Markus Persson

Software developer, video game programmer, video game developer, inventor of Minecraft, founder of Mojang Studios

Grant Cardone

Real estate syndicates, sales leadership aka Cardone University, sales training, author, Sell or Be Sold, the 10x rule, Be Obsessed or Be Average, real estate developer, property owner

Vitalik Buterin

Software developer, founder of Ethereum, crypto enthusiast

Andreas Antonopoulos

Blockchain developer, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, podcaster, Let's Talk Bitcoin, author of Mastering Bitcoin

Martin Fowler

Software developer

Dan Abramov

React developer, software developer, part of React.js core team, web developer, creator of Redux

Chris Coyier

Graphic designer, front end developer, co-founder of CodePen, early web developer at Wufoo, technical writer at

Wes Bos

React computer programmer, React software developer, React web developer, speaker, educator, programming teacher, learning JavaScript programming

Jimmy Song

Bitcoin educator, sofware developer, entrepreneur

Scott Cawthon

Independent video game designer, developer, gamer, animator, writer, creator of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise

Tobi Lütke

Co-founder & former CEO of Shopify, software developer at the Ruby on Rails core team, programmer of Active Merchant open source library, dad, father

Garry Tan

Billionaire angel investor in Coinbase, Instacart, startups, software developer, YouTuber

Evan You

Computer programmer, web developer, software engineer, creator of Vue.js

Kent C. Dodds

Software developer, software teacher

Pieter Levels

Computer programmer, software developer, graphic designer, entrepreneur, digital nomad, founder of Hoodmaps

Taylor Otwell

PHP web developer, creator of Laravel, Lumen, Forge, Envoyer, Spark

Stephanie Harvey

Redhead professional gamer aka Stephanie Miss Harvey, CSGO, Counter Strike, video gamer, esports athlete, video game developer

Steve Troughton-Smith

Game developer

Ray Wenderlich

iOS developer, programming teacher

Scott Tolinski

React web developer, YouTuber, podcaster on Syntax

Brad Traversy

React web developer, full stack web developer, online educator, online teacher

Phil Fish

Software developer, game designer, video gamer, video game programmer, Fez

Matt Thompson

Mac developer, Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa, formerly at NSHipster

Loren Brichter

iOS developer, previously at Twitter, Apple, animal lover, dogs

Peter Steinberger

iOS developer, graphic designer, Adobe PDF developer, keynote speaker

Jack Mallers

Computer programmer, software developer, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, chess player

Jonathan Simkin

Software developer

Chris Eidhof

Programming teacher, software developer, iOS developer, Mac developer

Don Dodge

Developer Advocate at Google, angel investor, tech evangelist, entrepreneur, major tech investor

Erica Sadun

Mac developer, software developer, Swift

Ole Begemann

iOS developer, Mac developer

Stephen Grider

React web developer, React teacher, computer programmer, online courses, React educator, React and Redux

Jonathan Abrams

Founder of Nuzzel, Socializr, HotLinks and of course Friendster, software developer

Ally Sparkles

trans model, software developer

Daniel Eden

Graphic designer, web developer, creator of Animate.css, design systems lead at Facebook

Chris Pearson

Wordpress themes, Focus theme software developer

Florian Kugler

iOS developer, Mac developer, web developer

Flavio Copes

Software developer

Kevin Kwok

software developer, crypto enthusiast

Taylor Tailleur

model photographer, glamour photographer, graphic designer, web developer

Min Kim

Founder of ICON Project aka Min Ho Kim, Min Hokim, software developer

Todd Thomas

Software developer, app developer, Mac developer, iPhone developer

Dave Caplan

Software developer, co-founder of TwitterAudit, Raven.js, AngularJS

Carrie Dils

Podcaster at Office Hours, WordPress web developer, craft beer

YK Sugishita

Web developer, Python, founder of CS Dojo

Holly Schinsky

PhoneGap evangelist at Adobe, software developer, blogger

Matt McKeever

Real estate investor, real estate developer, property owner, Airbnb host, CPA, CA, chartered accountant, YouTuber

Aman Mittal

React web developer, Node.js, technical writer, open source software contributor

Daniel Eggert

Software developer, photography

Andrew Hines

Real estate developer, real estate investor

Nic Raboy

Software developer, Ionic, Angular, Java, Unity3D, NoSQL, Couchbase

Ben Evans

CEO at jClarity, software developer, Java performance tools, keynote speaker, co-author, The Well-Grounded Java Developer

