Anderson Cooper  

TV presenter, news anchor, news reporter, journalist

Michael Wilbon    

TV host, Pardon the Interruption, journalist, columnist, TV presenter, news anchor

Ezra Klein  

Journalist, blogger, writer, podcaster, political commentator, politics, founder and editor-in-chief at Vox, author of Why We're Polarized

Jake Tapper  

TV host, CNN news anchor, Journalist, political commentator, politics

Louis Theroux  

Filmmaker, documentary films, journalist, TV reporter, broadcaster

Sharon Fonseca  

Journalist, fashion model, bikini model

Ariel Helwani    

MMA journalist for ESPN, MMA sportscasters, sports broadcaster, MMA commentator, mixed martial arts, sports commentator, UFC analyst

Rachel Nichols    

TV Host of The Jump on ESPN, sports journalist, sports reporter

Glenn Greenwald    

Lawyer, journalist, conservative political commentator, politics, author, co-founder of The Intercept

Ashley Iaconetti Haibon    

TV personality aka Ashley Nicole Iaconetti Haibon, reality TV star on The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor Winter Games, journalist, foodie

Kara Swisher  

Tech journalist, TV host, editor at Recode, podcaster for Recode Decode

Maggie Haberman  

Political commentator, politics, journalist, writer for NY Times

Susanna Reid    

TV presenter on Good Morning Britain, journalist, writer

Sara A. Carter  

Investigative journalist, conservative political commentator, politics, podcaster of The Sara Carter Show Podcast

Soledad O'Brien  

Journalist, TV broadcaster, executive producer, philanthropist, formerly at Starfish Media Group

Paul Joseph Watson  

Geopolitical commentator, politics, polemicist, writer, journalist, activist, The Spectator

Tom Fitton    

Journalist, writer, political commentator, politics, bodybuilder

Ronan Farrow  

Investigative journalist, diplomat, son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen

Walt Mossberg  

TV host, journalist, former editor at The Verge

Dave Rubin        

TV host, The Rubin Report, comedian, political commentator, politics, journalist, author of Dont Burn This Book

Gayle King  

TV presenter, news anchor, journalist

Chuck Palahniuk      

Novelist, freelance journalist, author of Fight Club, Choke, Haunted, The Invention of Sound

Naomi Klein  

Journalist, writer, bestselling author, No Logo, The Shock Doctrine. This Changes Everything. No Is Not Enough, filmmaker, activist, feminist

Mike Cernovich  

Filmmaker of Hoaxed, film producer, author, journalist, political commentator, politics

Lauren Southern        

Investigative journalist, political commentator, politics, YouTuber, filmmaker, Borderless

Yashar Ali  

Journalist, political commentator, politics, crowdfunding

Tim Pool        

Independent journalist, writer, technologist, democrat, political commentator, politics, filmmaker, skateboarder, musician

Molly Jong-Fast    

Journalist, redhead feminist, author, writer, novelist, editor-in-chief

Marina Mogilko        

YouTuber aka Silicon Valley Girl, reporter, journalist, TV host, linguistics, language teachers, world traveler, luxury goods, founder of LinguaTrip, FluentExpress

Kay Burley  


Ann Handley  

Head of Content at MarketingProfs, marketer, writer, journalist, author of Everybody Writes

Sam Stein  

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter

Amanda Golden    

Political commentator, politics, journalist, NBC news reporter

Carole Cadwalladr  

Author, investigative journalist for the Observer, political commentator, politics, data privacy, human rights, exposed Cambridge Analytica

Nigel Slater  

Food writer at The Observer, food journalist, celebrity chef

Byron York  

Political commentator, politics, journalist, author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Cory Doctorow  

Journalist aka Cory Efram Doctorow, writer, blogger

Matt Taibbi  

Journalist, author of The Divide, Hate Inc, podcaster at the Useful Idiots

Jennifer Rubin  

Political commentator, politics, journalist at the Washington Post, previously at Commentary, PJ Media, Human Events and The Weekly Standard

