Russell Brand

Actor, comedian, podcaster, political commentator, politics, yogi

Bill Maher

Political commentator, politics, comedian, TV host on Real Time with Bill Maher, Politically Incorrect

Rachel Maddow

Political commentator, politics, TV news anchor, reporter for MSNBC, TV host of The Rachel Maddow Show

Sean Hannity

TV presenter, news anchor, news reporter, TV host on FOX News, political commentator, politics

Edward Snowden

CIA whistleblower, PRISM data collection, privacy activist, political activist, political commentator, politics

Ben Shapiro

Podcaster at The Ben Shapiro Show, political commentator, politics, writer, founder and chief editor at the Daily Wire

Tucker Carlson

TV presenter, podcaster, conservative news anchor, former TV host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, political commentator, politics

Laura Ingraham

TV host of FOX News, political commentator, politics, podcaster at The Ingram Angle, author, mom, animal lover, dogs

Tomi Lahren

Political commentator, politics, news reporter was demonized as Nazi Barbie, podcaster at Tomi Lahren is Fearless

Ezra Klein

Journalist, blogger, writer, podcaster, political commentator, politics, founder and editor-in-chief at Vox, author of Why We're Polarized

Michelle Malkin

Political commentator, politics, activist

Jake Tapper

TV host, CNN news anchor, Journalist, political commentator, politics

Mark R. Levin

Lawyer, political commentator, politics, author of Unfreedom of the Press, American Marxism

Candace Owens

Author of Blackout, activist aka Blexit, Blaxit, political commentator, politics, Republican, conservative political activist

Killer Mike

Rapper aka Mike Render, Michael Santiago Render, Run The Jewels, hip hop singer, conservative republican political commentator, politics, entrepreneur, barbershops

Steven Crowder

YouTuber, TV host, political commentator, politics, podcaster on Change My Mind

Charlie Kirk

Republican political activist, political commentator, politics, founder and president of Turning Point USA, author of The MAGA Doctrine

Nigel Farage

Pro-Brexit politiican, political commentator, politics, former commodities trader, stock trader, financier

Sam Harris

Neuroscientist, philosopher, podcaster, entrepreneur, author of Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion, bestselling author, political commentator, politics

Dinesh D'Souza

Political commentator, politics, author of United States of Socialism, documentary filmmaker of 2000 Mules

Wolf Blitzer

CNN news anchor for The Situation Room, political commentator, politics, CNN news reporter

Glenn Beck

Political commentator, politics of Glenn Radio, TV reporter, formerly on Fox News, YouTuber, podcaster

Glenn Greenwald

Lawyer, journalist, conservative political commentator, politics, author, co-founder of The Intercept

Jim Acosta

CNN Chief White House Correspondent, political commentator, politics, bestselling author, The Enemy of the People

Ana Navarro-Cárdenas

TV presenter, TV host of CNN, Telemundo, The View, political strategist, political commentator, politics

Stephan Harper

Politician, former Prime Minister of Canada, author, political commentator, politics

Maggie Haberman

Political commentator, politics, journalist, writer for NY Times

Alison Wonderland

DJ, music producer, busty blonde, political activist, political commentator, politics

Dana Loesch

Radio broadcaster, podcaster, political commentator, politics, author

Trey Gowdy

Political commentator, politics, former chairman of the House Oversight Committee

Sara A. Carter

Investigative journalist, conservative political commentator, politics, podcaster of The Sara Carter Show Podcast

Lara Trump

Wife of Eric Trump, political commentator, politics, TV presenter, TV host, busty, lips


YouTubers, comedians, political commentator, politicss, conservative Republicans

Paul Joseph Watson

Geopolitical commentator, politics, polemicist, writer, journalist, activist, The Spectator

Brit Hume

TV host, TV presenter, political commentator, politics

Shaun King

Founder of The North Star, podcaster on The Breakdown, political commentator, politics

Roseanne Barr

Actress, comedian, bestselling author, writer, TV producer, TV director, political commentator, politics

Tamika D. Mallory

Activist, Black Lives Matter movement, democratic, political commentator, politics, gun control, feminist, organizer of the Womens March

