Barack Obama

Politician aka Barack Hussein Obama II, Democrat, Democratic Party, 44th president of the United States, film producer for Higher Ground, director at Netflix

Snoop Dogg

Rapper, hip hop singer, democratic activist

Hillary Clinton

Politician aka Hillary Rodham Clinton, author of What Happened, Presidential nominee for the 2016 Democratic party

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)

Democratic Party politician aka Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, political activist, Tax the Rich

Bernie Sanders

Politician, democratic socialist, US Senator of Vermont, longest serving independent in history

Bill Clinton

Politician, democrat, 42nd president of the United States from 1993 to 2001

Elizabeth Warren

Politician, Democratic Senator of Massachusetts, author, The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Clas

Kamala Harris

Attorney, lawyer, 32nd Attorney General of California, politician, Democratic Senator from California

Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada, democrat, Liberal Party politician

Marianne Williamson

Politician, author of A Return to Love, activist, Democrat

Ilhan Omar

Feminist, activist, democratic politician, democrat in Minnesota House of Representatives for Minnesota


Singer, the most famous female pop singer of all time, democratic activist

Pete Buttigieg

Democratic politician, Mayor of South Bend

Kirsten Gillibrand

Attorney, lawyer, politician, Democratic Party, US Senator of New York, lawyer, attorney

Chris Sacca

Super angel investor, billionaire, democrat, venture capitalist, Shark Tank

Lindsey Graham

RINO democratic US senator, Republican politician, chickenhawk, warmonger

Maxine Waters

Politician, democrat, congresswoman, Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee

Andrew Yang

Democratic politician, Democrats, entrepreneur, lawyer, attorney, philanthropist, former tech executive, founder of Venture for America

Beto O'Rourke

Democratic politician, US congressman, former Texas Republican

Tulsi Gabbard

Democratic politician from Hawaii, war veteran, army veteran, military veteran, surfing, yogi, yoga practitioner, podcaster on The Tulsi Gabbard Show

Tamika D. Mallory

Activist, Black Lives Matter movement, democratic, political commentator, politics, gun control, feminist, organizer of the Womens March

Amy Klobuchar

Politician, Democratic Senator from Minnesota

Al Franken

Podcaster, former politician, US senator, democrat in Minnesota, former comedian of SNL, Saturday Night Live

Jim Jefferies

Standup comedian, democrat, gun control guy, TV host of The Jim Jefferies Show

Julián Castro

Politician, Democrat, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary

Tim Pool

Independent journalist, writer, technologist, democrat, political commentator, politics, filmmaker, skateboarder, musician

Kasie Hunt

Democratic news reporter, TV host Way Too Early, political commentator, politics

Sherrod Brown

Senator, democratic politician

Hallie Jackson

Democratic news reporter

Jay Inslee

Politician, Democratic Governor of Washington State, lawyer, author

Kyle Kulinski

Political activist, political commentator, politics, democratic, TV host of The Kyle Kulinski Show

John Lewis

Democratic politician

Jagmeet Singh

Politician, democrat, leader of the NDP party

Kathleen Wynne

Politician, Liberal democrat, MPP Don Valley West, former Premier of Ontario from 2013–2018

Marsha Blackburn

Democratic Senator of Tennessee, politician

John Hickenlooper

Politician, Democratic Party, scientist, businessman, 42nd governor of Colorado from 2011 to 2019

Chuck Schumer

Politician, Democrat, US Senator from New York

Lori Lightfoot

Democratic politician, 56th mayor of Chicago

Dan Diamond

Democrat, political commentator, politics

Kaivan Shroff

Political commentator, politics, democratic

James Carville

Political commentator, politics, Democratic strategist, political strategist, politician, podcaster, 2020 Politics War Room

Nicole Systrom

Billionaire entrepreneur aka Nicole Schuetz, democrat wife of Kevin Systrom, founder of Sutro Energy Group

Tom Watson

Demographer, research, democratic strategist, nonprofit consultant, professor, author, New York Mets, guitars, gardening

Michael Bennet

Politician, Democratic Senator from Colorado

Annika Strandhäll

Democratic politician

Ardalan Shekarabi

Democratic politician

Charlie Angus

Democratic politician, NDP party politician, MP for Timmins-James Bay Ontario

Daniel Roberts

TV host on Yahoo Finance, business news reporter, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast, journalist, editor at Yahoo Finance, democratic political commentator, politics

