Katy Perry

Singer, angel investor, married to Orlando Bloom, mom

Bill Gates

Billionaire, philanthropist, founder of Microsoft Windows, investor, Serene

Serena Williams

Professional tennis player, Serena has won 23 Grand Slam titles and the second-most in women's history, mom, younger sister to Venus Williams, speaks French, angel investor

Ashton Kutcher

Actor, model, married to Mila Kunis, angel investor, venture capitalist, co-founder of Sound Ventures

Richard Branson

Billionaire founder of Virgin brands, author of Losing My Virginity, entrepreneur, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Radio, Virgin Records, Bitcoin investor, crypto, owner of Necker Island

Mark Cuban

Billionaire financier, super angel investor, outspoken basketball owner of the Dallas Mavericks, recurring TV host of Shark Tank, creator of Cyber Dust

Alan Sugar

Entrepreneur, investor aka Lord Sugar, Amscreen

Kinsey Wolanski

Stuntwoman, helicopter pilot, real estate investor, blonde bikini model, very busty, booty, fitness junkie, fashion designer

Eric Trump

Entrepreneur, real estate investor, politician, son of Donald Trump

Timothy Ferriss

Bestselling author aka Timothy Ferriss, The 4 Hour Workweek, entrepreneur, angel investor, podcaster, The Tim Ferriss Show

Robert Kiyosaki

Author, Rich Dad Poor Dad, realtor, real estate investor, entrepreneur

Lori Greiner

Angel investor, The Queen of QVC, TV host on Shark Tank, inventor, entrepreneur, bestselling author

Chris Sacca

Super angel investor, billionaire, democrat, venture capitalist, Shark Tank

Marissa Mayer

Billionaire, co-founder of Sunshine (Lumi Labs), former CEO at Yahoo!, formerly Product Development Lead at Google, super angel investor

Kevin Rose

Founder of Digg, Revision3, Pownce, Milk, now Hodinkee a wristwatch & wearables news blog, super angel investor at Google Ventures, world traveler

Warren Buffett

Billionaire investor, financier, founder of Berkshire Hathaway, the Sage of Omaha is highly touted as the most successful investor ever

Om Malik

entrepreneur, founder of GigaOm, venture capitalist, investor, general partner at True Ventures

Kevin O'Leary

Billionaire, investor, TV host on Shark Tank, formerly on Dragons Den, wine lover, co-founded educational SoftKey Software Products which sold to Mattel

Paul Graham

Super angel investor, eLearning, social commerce, founder of Viaweb

Alexis Ohanian

Co-founder of Reddit, entrepreneur aka Alex Ohanian, billionaire, venture capitalist, angel investor at Initialized Capital

Steve Case

Co-founder of AOL, investor at Revolution, Exclusive Resorts, founder of Case Foundation

Marc Andreessen

Super angel investor aka Marc Andressen, venture capitalist, co-founder of Netscape, Ning, inventor and co-author of Mosaic the first Internet browser

Barbara Corcoran

TV host on Shark Tank, angel investor, entrepreneur, founder of The Corcoran Group, sold her real estate firm in 1991

Sam Altman

Computer programmer, entrepreneur, angel investor, podcaster at How to Start a Startup, founder of ChatGPT, Loopt, CEO of OpenAI, former president at Y Combinator

Tai Lopez

Founder of BuzzBear, TAL Promotions, co-founder of MentorBox book clubs, financial planner, CFP, internet marketer, life coach, dating coach, angel investor, entrepreneur, luxury cars, crypto

Fred Wilson

Venture capitalist at Union Square Ventures, Flatiron Partners, investor, financier

Roger Ver

Bitcoin investor, Bitcoin evangelist, billionaire, crypto enthusiast, angel investor, known as Bitcoin Jesus

Chris Dixon

Angel investor, partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Reid Hoffman

Super angel investor at Greylock Partners, billionaire, author of Masters of Scale, co-founder and chairman of LinkedIn, formerly at PayPal Mafia and SocialNet

Vinod Khosla

Investor, founder of Khosla Ventures

Ben Horowitz

Co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, angel investor, venture capitalist, author of The Hard Thing About Hard Things, What You Do Is Who You Are

Nouriel Roubini

Global economist, warned of US housing market crisis, crypto enthusiast, investor in water technology

Dave Morin

Angel investor, entrepreneur, founder of Path, hardware infrastructure, Bitcoin enthusiast, beverages, sports ventures, agribusiness