Tom Fitton

Journalist, writer, political commentator, politics, bodybuilder

Yanis Varoufakis

Politician, political commentator, politics, author of Adults in the Room

Rashida Tlaib

Political commentator, politics

Keith Olbermann

Sportscaster, sports writer, political commentator, politics

John Bolton

Attorney, lawyer, political commentator, politics, Republican consultant, former diplomat and national security advisor, former Assistant to the President for National Security, chickenhawk, warmonger

Terrence K. Williams

Standup comedian, standup comic, political commentator, politics, Republican conservative

Dr. Cornel West

Professor at Harvard, philosopher, ethics, political activist, political commentator, politics, identity politics, podcaster on The Tight Rope, identity politics, social critic, author, religious, Bap

David Frum

Political activist, news reporter, political commentator, politics

Ryan Fournier

Political commentator, politics, activist at Turning Point Action

Dave Rubin

TV host, The Rubin Report, comedian, political commentator, politics, journalist, author of Dont Burn This Book

Jack Posobiec

Political commentator, politics, documentary filmmaker of Antifa movie, author, military veteran

Blaire White

YouTuber, public speaker, political commentator, politics, transgender, trans glamour model, enhanced breasts

Natasha Bertrand

News reporter at CNN, political commentator, politics

Mike Cernovich

Filmmaker of Hoaxed, film producer, author, journalist, political commentator, politics

Mark Dice

Political commentator, politics, YouTuber, bestselling author of The Liberal Media Industrial Complex

Lauren Southern

Investigative journalist, political commentator, politics, YouTuber, filmmaker, Borderless

Yashar Ali

Journalist, political commentator, politics, crowdfunding

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Inventor of email protocol, software engineer, scientist, biologist, political commentator, politics, speaker, libertarian, politician, Republican, author of The Future of Email, Your Body Your System

Robert Costa

Political commentator, politics

Tim Pool

Independent journalist, writer, technologist, democrat, political commentator, politics, filmmaker, skateboarder, musician

Steve Schmidt

Political commentator, politics

Joyce Alene

Law professor, lawyer, attorney, political commentator, politics

Evan McMullin

Executive director at Stand Up Republic, independent presidential candidate, politician, political activist, political commentator, politics, former CIA officer, morman

Corey Lewandowski

Political commentator, politics

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Political commentator, politics, activist, politician aka Robert F Kennedy Jr, Bobby Kennedy Jr

Kasie Hunt

Democratic news reporter, TV host Way Too Early, political commentator, politics

Walter Shaub

Political commentator, politics, politician, former director of US Office of Government Ethics

Sam Stein

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter

Amanda Golden

Political commentator, politics, journalist, NBC news reporter

Carole Cadwalladr

Author, investigative journalist for the Observer, political commentator, politics, data privacy, human rights, exposed Cambridge Analytica

Gabby Logan

TV reporter, political commentator, politics

Byron York

Political commentator, politics, journalist, author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Jennifer Rubin

Political commentator, politics, journalist at the Washington Post, previously at Commentary, PJ Media, Human Events and The Weekly Standard

Jill Wine-Banks

Author, The Watergate Girl, political commentator, politics

George Galloway

Socialist, political commentator, politics, politician, writer, radio broadcaster on Th

John Heilemann

Journalist, political commentator, politics, political analyst

Kyle Kulinski

Political activist, political commentator, politics, democratic, TV host of The Kyle Kulinski Show

Ashley R. Parker

Political commentator, politics

Tom Nichols

Professor, author on Russia and The Death of Expertise, war strategist, political commentator, politics

Bill Palmer

Political commentator, politics

Barb McQuade

Professor, political commentator, politics, legal analyst, former US attorney, lawyer

Matt Couch

Republican Conservative activist, political commentator, politics

Mark Halperin

Journalist, political commentator, politics, political analyst

Ashley St. Clair

Activist, political commentator, politics

Jeff Tiedrich

Political commentator, politics

Peter Daou

Author of Digital Civil War, political commentator, politics

Amee Vanderpool

Political commentator, politics, Shero on Substack, relative of Audrey Hepburn


Political commentator, politics aka Kambree Kawahine Koa, feminist, activist, Republican conservative

Sebastian Gorka

Political commentator, politics, TV presenter, TV host of America First, author of The War For Americas Soul

Andy McCarthy

Bestselling author, political commentator, politics

DeAnna Lorraine

Political commentator, politics, TV host on Alex Jones, Republican politician, busty brunette