Richard Blumenthal

Democratic senator of Connecticut, politician

Carolyn Maloney

Democratic politician of New York

Lloyd Doggett

Lawyer, attorney, democratic politician in Texas

Joyce Beatty

Politician, Democrat

John Delaney

Politician, congressman, Democratic Party, former Maryland Republican

William LeGate

Founder and CEO of GoodPillow, democratic activist

Wendy Schmidt

Philanthropist, democrat, billionaire wife of Eric Schmidt

Vernon Jones

Republican Party politician, former Democratic politician, Georgia House of Representatives from 1993-2001 and 2017-2021

Tom Rice

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump, CPA accountant, tax lawyer

Tom Perez

Democratic Party politician, civil rights activist, attorney, lawyer, former Chair of The Democrats, Labor Secretary, dad, father

Tom Mulcair

Political commentator, politics, retired politician, democrat, former leader of the NDP party

Terence Kernaghan

MPP for London North Centre, democratic politician, progressive liberal

Ted Liu

Democratic politician

Tariq Ali Khan

Writer aka Tariq Ali Khan, journalist at New Left Review, filmmaker, democratic geopolitical commentator, politics, political activist

Tali Arbel

Democratic news reporter for AP, animal lover, cats, vegeterian

Suzan DelBene

Democratic politician

Steven Tisch

Billionaire, democrat

Steven Guilbeault

Liberal politician, democrat, Minister of Canadian Heritage

Steven Del Duca

Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, democratic politician

Stephanie Schriock

Democratic political strategist, former President of Emily's List, author of Run to Win

Spike Lee

Film director, film producer, Inside Man, 911 whistleblower, activist, owner of 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, democratic activist

Shirley Williams

Liberal democratic politician

Seth Klarman

Billionaire financier, hedge fund manager, democrat

Sean Fraser

Liberal politician, democrat

Scott Peters

Democratic politician

Ryan Knight

Socialist, democratic activist, political commentator, politics, podcaster on Amped Up

Ron Klain

Democratic politician, ebola czar, White House Ebola Response Coordinator under Obama, attorney, lawyer, political consultant, former lobbyist, White House Chief of Staff under Joe Biden

Robert De Niro

Actor, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Cape Fear, Casino, Meet The Fockers, democratic activist

Ro Khanna

Democratic politician

Peter Meijer

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump

Peggy Sattler

MPP for London West, Ontario NDP House Leader, democratic politician, liberal

Pat Toomey

Democratic politician, Republican US senator

Pamela S. Karlan

Democrat political commentator, politics, activist, scholar

Pablo Rodriguez

Liberal politician, democrat

Nita M. Lowey

Democratic politician, former congresswoman from New York

Navdeep Bains

Liberal politician, democrat

Nate Lerner

Democratic activist, political commentator, politics

Muriel Bowser

Democratic politician, Mayor of DC

Minyvonne Burke

Democratic news reporter for NBC News

Mika Brzezinski

TV host of Morning Joe, news reporter, democratic political commentator, politics

Michael Chong

Liberal politician, democratic activist, MP for Halton Hills

Melina Abdullah

Democratic activist, BLM activist, mom

Masrour Barzani

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) politician, Peshmerga military veteran of the Iraqi Armed Forces, prime minister of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq since 2019, founder of the Barzani Charity Foundation

Mark Warner

Democratic senator of Virginia, politician

Mark Holland

Liberal Party politician, democrat, keynote speaker

Marco Mendicino

Liberal Party politician, democrat

Marc Miller

Liberal politician, democrat

Loretta Lynch

Democratic lawyer, Attorney General of the United States

Liz Cheney

Democratic politician, wife of Dick Cheney, Republican voted to impeach Trump

Lindy Li

Democrat politician

Laurie Tisch

Billionaire, democrat

Kyrsten Sinema

Democratic politician, lecturer, social worker, lawyer, attorney, yogi

Kelly Anne Wolfe

Political activist aka Kelly Anne Wolfe, founder of Canadian Democratic Defense Association

Katie King (reporter)

Democratic political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter

Karina Gould

Liberal politician, democrat

Kaitlan Collins

Democratic political commentator, politics, White House Correspondent for CNN

Joy-Ann Reid

Democratic activist, author of The Man Who Sold America

Josh Lederman

TV presenter, democratic news reporter for NBC News, political commentator, politics

Joseph Doria

Democratic Party politician, commissioner of NJ department

Jon Stryker

Billionaire, democrat, heir to Stryker Corp.