Dave McClure

Founder at 500 Startups, angel investor

Jessica Verrilli

Angel investor, venture capitalist, marketer, former strategy head at Twitter, marathon runner

Mark Suster

Angel investor, venture capitalist, financier, entrepreneur, sold to Salesforce

Jason Calacanis

Super angel investor at Launch.co, web analytics, search engines, founder of Open Angel Forum, podcaster, This Week in Startups, author of Angel, serial entrepreneur, podcaster at All-In Podcast

John Doerr

investor at Kleiner Perkins, co-founder of @Home Internet, Silicon Compilers

Scott Gottlieb

CEO of Cell Biotherapy

Benedict Evans

Angel investor, tech blogger, writer

James Altucher

Entrepreneur, angel investor, hedge fund manager, writer, bestselling author of Think Like A Billionaire, podcaster

Georges Laraque

Retired former NHL hockey player, angel investor, entrepreneur, co-owner of RISE Kombucha

Peter Schiff

Economist, financier, writer, author of Crash Proof, The Real Crash, financial advisor, goldbug, broker, investor, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, podcaster on The Peter Schiff Podcast

Hiten Shah

Online marketer, angel investor, entrepreneur, founder of FYI, Crazy Egg, Product Habits, KISSmetrics, Quick Sprout

Max Levchin

Serial entrepreneur, co-founder of PayPal, Slide, Affirm, former VP of Engineering at Google, angel investor, co-founder of Yelp

Whale Panda

Angel investor, Bitcoin investor, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Hunter Walk

Angel investor, venture capitalist, software engineer, co-founder of Homebrew Management

Peter Thiel

Billionaire, super angel investor, co-founder of Palantir, PayPal, Founders Fund, early investor in Facebook, author of Zero to One, chess player

Tuur Demeester

economist, Bitcoin investor, crypto enthusiast

Dr. David A. Sinclair, PhD

Harvard professor, researcher, anti aging, longevity researcher, doctor, blood tests, entrepreneur, angel investor, bestselling author of Lifespan book

Bobbi Billard

Glamour model, huge enhanced breasts, interior designer, real estate investor, actress, WWE diva

Barry Silbert

Bitcoin investor, crypto enthusiast, billionaire, founder of SecondMarket, chairman of Digital Currency Group

Tom Ferry

Podcaster, speaker, real estate investor, real estate coach, real estate online coach, life coach

Tone Vays

Bitcoin investor, crypto enthusiast, futures trader, derivatives trader, former trader at Bear Sterns, former VP at JPMorgan Chase

Balaji S. Srinivasan

Angel investor, entrepreneur, co-founder at Counsyl, FinitePaths

Chevy Chase

Actor, comedian, screenwriter, investor, co-founder of WeddingWire, dad, father

Kim Kiyosaki

Speaker, investor, entrepreneur, author, Rich Woman

Keith Rabois

Super angel investor, Khosla Investments, Y Ventures, billionaire, entrepreneur, sports, eLearning, PayPal Mafia, LinkedIn, marketplaces

Tony Fadell

Angel investor, engineer, co-founder of Nest Labs, formerly at Apple, co-inventor of the iPhone

David Cohen

Angel investor, founder of TechStars

Andrew Chen

Angel investor, startups, formerly growth at Uber, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Graham Stephan

Realtor, real estate investor

Ryan Hoover

Founder of Product Hunt, investor at Weekend Fund

Josh Kopelman

venture capitalist, investor

Mike Novogratz

Billionaire, ex-hedge fund manager, human rights activist, Bitcoin evangelist, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast, CryptoKitties, investor in FTX

Caterina Fake

Co-founder of Flickr, Hunch, angel investor

Gurbaksh Chahal

Entrepreneur, author of The Dream, keynote speaker, investor, founder of BlueLithium

Hotep Jesus

Tech angel investor, crypto enthusiast, marketer, author of Dominate Twitter

Matt Mullenweg

Founder of WordPress, Automattic, angel investor

Raoul Pal

Stock trader, day trader, Founder and CEO of Real Vision Group, Global Macro Investor

John Boitnott

Journalist, writer at Entrepreneur Media, Inc.com and Readwrite.com, digltal marketing consultant, investor

Garry Tan

Billionaire angel investor in Coinbase, Instacart, startups, software developer, YouTuber