Monica Bertini      

TV host, journalist, brunette model aka Monica Bertini Nelle

Andy Ngô  

Investigative journalist, writer, editor-in-chief at The Post Millenial, author of Unmasked

Abby Martin        

Journalist, TV presenter, TV host of The Empire Files, podcaster of Media Roots Radio

John Heilemann    

Journalist, political commentator, politics, political analyst

Bill McKibben  

Environmentalist, author, journalist, founder of, educator, opponent to Canada's Tar Sands pipeline

Jason Whitlock  

Sports journalist, sports commentator, podcaster on Speak For Yourself

Mark Halperin  

Journalist, political commentator, politics, political analyst

Nik Ritchie    

Founder of The Dirty, investigative journalist, blogger, gossip columnist

Jared Carrabis  

Sports reporter, podcaster, MLB journalist, national baseball journalist

Nick Bilton  

Journalist, author, Hatching Twitter, special correspondent at Vanity Fair

Jim Sterling    

Writer, journalist, video game reviews, The Escapist and Destructoid

Jane Mayer  

Investigative journalist, staff writer for The New Yorker, author of Dark Money

Julia Ioffe  


Alex Wagner  

Journalist, author, Futureface

Becky Quick    

TV host of Squawk Box, news anchorwoman, news reporter, journalist

Ashley Salazar        

Playboy model, photo journalist, Playmate, USAF veteran, animal lover, animal rights activist, radiology, MMA ring girl, bikini model, cover model, enhanced breasts

Rosemary Barton  

Journalist, political commentator, politics, news reporter, TV presenter

Maggie VandenBerghe        

Journalist, political commentator, politics, Republican conservative, independent filmmaker of Wanderlust, film director, actress

Karley Sciortino  

journalist, sex writer, very busty, feminist

Douglas Murray  

Associate editor at The Spectator, political commentator, politics, journalist, bestselling author, The Madness of Crowds, The Strange Death of Europe

Aaron Rupar  

Journalist at

Pedro Richardson        

World traveler, travel writer, travel lifestyle journalist

Raisa Simplicio    

Journalist, eSports, marketer

David French  

Senior editor at The Dispatch, writer at The Atlantic, journalist

Graham Hancock    

Geography, ancient civilisations, spiritual writer, author, Entangled, War God, Fingerprints of the Gods, Magician of the Gods, Disclosure, investigative journalist

Kate Waterhouse      

Fashionista, lifestyle blogger, writer, journalist, mom

David Faber  

News reporter, financial journalist, TV host on Squawk

Maria Bartiromo          

TV presenter, journalist, news reporter, news anchor on FOX News

Heather Childers    

TV host, news anchor, TV presenter, journalist reporter, news reporter

Emily Chang      

Executive producer, writer, journalist, author, Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley

Jeremy Diamond      

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter

Sharon Carpenter    

Journalist, broadcaster

Mike Isaac  

Technology reporter, tech writer, tech journalist at NY Times

Timothy O'Brien  

Journalist, author, TrumpNation

Nilay Patel  

Editor-in-chief of The Verge, journalist, writer for CNBC

Michael Tracey  

Investigative journalist, political commentator, politics


journalist, news anchor

Joanna Stern    

Tech journalist

Charlie Warzel  

Tech journalist, senior technology writer, fake news, harassment

Ben Norton  

Journalist, writer, filmmaker, associate editor at The Grayzone News

Helen Lewis  

Journalist, staff writer, political commentator, politics, feminist

Emma Vigeland  

TV host on The Young Turks, journalist, correspondent, producer

Laura Shin  

Crypto journalist, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, podcaster of Unchained Podcast

Tom Keene  

Journalist, editor at Bloomberg Television & Radio

Victor Davis Hanson  

Political commentator, politics, classicist, military historian, farmer, journalist, writer, author of The Case for Trump

John Boitnott    

Journalist, writer at Entrepreneur Media, and, digltal marketing consultant, investor

David Carroll  

Associate professor of media design, investigative journalist, whistleblower for Cambridge Analytics on the Great Hack