Greg Sargent

Political commentator, politics, author, An Uncivil War

Dan Carlin

podcaster of Hardcore History, political commentator, politics, podcasts

Paula Reid

Lawyer, political commentator, politics, news reporter, White House Correspondent

Mikhaila Peterson

Political commentator, politics, activist, podcaster, daughter of Jordan Peterson, diets, The Lion Diet

Neera Tanden

Political commentator, politics, political activist, philanthropist, President of Center for American Progress, lawyer, attorney


Rapper, entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster of Real Talk with Zuby, author of Strong Advice, fitness junkie, political commentator, politics

Kristen Welker

White House Correspondent for NBC News, news reporter, TV presenter, political commentator, politics

Rosemary Barton

Journalist, political commentator, politics, news reporter, TV presenter

David Icke

Bestselling author, The Answer, The Biggest Secret, writer, social scientist, psychologist, futurist, conspiracy theorist, football, political commentator, politics, keynote speaker

Maggie VandenBerghe

Journalist, political commentator, politics, Republican conservative, independent filmmaker of Wanderlust, film director, actress

Jimmy Dore

Standup comedian, standup comic, YouTuber, political commentator, politics, political activist, podcaster on The Jimmy Dore Show, formerly with The Young Turks

Douglas Murray

Associate editor at The Spectator, political commentator, politics, journalist, bestselling author, The Madness of Crowds, The Strange Death of Europe

John Cardillo

Political commentator, politics

Sherrilyn Ifill

Civil rights activist, political commentator, politics

Samantha Marika

Political commentator, politics, YouTuber

Andrew Klavan

Writer, political commentator, politics, screenwriter, essayist

Julia Davis

Political commentator, politics at The Daily Beast

Jeremy Diamond

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter

Nick Knudsen

Founder and executive director of DemCast, activist, political commentator, politics

Tim Murtaugh

Political commentator, politics, political campaigner

Chapo Trap House

Political commentators, politics

Michael J. Knowles

News reporter, political commentator, politics, podcaster of The Michael Knowles Show

Michael Tracey

Investigative journalist, political commentator, politics

Jerome Corsi

Political commentator, politics, author of Silent No More

Elie Mystal

Political commentator, politics, justice correspondent on The Nation, Above the Law

Faith J. Goldy-Bazos

Political commentator for The Rebel Media, politics aka Faith Goldy Bazos, guns activist, redhead fitness junkie

Katrina Pierson

Tea Party activist aka Katrina Pearson, political commentator, politics, conservative Republican

Jennifer Cohn

Attorney, lawyer, political commentator, politics

Helen Lewis

Journalist, staff writer, political commentator, politics, feminist

David Pakman

Political commentator, politics, TV host, radio broadcaster, YouTuber, nifties, NFTs, crypto enthusiast

Dr. Jason Johnson

Political commentator, politics, Prof School of Global Journalism and Communication

Greg Olear

Author of Dirty Rubles, writer, political commentator, politics

Clara Jeffery

Editor-in-Chief o

Victor Davis Hanson

Classical political commentator, politics, classicist, military historian, farmer, journalist, writer, author of The Case for Trump

Dan Diamond

Democrat, political commentator, politics

Andrew Pierce

Political commentator, politics

Ben Swann

Investigative journalist, TV presenter, political commentator, politics

Tony Robinson

Actor, comedian, historian, TV host, political commentator, politics, political activist, author


YouTuber, political commentator, politics, political activist, whistleblower

Andrew Doyle

Comedian, political satirist, playwright, journalist, political commentator, politics, author of Woke: A Guide to Social Justice

Owen Benjamin

Standup comedian, standup comic, TV host on Bar Rescue, raunchy humor

Kaivan Shroff

Political commentator, politics, democratic

Krystal Ball

TV presenter of Krystal Clear, bestselling author of The Populists Guide to 2020, political commentator, politics

Nicole Arbour

YouTuber, comedian, choreographer, bikini model, busty, enhanced breasts, conservative political commentator, politics

James Adomian

Political commentator, politics

David Gasun

Political commentator, politics

Tom Woods

Political commentator at Liberty Classroom, libertarian politics, author, podcaster of the Tom Woods Show