Jeff Clavier

Super angel investor, hardware infrastructure, mobile, e-commerce, venture capitalist at Uncork Capital, formerly at SoftTech VC, Reuters Greenhouse Fund

Shervin Pishevar

Angel investor, ACME Capital, Sherpa Foundry

Scott Belsky

Angel investor, founder of Behance, CPO at Adobe, graphic designer, author of Making Ideas Happen, The Messy Middle


Bitcoin investor, co-founder CoinDesk

Pete Cashmore

Founder of Mashable, angel investor

Justin Kan

Entrepeneur, founder of Atrium legal services app, podcaster at The Quest Podcast, co-founder of Justin.TV, Kiko, Twitch, angel investor at Y Combinator, ATVs, dirtbikes, offroading

David Newman

Luxury realtor, luxury real estate investor

Wilbur Ross

Billionaire, investor, financier, US Secretary of Commerce

Jason Stein

Entrepreneur, founder of 247LS, advertiser, marketer, investor, partner at WindForce Ventures

Spencer Rascoff

Angel investor, entrepreneur, co-founder of Hotwire, co-founder and former CEO of Zillow Group, board member of TripAdvisor, Hutch

Mike Volpe

CMO marketer, co-founder of HubSpot, angel investor, startups advisor, OperatorVC

Marc Pincus

Angel investor, founder of Zynga

Eileen Burbidge

Venture capitalist, investor aka Eileen Tso, Eileen Broch

Jason Lemkin

Angel investor, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, founder of SaaStr, sold EchoSign that is now Adobe Document Cloud

Whitney Johnson

Author, Disrupt Yourself, public speaker, investor

Arlan Hamilton

Venture capitalist, angel investor

David Hornik

angel investor

Stig Brodersen

Value investor, business owner, international bestselling author

Trace Mayer

Bitcoin evangelist, angel investor, podcaster, crypto enthusiast

Semil Shah

Angel investor, seed-stage investing, seed funding, founder of Haystack

Josh Wolfe

Investor, co-founder of Lux Capital

Brock Pierce

Futurist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, economist, chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, politician, crypto investor, co-founder of EOS Alliance, Block.one, Tether, Blockchain Capital, Mastercoin

Michele Romanow

Founder of ClearBanc (Clearco) aka Michelle Romanow, angel investor, TV host on Dragon's Den, entrepreneur, founder of SnapSaves which sold to Groupon, financier, venture capitalist

David Lee

Super angel investor, consumer internet, big data, web analytics, e-commerce

Jeff Morris Jr.

Angel investor, founder at Chapter One, formerly VP Product & Revenue at Tinder

Megan Quinn

General partner at Spark Capital, investor, venture capitalist, formerly at Kleiner Perkins

Mike Maples

entrepreneur, angel investor

Roelof Botha

CFO of the PayPal Mafia, investor, venture capitalist at Sequoia Capital

Brian Norgard

CPO at Tinder, angel investor

Andrei Jikh

YouTuber aka Magic of Finance, investor, investing, personal finance educator, Bitcoin enthusiast, crypto enthusiast

Aydin Senkut

Super angel investor, healthcare, 3D printing

George Zachary

angel investor

Ryan Allis

Managing director at HeartRithm, angel investor, co-founder of iContact, Hive Global, writer at Coinstack, formerly Connect.com, author of Zero to One Million

Kevin Pereira

investor, muckraker, environmentalist, founder of Attack Media

Nick Hanauer

Multimillionaire, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, investor, Pitchfork Economics, founder of aQuantive that sold to Microsoft

Elad Gil

Angel investor, entrepreneur

Steve Schlafman

Founder coach aka Steven Schlafman, leadership, life coach, business coach, angel investor

Satya Patel

Angel investor, venture capitalist, partner at Homebrew

Rob Go

Angel investor

Julia Abenes

Glamour model, huge enhanced breasts, personal trainer, entrepreneur, investor

Marc Cohodes

Investor, short seller

Alessio Rastani

Stock trader, forex trader, stocks investing, speaker, crypto investor

John Hempton

Investor, short seller

Garrett Camp

Billionaire, investor, entrepreneur, founder of StumpleUpon, co-founder of Reserve, former chairman and co-founder of Uber