Barney Ronay  

Sports writer, journalist

Ben Swann          

Investigative journalist, TV presenter, political commentator, politics

Dallas Braden    

Sports reporter, podcaster, MLB journalist, national baseball journalist

Sara Eisen      

News anchor for CNBC, journalist, news reporter, TV presenter

Mark Fidelman          

Marketing consultant, Executive Marketing Leader, digital marketer, Online marketer, Internet marketer, influencer marketing, writer, journalist, crypto enthusiast

Rene Ritchie  

Journalist, tech blogger, writer, podcaster, YouTuber

Melissa Chen    

Managing Director of Ideas Beyond Borders, journalist, writer, editor for Spectator USA, civil liberties activist, runner, wino, foodie

Will Black  

Journalist, writer, anthropologist, author of Veneer of Civilisation, Psychopathic Cultures and Beyond the End of the World

Andrew Doyle    

Comedian, political satirist, playwright, journalist, political commentator, politics, author of Woke: A Guide to Social Justice

Lauren Goode      

Tech journalist at WIRED, consumer technology writer, Senior Editor at The Verge

Nina Teicholz  

investigative journalist, author of The Big Fat Surprise

Eleonora Boi  


Brad Stone  

Journalist, bestselling author of Amazon: The Everything Store

Jessica Lessin  

Journalist, entrepreneur, founder and editor-in-chief of The Information

Annie Lowrey  

Journalist, writer at The Atlantic, author of Give People Money

Cara Santa Maria  

Podcaster at Talk Nerdy Podcast, journalist, TV host, producer

Scott Morrison  

Sports journalist, sports commentator, author, The Days Canada Stood Still

Sarah Castellana-Heurtaux      

Sports reporter, sports journalist

David Choe    

Investigative journalist, podcaster of The Choe Show, TV reporter, painter, muralist, graffiti artist, graphic novelist

Edward Lucas  

Author of Cyberphobia, Editor of Standpoint Magazine, writer, journalist, political commentator, politics

Jared Holt  

Journalist, reporter, podcaster

Sheila Gunn Reid  

Journalist, writer, political commentator, politics

Alex Wilhelm  

Journalist at TechCrunch, formerly at Crunchbase

David Pierce  

Journalist, editor-in-chief at Protocol

Mitch Joel  

Journalist, publicist, author, Six Pixels of Separation, keynote speaker

C.J. Chivers  

Journalist at NY Times, writer, author

Guy Raz  

Journalist, How I Built This

Allison Pearson  

Journalist, writer, Telegraph columnist, author of How Hard Can It Be?

Erin Griffith  

Writer, journalist

Danielle DiMartino Booth  

Journalist, writer on Bloomberg Opinion, podcasts, entrepreneur, CEO & Chief Strategist of Quill Intelligence, very busty

Joshua Green  

Journalist, writer for Bloomberg Businessweek, former editor at The Atlantic, author, Devil's Bargain

Jerry Dunleavy  

Journalist, news reporter

Vlad Savov  

Technology editor at Bloomberg, tech writer, tech journalist

Kara Scott    

Journalist, adventurer, poker player, poker analyst for WSOP on ESPN

Whitney Webb  

Researcher, investigative journalist, writer for The Last American Vagabond, Unlimited Hangout, Mint Press News

Adrian Chen  

Writer, journalist, author

Darya Rose  

Author of Foodist, founder of Summer Tomato, diets, dieting, PhD, foodie, writer, journalist, food columnist

Andy Greenberg  

tech journalist

Sam Biddle  

Journalist, tech writer at The Intercept, previously at Gawker, Valleywag, Gizmodo

Jackie Alemany  

TV anchor, political reporter, political commentator, politics, political journalist, politics

Shira Ovide  

Technology reporter, tech writer, tech journalist

Julia Angwin  

Journalist, tech writer at ProPublica, editor-in-chief of The Markup

Nellie Bowles  

Technology reporter, tech writer, tech journalist

Bridget Carey    

Journalist, tech blogger

Giorgia Rossi  

Sports reporter, sports journalist

John Paczkowski  

Journalist, business editor

Robert Benzie  

Journalist, writer, news reporter for the Toronto Star

Alyssa Rosenberg  

Journalist, writer at the Washington Post

Naomi Starkman  

Founder and editor-in-chief of Civil Eats, writer, journalist

Ashlee Vance

Tech journalist, writer for Businessweek, TV host, Hello World, biography author, Elon Musk: Telsa, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastical Future