Greg Schoen

PHP web developer, crypto enthusiast

Aaron Jack

YouTuber, entrepreneur, computer programmer, software developer, formerly at Uber

Shamir Karkal

Software developer at Sila

Gregory @ Dapp University

Blockchain developer, software developer

Kory Mackinnon

Real estate developer, real estate investor

Jack Chapple

Realtor, YouTuber, economist, video game developer, computer programmer

Johnny Russo

Software developer, web developer, ecommerce lead at Bentley

Obi Nwosu

CEO at Coinfloor, software developer, technology architect

Sandy MacKay

Real estate developer, real estate investor, realtor for Keller Williams Complete Realty

Andrew Chilton

Software developer, web developer, owner of

Merunas Grincalaitis

Ethereum software programmer, crypto enthusiast, smart contracts, software developer

Felix Kling

JavaScript developer, web developer, open source software

Kevin Lamping

Web developer, frontend developer, frontend engineer, QA testing, WebdriverIO

Richard Fertig

Entrepreneur, former financier, real estate developer, traveler, skiier

Alex Vazquez

Software developer, full stack developer, co-founder of CodePen, early web developer at Wufoo, programming teacher

Łukasz Holeczek

Boostrap templates, web designer, front end developer, web developer, founder of

Tim Sabat

Software developer, full stack developer, co-founder of CodePen, early web developer at Wufoo

Bogdan Fiedur

Software developer, Ethereum, Solidity, crypto enthusiast, ICO advisor

Matt Turnbull

Web developer, JavaScript developer, Node.js

Rob Break

Real estate developer, real estate investor, realtor


Senior software engineer at Hulu, software developer, teacher

Kartik Thakore

iOS developer, software developer

Brianna Wu

Video game programmer, software developer, software engineer, politician, tech feminist, motorcyclist, motorbikes

Mark Smith (web)

Front end developer, web developer, retired NHL ice hockey player

Saud Aziz

Software developer, strategy and operations manager for Revolut

Carrie Brown (realtor)

Real estate developer, golfer

Jim Semple

Computer programmer, entrepreneur, software developer, big data scientist, C# / PHP web developer, React developer, Linux/DevOps, database administrator, foodie, world traveler, animal lover, dogs

Rane Ahonen

Web developer, UX designer

Chris Kacerguis

Software developer, open source web developer, Docker

Raquel Hernandez

Software developer, iOS developer, Ruby on Rails

Zoë Quinn

Independent software developer on Depression Quest, independent video game programmer, writer, author of Crash Override, artist, video gamer, tied to GamerGate

Yang Huiyan

Billionaire heiress, owner of Country Garden Holdings, richest woman in Asia, heiress to her real estate developer father's fortune

Xander Hastings

Reality TV star on Survivor, computer programmer, app developer

William S. Vincent

Web developer, author, Python, Django

Kyle aka "Web Dev Simplified"

React developer, React educator, teacher, computer programmer


React developer, React teacher, educator

Venkat K

React web developer, React teacher, React educator, online trainer, software engineer

Vanessa King

web developer, graphic artist

Vance Lucas

PHP web developer, php DotEnv

Urs Hölzle

business manager, computer programmer, software developer

Tyler Stalder

UX designer, front-end web developer

Tyler McGinnis

React developer, React teacher, educator

Tony Simonovsky

YouTuber, streamer, entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast, blockchain developer, software developer

Tom Barrack

Real estate developer, investor, entrepreneur, founder of DigitalBridge Group, executive chairman at Colony Capital

Tinsley Mortimer

Reality TV star, heiress, her father was real estate developer George Mercer and her grandfather founded Mercer Rug in 1936

Thomas Reardon

Neuroscientist, computer programmer, co-founder and CEO of CTRL-Labs, formerly developer at Microsoft

Tea-Addicted Geek

computer programmer, software engineer, software developer, redhead, tea, vegan, kettlebells, runner, fitness junkie, NASM and am a P90X and INSANITY Certified Independent Beachbody Coach

Taylor Ivanoff

Computer programmer, software developer

Tadge Dryja

Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, blockchain developer at MIT Digital Currency Initiative