Daniel Alonzo

Wealth expert, investor, speaker

Tony Conrad

Angel investor, founder of About.me and Sphere, partner at True Ventures

Meet Kevin

Realtor, real estate investor, YouTuber


angel investor, co-founder at Foursquare

Charles Hudson

Angel investor, founder and Managing Partner at Precursor Ventures

Jeff Jordan

Angel investor

Daniel Gross

Founder of Pioneer, angel investor, founder of Cue

Eric Paley

Angel investor, managing partner at Founder Collective

Adam Draper

Angel investor, crypto enthusiast, scifi, son of Tim Draper

Ryan Graves

Billionaire, entrepreneur, board member and former SVP Operations at Uber, angel investor

David Cowan

angel investor, partner at Bessemer Venture Partners

Stephan Livera

Podcaster at the Stephan Livera Podcast, co-founder of Ministry of Nodes, investor, partner at Bitcoiner Ventures, venture capitalist, financier, crypto enthusiast

Steve Jurvetson

Investor, venture capitalist, founder of Future Ventures, general partner at Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ)

Mike Koenings

Podcaster, investor, Forbes writer, business development, marketer, serial entrepreneur, filmmaker, speaker, author, product manager, investor

Nomi Prins

Investigative journalist, stock trader, financier, investor, former Wall Street trader, author of Collusion

Jeremy Liew

Venture capitalist, investor, partner at Lightspeed

Calvin Ayre

Venture capitalist, founder of the Ayre Group, Bodog, CoinGeek, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin SV investor, poker player, poker news reporter

Kirsten Green

Investor at Forerunner Ventures

Kent Goldman

angel investor, venture capitalist

Don Dodge

Developer Advocate at Google, angel investor, tech evangelist, entrepreneur, major tech investor

Rich Miner

venture capitalist, investor, entrepreneur, inventor, co-founder of Android, Wildfire

Bilal Zuberi

Investor, partner at Lux Capital

David Krane

Venture capitalist at Google Ventures, investor

Jeff Bishop

Stock trader, options trader, day trader, investor, co-founder of Raging Bull

Kanyi Maqubela

Angel investor

Shivon Zilis

Venture capitalist, big data, tech investor, athletics

Gina Bianchini

Founder of Lean In, angel investor, entrepreneur, founder & CEO of Mighty Networks, co-founder of Ning

Brian Lee

Serial entrepreneur, angel investor, co-founder of LegalZoom, ShoeDazzle, The Honest Company, Chopped

Matt Mazzeo

Angel investor, partner at Lowercase Capital

Sarah Kunst

angel investor, philanthropist, contributing editor at Marie Claire

Lee Hower

Angel investor, co-founder and general partner of NextView Ventures

Jim Goetz

Venture capitalist at Sequoia Capital, angel investor

J. Massey

Real estate investor, Airbnb host, short term rentals, YouTuber, wholesaler

Rob Hayes

angel investor

Ethan Kurzweil

Angel investor

Matt Turck

Investor, venture capitalist, dad, tech evangelist

Jerry Norton

Realtor, real estate investor, wholesaler, real estate broker

Boris Wertz

Co-founder & COO at AbeBooks.com which sold to Amazon, angel investor at Version One, Andreessen Horowitz, dad, soccer, traveler, foodie

Geoff Lewis

Angel investor, general partner at Founders Fund, Bedrock Capital

Jim Breyer

Venture capitalist, founder of Breyer Capital, angel investor

Peter Chernin

Angel investor, venture capitalist, chairman and CEO of The Chernin Group

Rich P Wong

venture capitalist, investor

Kiana Danial

YouTuber, investing advice, crypto investor aka Invest Diva, Kiana Daniel, stock trader, crypto enthusiast, author, very busty brunette, mompreneur, skier, skiing

Kat Manalac

Investor, parter at Y Combinator

Brad Mills

Bitcoin enthusiast, altcoins, angel investor, fonomic analyst, founder of Alphabit, Slightly Social

David S Rose

Founder & CEO of Gust, angel investor, entrepreneur, venture capitalist

Rebecca Kaden

Venture capitalist, investor

Michael Parekh

Tech investor, entrepreneur, marketer, market researcher at Goldman Sachs

Benjamin Ling

Super angel investor, greentech, social media, mobile, big data, formerly YouTube, Google, Facebook, fitness junkie


Singer of U2, Kingdom Come

Jessica Jackley

Founder of Kiva, entrepreneur, ProFounder, angel investor, keynote speaker

Mike Rosehart

Real estate investor, online marketer, podcaster, YouTuber, The FIRE Movement, early retirement writer