Masura Kusuo  

Writer, journalist for BuzzFeed Japan

Gillian Tett  

Author, journalist, economist, managing editor at the Financial Times

Casey Holdahl  

Sports reporter, writer, sports journalist

Sebastian Junger  

Journalist, writer, anthropologist, filmmaker, author of The Perfect Storm, Freedom, Pulse

Millie Weaver        

Investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker of ShadowGate, TV presenter, former TV host on Info Wars, YouTuber, political commentator, politics, very busty blonde

Holly Carpenter  

Journalist, entrepreneur, founder of LoveLift Jewellery

Stan Fischler  

Sports journalist, hockey historian

Samantha X  

journalist aka Amanda Goff, escort, busty, huge enhanced breasts

Amir Efrati  

Journalist, writer at The Information

Gianna Tobani  

VICE correspondent, journalist, sports reporter, producer

Kate Clark  

Finance writer, journalist for venture capitalists

Laura Stone  

Journalist, writer for The Globe and Mail, political commentator, politics, TV presenter

Mary Gamarra      

TV host, weather anchor, journalist, mom

Thor Benson  

Writer, journalist

Ben Mezrich      

Author of Bitcoin Billionaires, The Accidental Billionaires, investigative journalist, crypto enthusiast

Nomi Prins  

Investigative journalist, stock trader, financier, investor, former Wall Street trader, author of Collusion

Anissa Naouai  

Journalist, reporter, TV news anchor


meteorologist, storm chaser, extreme weather journalist, adventurer

Catherine Austin Fitts  

Economist, investigative journalist, editor-in-chief of the Solari Report, Dillon Read and Co, speaker, crypto enthusiast, former stock trader

Robert Parry  

Investigative journalist, revealed coverage on the Iran-Contra for AP and Newsweek

Kate Conger  

Writer, journalist

Jeff Varner    

Realtor, reality TV star, game show competitor, Survivor, writer, journalist, solo traveler

Maria Finoshina    

Journalist, war reporter, peacekeeper

Ben Anderson  

journalist, TV reporter, writer

Miguel Helft  

Journalist, writer

Oliver Bullough  

Journalist, author of Moneyland

Jim Byers      

Travel writer for, journalist, travel critic, traveler reviewer, travel blogger, traveler

Oksana Boyko  

TV host of Worlds Apart, journalist

Emily Dreyfuss  

Writer, journalist, editor at Protocol

Daniel Roberts  

TV host on Yahoo Finance, business news reporter, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast, journalist, editor at Yahoo Finance, democratic political commentator, politics

Ashlee Piper      

Eco journalist, author of Give a Shit

Peter Cowan  

Journalist, writer, TV presenter

Allie Conti  

Investigative journalist, writer at VICE

Erin Elizabeth  

TV journalist, author, public speaker, writer at Health Nut News, activist

Eric Newcomer  

Technology reporter, tech writer, tech journalist

Rolfe Winkler  

Tech journalist for WSJ

Stephanie Rosenbloom      

Journalist, writer, columnist, author of Alone Time, busty blonde

Nathan Heller  

Tech journalist, staff writer

Poppy Popescu      

Travel blogger aka Where Is Poppy, Wheres Poppy, travel journalist, world traveler, adventrurer

Silvana Carsetti  

sports journalist

Shannon Proudfoot  

Writer, journalist, craft beer, hockey

Thomas Goetz  

Journalist, executive editor at WIRED Magazine, entrepreneur

Evan Ratliff  

Journalist, author of The Mastermind, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast

Annie Jacobsen  

Author of Operation Paperclip, Area 51, investigative journalist, DARPA, The Pentagon, speaker, war, political commentator, politics

