrath Goodman

Investigative journalist, writer at Newsweek, crypto enthusiast

Lauren Sivan

TV presenter, busty blonde, comedian, crypto enthusiast

Laszlo Hanyecz

co-founder of, computer programmer, cryptographer, infamously paid 10,000 Bitcoins for a pizza, The Pizza Guy, crypto enthusiast

Lark Davis

Bitcoin enthusiast aka Crypto Lark, crypto enthusiast, YouTuber, streamer

Ladar Levison

founder of Lavabit, cryptographer

Kyle Chasse

crypto enthusiast

Kurt Wuckert Jr.

Writer at CoinGeek, entrepreneur, crypto, precious metals

Kevin Healy

Investigative journalist, computer programmer, crypto investor, crypto enthusiast

Keeyan Ravanshid

COO of Digital Dash Development, crypto, PPC candidate

Kaz Bycko

Bitcoin crypto enthusiast

Kathleen Breitman

ICOs, cryptocurrency for Tezos blockchain technology

Karen Webster

writer, journalist, blockchain enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Kai Sedgwick

Crypto enthusiast

Justin C

Podcaster at New Money Gang, voiceovers, crypto enthusiast aka JChains

Jonathan Bootle

Cryptographer, software developer, computer programmer

Jon Callas

Software engineer, cryptographer, cybersecurity expert, co-founder of PGP Corporation (Pretty Good Privacy), co-founder and former CTO of SIlent Circle, Blackphone

John Vallis

Podcaster at Bitcoin Rapid-Fire, crypto enthusiast

John Gilmore

cypherpunk mailing list, blockchain tech, cryptographer

John Edge

crypto enthusiast

Jihan Wu

Co-founder of Bitmain, entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast

Jessica Walker

TV presenter, news reporter for CoinMarketCap, podcaster, busty blonde, crypto enthusiast

Jerry D. Chan

Technologist, crypto enthusiast, former VP at Goldman Sachs

Jeff Hood

Founder of 1ofOne, NFT crypto enthusiast

Jason Urban

Bitcoin investor, crypto enthusiast

Jason Reynar

CAO of the Town of Innisfil, keynote speaker, crypto enthusiast, CPA, chartered accountant

Jason B. Fenstermacher

crypto patents holder

Jason Comerchero

Co-founder and Managing Partner of Wolfswood Partners, co-founder of Honeyminer, robotics, crypto enthusiast

Janine Moir

Blockchain enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, CPA, accountant

Jakov Dolic

Co-founder of Genesis Mining, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin miner

Jackson Palmer

Software engineer at Adobe, inventor of Dogecoin, cypherpunk, cryptographer, YouTuber, crypto enthusiast

Imogen Heep

Musician, crypto enthusiast

Ian Smith

Personal trainer, co-owner of Atilis Gym Bellmawr, activist, COVID whistleblower, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, co-author of Two Dumbb Gym Owners

Ian Grigg

financial cryptographer, financier, cryptocurrency expert, crypto enthusiast

Hussein Faraj

Chairman & CEO of NuGenesis (NuCoin), Justsocial, crypto enthusiast, CEO of Metalabs Global, AI software, artificial intelligence, ML software, machine learning

Gregory Maxwell

co-founder of, cryptographer, crypto enthusiast, cypherpunk, computer programmer

Greg Maxwell

crypto enthusiast, computer scientist, early Bitcoin core developer

Greg Mannarino

Stock trader, stocks, investing, financier, crypto enthusiast

Gracy Chen



YouTubers, whistleblowers, crypto enthusiasts, Jeranism flat earthers

Garrett deRosset

Bitcoin miner, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Frank Chaparro

crypto enthusiast

Filip Martinsson

YouTuber, crypto enthusiast, speaker, entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder of Stockholm Blockchain Group

Fanny Li

crypto enthusiast, yogi, slim, petite, busty model, snowboarding

Evelyn Taylor

crypto enthusiast

Erin Edwards

Anarchist aka Erin Nakamoto, crypto enthusiast

Eric Hughes

Cypherpunk, cryptographer, early software developer of Bitcoin

Eder Teixeira

YouTuber aka Spaceman, crypto

Drew Mason (financier)