Steve Wynn

casino developer, real estate mogul, Wynn Resorts & Casinos

Sonny Sangha

Owner of Zero to Full Stack Hero, The University of Code, computer programmer aka PAPA React, software developer, YouTuber aka PapaFam, streamer of coding tutorials

Skye Bender-deMoll

Network analysis, data sciences, software developer, big data visualizations

Sindre Aarsæther

Co-Founder & CTO of Scrimba, computer programmer, front-end developer, creator of the Imba programming language

Sebastian Gil

Snapchat 4th employee, angel investor, software developer

Sean K Walker

Software developer, co-founder of Snackpass, Yale alum

Scott Guthrie

EVP of Cloud/AI at Microsoft Azure, computer programmer, web developer

Scott Granneman

Web developer, computer programmer, author, educator

Sashko Stubailo

Computer programmer, software developer, contributor at Apollo GraphQL, Meteor

Sarah Drasner

Computer programmer, software developer

Sarah Chima

Computer programmer, software engineer, chatbots, frontend web developer, technical writer, cooking recipes

Sanjay Ghemawat

Computer programmer, software developer, LevelDB

Samuel Lehner

Software developer, web designer, founder at S.a.M Productions, founder and President at besu

Samson Mow

CSO of Blockstream, marketer, entrepreneur, CEO of Pixelmatic, video game developer, creator of Infinite Fleet

Samantha Kleier Forbes

Realtor, real estate developer, Selling New York

Sai Vennam

Principle Developer Advocate for Kubernetes at AWS, formerly at IBM Cloud (Red Hat OpenShift)

Sai Gowtham

React developer, web developer, computer programmer

Sabrina Kleier Morgenstern

Realtor, real estate developer, Selling New York

Ryan Beiermeister

Data scientist, machine learning, software developer working on Gotham software at Palantir

Robin Wieruch

React programmer, React software engineer, React web developer, educator, teacher, computer programmer

Richard Feldman

React web developer, keynote speaker, computer programmer, functional programming, author of Elm in Action

Rachel Constantinidis

Web developer and co-founder at Entropy, computer programmer

Peter Sussman

Software developer, Ethereum trader, crypto enthusiast

Peter Ekene Eze

React developer, React teacher, educator, React Hooks

Pedro Nauck

Creator of Docz open source documenation software, web developer

Patrick O'Dacre

Software developer, computer programmer, PHP web developer, Laravel PHP developer

Patricia Logan

Salesperson, marketer, real estate developer, Operation Varsity Blues

Patel Hemil

React teacher, educator, React web developer, computer programmer

Pandu Nayak

Head of Google Search Rankings, computer programmer, software developer, formerly at NASA

Nile Niami

Real estate developer, owner of the THE ONE, the worlds largest house at 105 thousand square feet

Nigel Carley

Property developer, luxury traveler

Nick Pritzker

Billionaire, real estate developer, entrepreneur, chairman and CEO of the Hyatt Development, heir to family fortune that sold Conwood to Reynolds American, co-founder of Clean Energy Trust

Shaun the "Net Ninja"

React developer, React teacher, educator, computer programmer

Narayan Prusty

web developer, Javascript, Blockchain

Mosh Hamedani

Software engineer, computer programmer, React programmer, React developer, web developer, full stack developer, React teacher, educator

Morana Magzan

Runner, athlete, traveler, Muay Thai kickboxing, mom, MILF, blonde, busty, graphic designer, web developer

Monte Ohrt

Computer programmer, PHP web developer, founder of Smarty templates,, Smarty Tools

Mohamed Hadid

Real estate developer

Mike Prince

Founder of ActiveComply, software developer, market research

Mike Meldman

Real estate developer, luxury property developer of luxury properties, founder, chairman & CEO of Discovery Land Company, co-founder of Casamigos

Mike Hearn

Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, chypherpunk cryptographer, software developer, former Bitcoin developer at Bitcoin Core, Bitcoinj, former software engineer at Google

Michel Weststrate

Software developer, software engineer, founder of MobX, open source software, speaker

Michael Nygard

Software developer, author, Release It!, software capacity planning

Michael Clear

Computer programmer for Allied Irish Banks, crypto enthusiast, computer scientist, early Bitcoin core developer

Michael C Prince

software developer, market researcher

Maximilian Schwarzmüller

Computer programmer, React educator, React teacher, online instructor, React web developer, JavaScript teacher