Adam Satariano  

Technology reporter, tech writer, tech journalist

Justin Rowlatt  

Journalist, BBC South Asia Correspondent, electric cars

Kavin Senapathy    

Journalist, science writer for SciMoms

Layah Heilpern      

Journalist, TV host, TV presenter, fintech, political commentator, politics, busty brunette

David Brancaccio  

Journalist, radio broadcaster on Marketplace Morning Report

Danielle Ryan    

Journalist, writer

Paula Francis  

journalist, writer

Twilight Greenaway  

Food writer, journalist


tech journalist, reporter WIRED magazine

James Vincent  

Writer for The Verge, journalist, artificial intelligence, robots, EVs, electric vehicles

Tom O'Neill  

Investigative journalist, author of Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties

Jon Evans  

tech journalist, world traveler

Elizabeth Doerr  

Writer, watch journalist, luxury watches, luxury goods

Jen Wieczner  

TV host, Balancing The Ledger, writer, journalist at FORTUNE Magazine, cyclist, yogi, organics, juicing, fintech, crypto enthusiast

Andy Springer    

Journalist, writer

Tom Giles  

Technology reporter, tech writer, tech journalist

Paul Hilder    

Political commentator, politics, political technologist, journalist, entrepeneur, founder of Datapraxis, Crowdpac

Rosa Goldensohn  

Reporter, writer, journalist

Kate Rooney  

News reporter, tech journalist, crypto enthusiast, fintech, Bitcoin writer, markets reporter

Lauren Johnson  

Investigative journalist

Kay Steiger  

Writer, journalist

Dexter Thomas  

Investigative journalist, culture correspondent on VICE

Jenny Jo  

Journalist, radio broadcaster

Justin Caffier    

Journalist, writer for VICE News

Iain Thomson  

Journalist at the Register

Elizabeth Denton  

Writer, journalist

Avani Dias  

Journalist, TV host, TV presenter

Bob Woodward      

Journalist, writer, associate editor at The Washington Post, political commentator, politics, broke story of Watergate, author

Grace Ng  

Co-founder at, journalist, keynote speaker, columnist, writer at Inc. Magazine

Abha Bhattarai  

Writer, journalist, national retail reporter for the Washington Post

Dana Thomas    

Journalist, author of Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes

Tony Gosling    

Investigative journalist on the Bilderbergers, whistleblower, owner of, author of The Siege of Heaven, formerly with the BBC

Henrik Roonemaa  

Tech journalist

Jacqueline Alemany    

Journalist, political commentator, politics, writer at the Washington Post

Nathan Vardi  

Reporter, writer, journalist

Sarah Wild (scientist)  

Science journalist, scientist

Chloe Sorvino  

Researcher at Forbes, journalist, tech writer, foodie


writer, journalist at Smart Company

Whitney Tilson    

Value investor, writer, founder and CEO at Empire Financial Research, former hedge fund manager, journalist, newsletter publisher, author of The Art of Value Investing, philanthropist, father, dad

Katie Richards  

Journalist, writer, formerly at AdWeek, marathon runner, marathoner, pets, dogs

Rachel Gilmore  

Journalist, news reporter, political commentator, politics

Johanna Gomez  

TV host, journalist

Rebecca Shapiro  

Senior editor at HuffPost UK, writer, journalist

Gary Weiss  

Investigative journalist, ethics, morality, author, financial columnist

Zachary K. Hubbard  

Journalist, conspiracy theorist, Gematria

Mieke Buchan  

journalist, sports, anthropologist

Angela Brauer  

Journalist, weather anchor, news anchor

Lewis Kingston    

Freelance motoring journalist

Laura Loomer  

Investigative journalist, political activist, Republican conservative political commentator, politics, journalist, writer at Loomered

Sarah Berry    

Lifestyle health editor, journalist, health writer

Mick Brown  

Writer, journalist for the Telegraph

Jessica Finn  

Journalist at E News, political commentator, politics

Sarah Sears  

Journalist, news reporter

Zoltan Istvan Gyurko          

Futurist aka Zoltan Istvan Gyurko, journalist, transhumanist, author of The Transhumanist Wager