Liz Eswein

Angel investor, business advisor, entrepreneur, co-founder of Cycle

Kyle Dennis

stock trader, biotech investor

Zak Kukoff

Angel investor at Emergence Capital, seed funding

Laurel Touby

Angel investor, founder of MediaBistro, co-author, Your Band Sucks, virtual reality, VR obsessed

Steph Palmeri

venture capitalist, investor

Ted Rheingold

Angel investor, founder of Dogster, Catster, former COO of Tala

Brin Amberlee

Brunette lingerie model, slim, petite, inked model, tattoo model, body tattoos, enhanced breasts, real estate investor

Slava Rubin

Co-founder of Indigogo, crowdfunding, angel investor, founder at Humbition

James Currier

investor, venture capitalist, product designer, dad

Gil Penchina

Super angel investor, former CEO of Wikia

Jonathon Triest

Angel investor, venture capitalist

Ajay Agarwal

Venture capitalist, angel investor, general partner at Bain Capital

Zack Bogue

Lawyer, angel investor, dad, twins, husband to Marissa Mayer

Michael Katchen

Co-founder and CEO of Wealthsimple, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, investor, director at 1000memories (Ancestry.com), former business analyst at McKinsey & Company

Alan Farley

Investor aka The Master Swing Trader

Rick Rule

Billionaire, investor, financier, macro economist, goldbug, President and CEO of Sprott US Holdings Inc.

Brian Singerman

angel investor, general partner at Founders Fund

Julie Hanna

Investor, chairwoman of the board of Kiva

Peter Hebert

Venture capitalist, investor, entrepreneur

Bryan Schreier

angel investor

Keith Wasserman

Co-founder of Gelt, Domuso, angel investor, seed funding

Kevin Colleran

Angel investor, early Facebook employee, major tech investor

Toby Coppel

Investor, venture capitalist

Aaref Hilaly

entrepreneur, angel investor

Jeffrey Eisenberg

Internet marketer, digital marketer, online marketer, CRO expert, conversion rate optimizations, bestselling author, speaker, angel investor

Sunil Sharma

Angel investor, Extreme Venture Partners, managing director of Techstars

Matt McKeever

Real estate investor, real estate developer, property owner, Airbnb host, CPA, CA, chartered accountant, YouTuber

Jim Dahle

Emergency physician, ER physician, investor aka The White Coat Investor

Brian Alvey

Programmer, entrepreneur, co-founder of Weblogs, Recurrency, angel investor, serial entrepreneur

Mark Hopkins

Futurist, investor

Nicole Quinn

Venture capitalist, investor

JJ Buckner

Real estate investor, investing, stocks, stock trader, YouTuber, craft beer

Fabian Thylmann

Angel investor in Frontback, Giant Swarm, and Cannamedical, dad, founder of Manwin that is now MindGeek, managing partner of SN-Invests

Matthew Huo

Investing, stock trader, market researcher, investor, YouTuber

Hartej Sawhney

Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, investor at Pink Sky Group, marketer, founder at Hosho, Zokyo

Zach Coelius

Angel investor, syndicate leader for the GM Cruze acquisition, founder of Triggit

Andrew Hines

Real estate developer, real estate investor

Simon Levene

Investor, venture capitalist

Whitney Tilson

Value investor, writer, founder and CEO at Empire Financial Research, former hedge fund manager, journalist, newsletter publisher, author of The Art of Value Investing, philanthropist, father, dad

Swati M

Investor, entrepreneur, married to Matt Rogers of Nest Labs

Emily Kirsch

Entrepreneur, startup advisor, angel investor, solar panels, co-founder and CEO of Powerhouse

Cedric Dahl

crypto investor

Karl Jacob

Founder & CEO, Hangtime, Coveroo, angel investor, kiteboarder, car enthusiast

Jordan Greenhall

Angel investor, podcaster aka Jordan Hall, founder of DivX, CEO of Neurohacker Collective

Robert Leshner

Founder of Compound Finance, investor, general partner at Robot Ventures

Evan Moore

Angel investor aka Evan Charles Moore, startups, co-founder of DoorDash

Adam Goulburn


Tim Connors

Angel investor, venture capitalist

Jordan Campagnaro

Realtor, real estate investor, podcaster, 30 Minutes to Wealth, TV host, YouTuber