Jon Cooper

Co-founder of Ebbu, medical marijuana advocate, activist, former chair of Democratic Coalition

John Sullivan

Democratic activist, BLM activist, Marxist, founder of Insurgence USA

John Katko

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump, congressman

John J. Harwood

Democratic political commentator, politics, journalist, for White House Correspondent for CNN news reporter

John Garamendi

Democratic politician

Joe Manchin

Democratic politician, US senator for West Virginia, Chairman of the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee

Joe Kennedy III

Democratic politician

Jim Cooper

Democratic politician in Tennessee

Jim Comey

Democratic activist aka James Comey

Jerry Nadler

Democratic politician, congressman of New York

J.B. Pritzker

Democratic governor of Illinois, politician

Jayden Xander

Democratic activist, BLM activist, Marxist, co-founder of Insurgence USA

Jay Hulings

Democratic politician, attorney, lawyer, parents undercover CIA agents

Jaime Herrera Beutler

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump

Jack Murphy

Political commentator, politics, political activist, writer, podcaster, author of Democrat To Deplorable

Helen Zille

Politician, head of the Democratic Alliance

Harry Reid

Democratic Party politician, lawyer, attorney, US senator from Nevada between 1987-2017

Harjit S. Sajjan

Liberal politician, democrat, Canada national defence minister, Minister of International Development

Hakeem Jefferies

Democratic politician

Gurratan Singh

Democratic politician, liberal

Gretchen Witmer

Democratic politician of Michigan

Greg Abbott

Democratic politician, governor of Texas

Gary Gensler

Economist, Professor of the Practice, Global Economics and Management, Democratic Party politician, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission

Frederick Joseph

Author of The Black Friend, democratic political commentator, politics, SJW, social justice warrior

Fred Upton

Democratic congressman, Republican politician voted to impeach Trump

Frank Pallone

Democratic politician, congressman

Elissa Slotkin

Democratic politician, Assistant Secretary of Defense, former CIA analyst

Ed Markey

US senator, democratic politician, co-author of the Green New Deal, climate change activist

Don Beyer

Democratic politician in Virginia

Dianne Feinstein

Democratic US senator of California, politician

Diana DeGette

Democratic politician, Member of Congress, congresswoman

Deepa Shivaram

Democratic news reporter for NBC News

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Democratic politician, US congresswoman from Florida

David Valadao

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump

David Lametti

Liberal politician, democrat

David Ige

Democratic Party politician, 8th governor of Hawaii

David Atkins

Choreographer, democratic political activist, journalist, writer at Washington Monthly

Dan Newhouse

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump

Cynthia McKinney

Democratic politician

Cori Bush

Democratic politician, registered nurse, theologian, pastor, BLM activist

Christian Valencia

Democratic political commentator, politics, AOC, sports fan

Cheri Jacobus

Democratic political commentator, politics, America Reads The Mueller Report

Carla Qualtrough

Liberal politician, democrat

Bryan Dean Wright

Political commentator, politics, former CIA officer, spy, CIA whistleblower, conservative democrat

Brian Lilley

Democratic journalist at the Toronto Sun, Liberal political commentator, politics, writer, columnist for the Toronto Sun

Brian L. Roberts

Billionaire, democrat businessman, chairman and CEO of Comcast

Brad Schneider

Democratic politician of Illinois

Bob Corker

Democratic political commentator, politics, former Republican senator

Bill Foster

Democratic Party politician of Illinois, physicist, businessman, lobbyist

Antony Blinken

Democratic Party politician, lobbyist, diplomat, US Secretary of State

Anthony Gonzalez

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump, congressman, US representative, footbally player

Anita Anand

Liberal politician, democrat

Andrew McCabe

Democratic activist, lawyer, attorney, Deputy Director of the FBI

Andrew Cuomo

Governor of New York, democratic politician

Ali Chalupa

Lobbyist, co-chair of the ethnic council for the Democratic National Committee (DNC)

Ahmed Hussen

Liberal Party politician, democratic, lawyer, attorney, minister of housing diversity and inclusion, MP for York South-Weston

Adam Kinzinger

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump, chickenhawk, warmonger

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