Christine Giordano  


Lauren Jade Hill    

Travel writer, world traveler, luxury travel journalist

Neil deMause      

journalist, blockchain, crypto enthusiast

Tom Slee  

Journalist, writer, sharing economy

Peter Costanzo  

Journalist, introduced Donald Trump to Twitter

Katrina Yu    

Video journalist, writer, correspondent, TV presenter

Michela Tindera  

Journalist, money and finance, staff writer at Forbes

Sam Briggs  

Investigative journalist

Alejandra Salazar (radio)    

Assistant producer at WNYC Radio, radio broadcaster, writer, media journalist, designer

Devon Delfino    

Personal finance writer, independent journalist

Alison Morrow        

Investigative journalist, writer, activist, Antifa expert, former TV host, news reporter

Marieke Marshall  

Investigative journalist, libertarian, Android user

Christina Cooke  

Associate editor at Civil Eats, freelance writer, journalist

Henry George  

political economist, journalist, socialist, Georgism is tax on housing

James Davenport  

tech journalist, PC Gamer, video gamer

Frank Connolly  

Investigative journalist, bestselling author, NAMA Land

Jennifer Griffin        

Journalist, news reporter, national security correspondent

Jenna Wang  

Tech journalist, liberal arts

Jonah Goldberg  

Journalist, political commentator, politics, podcaster, author, Suicide of The West

Jonathan Shaw  

Journalist, cybersecurity, managing editor at Harvard Magazine

Saila Safwana    


Amanda Lang  

Journalist, TV host, senior business correspondent for CBC News

Zev Shalev

Journalist, writer at Narativ

Zehra Doğan

Artist, journalist

Zanny Minton Beddoes

Economist, investigative journalist

Zaid Jilani  

Journalist, writer at The Intercept

Zach Weissmueller

investigative journalist

Yvonne C  

Journalist, activist

Yury Dud      

YouTuber aka vDud, journalist, writer, editor-in-chief of

Yoni Appelbaum  

Historian, journalist at The Atlantic

Willie Geist

TV host, news anchor, journalist, news reporter

William T. Vollmann

Novelist, author, journalist, writer

William Shaw

Journalist, writer, author

F. William Engdahl  

Economic researcher, historian, writer, freelance journalist, author of Seeds of Destruction

Will Storr

Journalist, novelist, author, Selfie: How We Became So Self-Obsessed and What It’s Doing to Us

Will Hutton

Journalist, writer

Wayne Madsen

Investigative journalist, author, international affairs, blogger, former NSA employee

Wang Huning

Journalist, writer

Walter Isaacson  

Professor at Tulane University, biograpahy writer, journalist, author of The Code Breaker, Steve Jobs autobiography

Walker Bragman  

Journalist, cartoonist, podcaster of Gilded Age

Victoria Webb (photographer)  

Photojournalist, baby photographer, child photographer, kids photography, weddings, wedding photographer

Vicky Ward

Investigative journalist

Vicky Davis  

NWO whistleblower, journalist, writer, editor at The Technocratic Tyranny

Vera Wang

Fashion designer, figure skater, journalist

Vera Eidelman

Journalist, writer, activist

Vava Tampa

Journalist, writer for The Guardian

Vanessa Beeley      

Investigative journalist, independent journalist, photographer, writer, peace activist, whistleblower for the Syrian war, Palestine and Israel, horse riding

Van Jones


Uri Blau

Journalist, whistleblower

Tyler Pager  

Journalist, writer at Washington Post

Tram Mai    

News anchor, TV presenter, journalist reporter

Tracie McElroy

Journalist, writer at Narativ

Tomi Obaro  

Writer at BuzzFeed, journalist

Tomás Mier  

Celebrity gossip writer, Hollywood journalist

Tom Segev

Historian, journalist, writer, author

Tom Brokaw

TV host, journalist, news anchor, news reporter

Titus Frost  

Journalist, researcher, YouTuber, streamer, author of The Lost Truth, hockey fan

Timothy Holmseth  

News reporter for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, radio broadcaster, songwriter, publisher, investigative journalist, FBI intelligence officer, whistleblower