Principal with St. Joseph Partners, Wall Street financier, silverbug, silver bug, crypto enthusiast, author of Victory from Defeat

Doug Polk

professional poker player, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Doug Boneparth

Founder of CryptoDrip, president of Bone Fide Wealth, council advisor at CNBC, writer at Millennial Money Fix, certified financial planner (CFP)

Dino Mark Angaritis

angel investor, cryptocurrency evangelist

Dimitar Karagegov

crypto, Bulgarian Libertarian Society

David Pakman (investor)

Venture capitalist, early stage investor, crypto enthusiast, managing partner at CoinFund, previously at Venrock, director at Arduino, Dapper Labs, Rarible, Running Tide, Simbe Robotics

David Merry (entrepreneur)

Partner, co-founder in Kinetic Investments, founder of Investoo Group, angel investor, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

David A. Marcus

Entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast, co-creator of Diem (formerly Calibra) crypto project at Facebook Novi, former President of PayPal, founder of Echovox

David Hyett

Bitcoin evangelist, crypto enthusiast

Daniel Larimer

Cryptographer, inventor of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus system, founder of BitShares

Dan Morehead

Partner at Pantera Capital, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, venture capitalist, former VP at Goldman Sachs

Dan Held

crypto enthusiast


crypto podcasters


crypto enthusiast

Crypto Vanessa

Crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast

Crypto Candy

Crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast

Cory Johnson

Writer, investor, journalist, crypto enthusiast

Collin Thompson

Co-founder and CEO of Intrepid Ventures, crypto enthusiast

Colin Pape

Founder & CEO of, crypto enthusiast, and

Cody Wilson

cryptographer, 3D printers, 3D printable firearms

Claire Brownell

Journalist, writer at The Logic, former writer for the National Post, crypto enthusiast

Christen Ager-Hanssen

Entrepreneur, evangelist at nChain, venture capitalist, crypto activist

Charles Bry


Casey Hamilton

Marketer, influencer marketing, crypto enthusiast, owner of Take Your Brand To The Blockchain, Be The Broadcast

Carl Bethell

Crypto enthusiast

Cameron Magruder

Video gamer, Christian religious, crypto enthusiast

Callan Goldeneye

CEO at Dragon X, crypto enthusiast

Bridget van Kralingen

SVP at IBM, blockchain enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Brian Kelly (investor)

crypto enthusiast, author of The Bitcoin Big Bang

Brad Michelson

Marketer at eToro, crypto enthusiast

Brad Garlinghouse

CEO of Ripple, financier, investments, stock trader, crypto enthusiast

Blythe Masters

CEO at Digital Asset Holdings, financier, JP Morgan, invented credit default swaps, Bitcoin investor, Bitcion enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Blaire The Love Guru

Spiritual healer, mystic, crypto enthusiast, journalist


Musician, crypto enthusiast

BitBoy Crypto

YouTuber, streamer, crypto educator, crypto enthusiast aka BitBoy Crypto, podcaster, founder of HIT Merch

Billy Bambrough

Journalist, crypto writer at Forbes

Bettina Warburg

Co-founder of Animal Ventures, keynote speaker, blockchain software developer, crypto enthusiast

Ben Semchee

Crypto enthusiast aka Bitcoin Ben Semchee

Ben Armstrong

Bitcoin enthusiast aka Bitboy Crypto, crypto enthusiast, podcaster of New Money Gang

Aubrey Strobel

Brunette model, socialite, marketer, Head of Communications at Lolli, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, podcaster at The Aubservation

Ania Kubów

Educator at freeCodeCamp, computer programmer, MongoDB, GraphQL, crypto enthusiast

Alexis Pappas

Crypto enthusiast

Alexis Elliott

Blonde glamour model, busty, big enhanced breasts, crypto enthusiast, big booty

Alexia Cortez

car show model, import model, busty, enhanced breasts, crypto

Alex Cobb

Stock trader, stocks, investing, YouTuber, Ripple, XRP, crypto enthusiast

Aishwarya Balaji

Entrepeneur, blockchain investor, crypto enthusiast

Adel de Meyer

TV host, journalist, crypto enthusiast, traveler

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