Kory Mackinnon

Real estate developer, real estate investor

Ben Narasin

Venture capitalist, angel investor, seed funding, freelance writer

Brian Ascher

Investor, board of directors for many tech companies

Vedika Jain

Angel investor, formerly at Stripe, TrueLayer, Kalaari Capital

Stonly Baptiste

Angel investor, venture capitalist, seed funding

Roger McNamee

Venture capitalist, angel investor, musician, author of Zucked, early Facebook investor

Brett deMarrais

Angel investor, venture capitalist

Monika Jazyk

Real estate investor aka Monica Jazyk, mom

Ameet Shah

Angel investor, co-founder at Five Mobile, director at Zynga

Bart Dessaint

Investor, venture capitalist

Diana House

Property manager, realtor, founder of Cole + Parker, Tiny Devotions, Church Jewelery, ADJ Holdings, mala beads, angel investor, entrepeneur, keynote speaker

Sandy MacKay

Real estate developer, real estate investor, realtor for Keller Williams Complete Realty

Bertrand Diard

Angel investor, crypto enthusiast, serial entrepreneur, CEO & co-founder of Talend

Jeffery Woods

Real estate investor, Jeffrey Woods Coaching, online business coach, wealth coach, life coach

Elaine Kunda

Angel investor, venture capitalist, founder of Disruption Ventures

Sonia Strimban

Business strategy, angel investor, manager of new ventures at MaRS

Erin Lenhardt

Co-founder of Parsnip, investor, entrepreneur

Gillian Munson


Blair Hull

Multimillionaire, investor, quant, stock trader, founder who sold Hull Trading Company to Goldman Sachs

Dale Gillham

Investor, stock trader

John Ives

Angel investor, venture capitalist

Chris Glaze

Investing, stock trader, market researcher, EV investor

Ron Burkle

Angel investor, Yucaipa Companies, billionaire, co-owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins

Brandon M Dawson

Investor, financier, entrepreneur, co-founder of Cardone Ventures

Tom Egan

Investor, principle at LaunchCapital

Joby Weeks

Bitcoin evangelist, Bitcoin miner, Bitcoin investor

Ron Baron

Billionaire, financier, buy and hold investor, value investor, growth investor

Rob Break

Real estate developer, real estate investor, realtor

Alan Brochstein

Founder of New Cannabis Ventures, 420 Investor, stock trader, cannabis investor, CFA, certified financial advisor

Stan Kroenke

Billionaire, real estate investor, land owner, he owns the LA Rams, the Arsenal FC, the Colorado Rapids, and the Colorado Mammoth sports franchises

Jeff House

Realtor at The House Group, investor, entrepreneur, co-founder of Cole + Parker

Will Whitehorn

Investor, business executive, formerly with Clyde Space

Damian Langere

Co-founder of Domuso, Gelt, entrepreneur, angel investor

Daniel Robichaud

Founder of PasswordBox, entrepreneur, angel investor

Brian Tycangco

Investor, investments, business analyst, dad, swimming

Carleton H. Sheets

Real estate investor, educator

Camilla Mazzolini

Investor associate at firstminute Capital

Bert Amato

Angel investor

Neil Shen

Billionaire, investor, venture capitalist

Rebekah Mercer

Political commentator, politics, heiress of Renaissance Technologies, politician, investor in Parler

Martin Gibson

Venture capitalist, investor

Vladimir Renda

crypto investor, crypto enthusiast

Lisa Richardson

VP of Technology Architecture, investor

Kellan Paniccia

Real estate investor, realtor

Zoya Khan

Co-founder and CEO of AfterWork, venture capitalist, investor

Zhen Zhang


Yves Weisselberger

Angel investor, crypto enthusiast

Yuri Milner

Venture capitalist, general partner at DST Global, co-founder of Mail.ru, early investor in Facebook and Twitter

Young Guo


Yi Cao


YB Choi

Investor in

Xiaojun Li


Xiao Ping Xu


Xiang Gao


William E. Quigley

Co-founder of WAX.io, co-founder of Tether, crypto enthusiast, blockchain investor, director at Magnetic

William Bao Bean

Angel investor, General Partner at SOSV and the Managing Director of Chinaccelerator

Will Quist

Investor, partner at Slow Ventures

Wichai Thongtang

Lawyer, attorney, billionaire, Chairman of Cable Thai Holding PLC and a major investor (around 15% stake) in Dusit Medical