Tim Peterson  

Investigative journalist, senior media editor at Digiday

Tim O'Brien

Journalist, author, Donald Trump

Tim Malloy  

Investigative journalist, news reporter

Thomas L. Friedman  

NYT columnist, journalist

Thomas Frank

Journalist, author, liberalism

Texe Marrs      

Radio broadcaster, podcaster, whistleblower, blogger, writer, journalist

Teddy Schleifer  

Journalist at Recode, writer, startups, billionaires

Taylor Hudak (journalist)  

Investigative journalist, TV presenter

Tayler Hansen    

Political commentator, politics, independent journalist

Tariq Ali    

Writer aka Tariq Ali Khan, journalist at New Left Review, filmmaker, democratic geopolitical commentator, politics, political activist

Tara Henley  

Investigative journalist, writer for Substack, previously at CBC

Tanyel Mustafa  

Journalist, writer, lifestyle reporter

Tammy Bruce  

Political commentator, politics, Fox News contributor, writer, journalist

Ta-Nehisi Coates

Journalist, writer, author

Suzy Welch

tech journalist

Sunny Hostin

TV host aka Asunción Cummings Hostin, journalist, lawyer

Stuart Diamond  

President & CEO of Getting More, professor, journalist, attorney, lawyer, negotiations, author of Getting More

Steven Greenhouse  


Steven T. Dennis  

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter

Steven Beschloss  

Writer, journalist, editor, filmmaker, professor, author of Gunman, Adrift

Steven Bernard    


Steve Volk  

Narrative journalist, author

Stephen M. Walt

Journalist, writer, columnist at Foreign Policy

Spiro Skouras    

Investigative journalist, political commentator, politics, whistleblower, news contributor to Activist Post, YouTuber

Sophia Narwitz    

Video game critic, video gamer, exposed the E3 doxxing of journalists in GamerGate

Some Bitch I Know    

Redhead blogger, writer, journalist aka L is for the Way, YouTuber

Simone Gao    

investigative journalist, TV presenter on Zooming In

Silkie Carlo  

Investigative journalist, political activist, director at Big Brother Watch since 2018

Shaunacy Ferro  

Journalist, writer at Mental Floss

Shaun Robinson        

TV host, TV presenter, journalist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, activist, founder of Shaun Robinson Media

Shaun De Waal

Journalist, writer at the Mail & Guardian

Sharyl Attkisson  

Journalist, TV presenter at Full Measure News

Sharmine Narwani  

Journalist, writer, political commentator, politics

Shannon Cake        

News reporter on WPTV, news anchor, investigative reporter, investigative journalist

Shadi Hamid  

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter, author

Seymour Hersh

Investigative journalist

Seth Barron  

Associate editor at City Journal, writer, journalist

Selena Roberts

Sports journalist, author, A-Rod The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez

Scott Roberts

Hot sauces, writer for Chile Pepper magazine, journalist

Scott Maxwell  

Journalist for the Orlando Sentinel

Scott Barry Kaufman

journalist, psychological science researcher

Scaachi Koul

Culture reporter, journalist

Sarah Wu    

Journalist at Reuters, news correspondent, news reporter

Sarah Vine  

Journalist, columnist, writer for Daily Mail, feminist, activist

Sarah Mucha    

Political commentator, politics, journalist, CNN news reporter

Sarah Green Carmichael

Pocaster, journalist, HBR IdeaCast

Sarah Everard

Journalist, writer at The Times

Sara Silverstein

Journalist, TV host, interviewer

Sara A. Carter

Journalist, news writer, investigative reporter

Sanya Burgess

investigative journalist, news reporter at Sky News

Samuel Stebbins

Writer, journalist, researcher

Sam Kestenbaum

Journalist, expert on Black Israelism

Sacha Pisani  


Ryan Henry Joe  

Journalist, writer at Business Insider, formerly at Adexchanger

Ryan Cristian

Journalist, writer at The Last American Vagabond

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