Matt Varughese

CEO at 8020, no-code educator, teacher, podcaster at Visual Developers Podcast

Matt Flannery

Software developer, computer programmer, founder of Kiva

Mathieu Comandon

Founder of Lutris gaming platform, entrepreneuer, Linux, Python software developer

Markus Triska

Software developer, functional programming,

Mark Erikson

Software engineer at Northrop Grumman, React software developer, computer programmer, React teacher, Redux maintainer, educator, gamer

Marianne Borowiak

Frontend web developer

Marc Merrill

game developer, co-founder of Riot Games

Leonardo Maldonado

React software developers, computer programmer at Namecheap, author of 33 JavaScript Concepts

Leigh Drogan

Software developer at Stocktwits, programmer, crypto enthusiast, general partner and CIO at Starkiller Capital, founder and CEO of Estimize, surfing, hockey

Lee McPherson

Land developer, investor, wealth management

Larry Silverstein

Real estate mogul, real estate developer

Lance Gilman

Real estate developer

Lacey Kesler

Nucode teacher, educator, graphic designer, computer programmer, podcaster at Visual Developers Podcast, mom

Kyle Prinsloo

Full stack web developer, online educator, online teacher

Kumar Harsh

Frontend web developer, UI at Flipkart, founder of Playlyfe

Kirk Kerkorian

Casino developer, billionaire, real estate mogul, entrepreneur, founder of Tracinda Corporation which owned 16% of MGM Resorts International

Kirill Eremenko

Software developer, computer programmer, AI software, machine learning, data sciences, educator

Keshia Brian

Animator, motion designer, graphic designer, web designer, web developer, BLM activist

Kelley Rose

Software developer, React web developer

Keith Thompson

Principal Training Architect at A Cloud Guru, founder of CoderJourney, React developer, React teacher, educator, computer programmer, software engineer

Josh Morony

iOS game developer

Josh Long

Web developer, author

Joseph Eichler

real estate developer

Jonathan Bootle

Cryptographer, software developer, computer programmer

John Matze

Founder and former CEO of Parler, iOS developer, computer programmer

Joe Workman

Founder of Foundation CSS web framework, web designer, software developer, computer programmer, dad, father of 3

Joe Haddad

JavaScript web developer, React developer, computer programmer, creator of "Create React App"

Jingcao Hu

Computer programmer, software developer, DeepRank search

Jeffrey Soffer

Real estate developer, billionaire, husband to Elle Macpherson

Jeff Wybo

Realtor, real estate investor, real estate developer, entrepreneur

Jeff Dean

Head of Google AI, computer programmer, software developer, LevelDB, author of Google Brain

Jay Kreps

Co-founder of Confluent, entrepreneur, software developer, computer, programmer, pioneer of Kappa infrastructure for streaming data pipelines

Jason Miller (programmer)

Creator of Preact.js, computer programmer, software developer

Jason Lengstorf

VP of Developer Experience, React software developer, computer programmer, React teacher, educator, blogger at Learn With Jason

Jarred Sumner

Game developer, computer programmer, formerly at Stripe

Jarod Steffes

Web developer, computer programmer, branding, entrepreneur, partner at Muddy Bites

Jared Palmer

Founder and CTO of Turborepo, software engineer, computer programmer, React web developer

Jared Kushner

Real estate investor, real estate developer, newspaper publisher, spouse to Ivanka Trump, senior advisor to US President Donald Trump, father donated $2.5 million to Harvard University

Jared Davidson

iOS programmer, software developer, mobile developer

Jamie Wright

Lead developer at Juvet, computer programmer, podcaster at The Standup

Jakob Jenkov

Web developer, Java software engineer

Jake Song

CEO of XLGAMES, formerly at Nexon, game developer, computer programmer

Jake Sarjeant

Web designer, graphic designer, web developer

Ilya Grigorik

web developer, computer programmer, author of High Performance Browser Networking

Igor Galochkin

Gaming studio, game developer

Holden Karau

Open Source Engineer at Netflix, software developer, computer programmer, transgender

Greg Maxwell

crypto enthusiast, computer scientist, early Bitcoin core developer

Gabor Herget

Entrepreneur, founder of Ranorex, computer programmer, software developer

Jeff Delaney ("Fireship")

YouTuber aka Fireship, streamer, educator, Angular, Firebase, Python developer, JavaScript web developer, computer programmer, ASP.NET tutorials, tech stacks, sailing