Wallstreet Trapper

stocks investing, investors

Vip Sandhir

Angel investor

Vinod Gupta

Businessman, investor, philanthropist, chairman and CEO of infoUSA/infoGroup

Viktor Mangazeev

Co-founder of Maps.me, entrepreneur, tech investor, crypto enthusiast

Trevor Koverko

angel investor, blockchain evangelist, CEO at Polymath

Tonye Cole

Investor, founder of the Sahara Group

Tony Florence


Tom Lee

Managing Partner at Fundstrat Global Advisors, head researcher, Bitcoin investor, financial advisor, crypto enthusiast

Tom Hicks

Private equity investor, financier, multimillionaire to the tune of $700 million

Tom Conrad

Angel investor

Tom Barrack

Real estate developer, investor, entrepreneur, founder of DigitalBridge Group, executive chairman at Colony Capital

Todd Jackson

Angel investor

Thomas Van Hare

Director of Investor Relations

Thomas Studd

Venture capitalist, asset investor, principal at Vitruvian Partners

Thomas Birch

Investor, co-chair at CDPQ, asset manager at Reseau Capital

Theresia Gouw


Tevfik Arif

Investor, co-founder of Bayrock Group

Ted Turner

Founder of CNN, land owner, acreage, real estate investor

Ted Schlein


Suhail Rizvi

Billionaire, venture capitalist, investor, founder of Rizvi Traverse Management

Steven Roth

Commercial real estate investor, businessman, financier, business partner of Donald Trump

Steven Ji

Billionaire investor, entrepreneur, sold ele.me to Alibaba

Steven Franklin

Investor fund lawyer

Steve Nasiri

Angel investor

Steve Eisman


Steve Blank

Angel investor

Steve Baxter

Angel investor on Shark Tank Australia, reality TV star, entrepreneur

Steve Anderson


Stephen Adams

Investor, owner of Good Sam Enterprises, which also owns Camping World, Adams Outdoor Advertising

Stefan Soloviev

Real estate investor, land owner

Stanley Druckenmiller

Economist, legendary investor, billionaire philanthropist, hedge fund manager of the Duquesne Family Office, former portfolio manager of Quantum Fund

Stacey Zegers

Realtor, real estate investor, singer, musician

Spiros Margaris

Futurist, venture capitalist, fintech investor

Sonali De Rycker


Snita Balsara

Investor, investment manager at MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund

Sir John Hegarty

advertising executive, angel investor

Simon Blakey

Angel investor, venture capitalist, Avonmore Developments

Shmuel Farhi

Property owners, hotel owners, commercial real estate investors

Shawntae Spencer

Angel investor, former NFL athlete

Shakil Khan

Angel investor, creator of CoinDesk, advisor to Spotify

Shailendra Singh


Sébastien Lucas

Angel investor, crypto enthusiast

Sebastian Gil

Snapchat 4th employee, angel investor, software developer

Scott Shleifer


Scott Sandell


Scott Raney


Satish Kanwar

VP Product Acceleration, product manager at Shopify, angel investor

Sarah Willingham

Enterpreneur, investor, financier, reality TV host on Dragon's Den

Sarah Jane Newman

Reality TV star on Dragons Den, investor, businesswoman, entrepreneur for Needahotel.com

Sameer Jagetia

Angel investor

Sameer Gandhi


Samantha Wong

Angel investor

Sam Zell

Billionaire real estate investor, laywer, attorney, philanthropist

Salil Deshpande


Ruchi Sanghvi

Angel investor

Ron Conway

Super angel investor at SV Angel, Data Elite Ventures, politics, philanthropist, early investor in Google, PayPal, AskJeeves

Roger Scott

Hedge fund manager investing, investor, stock trader, financier

Robert Nelsen


Robert Mercer

Financier, investor, activist, linked to Cambridge Analytica and Trump presidency

Robert Chapman

investor, short-seller

Rob Ward


Rob Phillips

Angel investor, former tech executive

Rob Moore

Real estate investor, entrepreneur

Rob Carbone

Leader of the Republican Party of Canada, politician, investor, founder of London Burke

Rick Prostko


Rick Daum

Investing, stock traders, market researcher, investor, YouTuber

Richard Sachs

Financier, investor of the Goldman Sachs family dynasty

Richard Livingstone

Billionaire, land owner, real estate investor

Richard Horvath


Richard Hammond (architect)

Architect, angel investor, renewable energy, founder and principal at Cornerstone Architecture

Richard Chen


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