Erika Heidi

Senior Developer Advocate at Sourcegraph, web designer, web developer

Eric Hughes

Cypherpunk, cryptographer, early software developer of Bitcoin

Eran Raskansky

Computer programmer, software developer, full stack developer, fullstack developer

Eran Amrani

React web developer, React teacher, React educator, fullstack developer, full stack web developer, computer programmer

Eli Broad

Billionaire, real estate developer, founder of KB Home, SunAmerica

Drew Hynes

DevOps engineer, software developer, software engineer, computer programmer, hockey fan, hockey stats, hockey statistics, hockey statistician

Don Hansen aka Don the Developer

Software developer aka Don Hansen, computer programmer, career coaching, YouTuber, streamer

Dominik Dzienia

Software developer, computer programmer, QR codes

Dmitri Pavlutin

Frontend web developer, technical writer, React web developer, computer programmer, React educator, online trainer

Dev Ed

Web developer, computer programmer, React programming teacher, educator, YouTuber

Dave Redfern

Web designer, frontend developer, Internet marketer, computer programmer

Dave Gray

Computer programmer, owner of Proven Winners, software developer, educator, programming teacher

Darrin Lythgoe

Computer programmer, geneaology software developer, founder of TNG Site Building, The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (“TNG”)

Darko Vranich

Real estate developer, property owner, hotel owner, commercial real estate investor

Craig Federighi

Software developer, chief software architect

Con Kolivas

Programmer, software developer, creator of CGminer Bitcoin mining software

CJ aka "Coding Garden"

Computer programmer, React web developer, Twitch streamer, YouTuber

Code Realm

Computer programmer, React web developer, React developer, React teacher, educator

Code Explained

JavaScript web developer, React teacher, educator

Christian Nwamba

JavaScript developer, web developer, computer programmer

Christian Lück

PHP web developer, software programmer, maintainer of ReactPHP

Chris Sky

Real estate developer at SkyHomes, co-founder of POD Education, activist, fashion designer at Enchantress Designs, bodybuilder, fitness junkie, tattoos, author of Just Say No

Charlie Gerard

Front end developer at Netlify, JavaScript developer, React developer, React web developer, keynote speaker

Charles Kushner

Real estate investor, real estate developer

Chad Tiffin

Web developer, UX design

Cassidy Williams

Software developer, computer programmer

Burr Sutter

Developer advocate for DevOps, developer relations (devrel), technical salesperson

Brianna McGowan

Entrepreneur, CTO at Delicious Democracy, web developer, poet, data scientist, actvisit, modern dancer

Brian Page

Real estate developer, real estate entrepreneur, Airbnb host, realtor, property owner, online marketer, webinars

Brenda Nicole Tan

Graphic designer, web developer

Brandon Beck

game developer, co-founder of Riot Games

Braedon Gough

Computer programmer, React web developer, TypeScript educator

Brad Schiff

React web developer, React software developer, computer programmer, YouTuber, streamer, educator

Bo Andersen

PHP web developer

Bettina Warburg

Co-founder of Animal Ventures, keynote speaker, blockchain software developer, crypto enthusiast

Ben Parker

Teacher, educator, podcaster on Visual Developers Podcast

Barreca Ludovic

Computer programmer, software developer

Asian Joe

Webmaster, web developer, programmer

Arturo D'Elia

Linux programmer, software developer, CTO at Finmeccanica

Anthony Sistilli

React web developer, React educator, React teacher, computer programmer, YouTuber

Andy Sterkowitz

Software developer, former car salesman

Andrew H Farmer

Computer programmer, frontend web developer, coffee, animal lover, cooking recipes

Andrew Boon

Software developer, web developer, founder at UNA, BoonEx

Anant Kumar Singh

Computer programmer, React programmer, React developer

Amy Goldman Fowler

Heirlooms gardener aka Amy Goldman Fowler, father was real estate developer Sol Goldman who owned 1900 properties, botanist, artist, philanthropist, billionaire heiress of real estate

Alexander Gureev

PHP web developer

Alex Yates (programmer)

DevOps programmer, computer programmer, software developer

Alex White (programmer)

Software developer, computer programmer, digital nomad, life coach

Alex Wade

Computer programmer, software developer, VP Software at SCI Resource Software

AJ Savino

web developer, computer programmer, creator of Overlay.js

Addy Osmani

Java developer, web developer, service workers

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