Libby Watson

Political commentator, politics, PR, publicist, public relations

Bill Maxwell

Political commentator, politics

James Carville

Political commentator, politics, Democratic strategist, political strategist, politician, podcaster, 2020 Politics War Room

Edward Lucas

Author of Cyberphobia, Editor of Standpoint Magazine, writer, journalist, political commentator, politics

Sheila Gunn Reid

Journalist, writer, political commentator, politics

Arthur C. Brooks

Political commentator, politics, musician, social scientist, researcher, author of Love Your Enemies, documentaries, president of the American Enterprise Institute

Tom Peck

Political commentator, politics

Arron Banks

Political commentator, politics, Brexit, one of the largest donors to the UK Independence Party

Kevin Drum

Political commentator, politics, blogger

Hunter Avallone

YouTuber, political commentator, politics

James Hohmann

National Political Correspondent, political commentator, politics, author of The Daily 202, news anchor of PowerPost

Patrick O'Flynn

Political commentator, politics, activist

Kevin Schofield

Director of Communications and Digital at the Betting and Gaming Council, publicist, marketer, political commentator, politics, writer at the Scotsman, Daily Record, The Sun

Aviva Klompas

Author, speechwriter, political adviser, public speaker, political commentator, politics

Jackie Alemany

TV anchor, political reporter, political commentator, politics, political journalist, politics

Pete Dominick

Standup comedian, standup comic, speaker, political commentator, politics

Pat Buchanan

Radio broadcaster, CNN Crossfire, political commentator, politics, politician, author, Suicide of a Superpower

Kelly Lieberman

Researcher, political commentator, politics, whistleblower

Michael Twitty

Political commentator, politics

Carl Benjamin

YouTuber aka Sargon of Akkad, political commentator, politics, polemicist

Karol Cummins

Activist, political commentator, politics

Alicia Mendez

Political commentator, politics, TV host, Latina to Latina podcaster, author, The Likeability Trap

Millie Weaver

Investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker of ShadowGate, TV presenter, former TV host on Info Wars, YouTuber, political commentator, politics, very busty blonde

Andrea Long Chu

Political commentator, politics, writer, former tank mechanic, transgender

Liz Donnelly

Visual artist, political commentator, politics, cartoonist, illustrator, author of Funny Ladies

Laura Stone

Journalist, writer for The Globe and Mail, political commentator, politics, TV presenter

David Brock

Political commentator, politics, political activist, author, Killing the Messenger

Brad Polumbo

Political commentator, politics

Armstrong Williams

TV host, The Right Side, political commentator, politics

Daniel Roberts

TV host on Yahoo Finance, business news reporter, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast, journalist, editor at Yahoo Finance, democratic political commentator, politics

Ali Alexander

Political consultant, political commentator, politics, political activist, teacher, publisher

Sarah Abdallah

geopolitical commentator, politics, busty brunette

Tom Hamilton

Political commentator, politics

Annie Jacobsen

Author of Operation Paperclip, Area 51, investigative journalist, DARPA, The Pentagon, speaker, war, political commentator, politics

Mercedes Schlapp

Politician, political commentator, politics

Layah Heilpern

Journalist, writer, author of Undressing Bitcoin, TV host, TV presenter, fintech, political commentator, politics, busty brunette

Savanah Hernandez

Conservative political activist aka Savannah Hernandez, Republican political commentator, politics, news reporter, formerly TV host on Info Wars, podcaster on Rapid Fire Podcast

Owen Shroyer

Political commentator, politics, news reporter, TV host on Info Wars

Elizabeth McCauley

Political commentator, politics, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin evangelist, mom, technologist

Yvette Carnell

Activist, political commentator, politics

Annie Heckenberger

political commentator, politics

Marina Portnaya

political commentator, politics

David Bahnsen

Economist, political commentator, politics

Paul Hilder

Political commentator, politics, political technologist, journalist, entrepeneur, founder of Datapraxis, Crowdpac

Bob Woodward

Journalist, writer, associate editor at The Washington Post, political commentator, politics, broke story of Watergate, author

Yesha Callahan

News reporter, political commentator, politics, Editorial Director at Essence

Cristina Odone

Founder of Parenting Circle, political commentator, politics, philanthropist, author of Concentrated Parenting

Jacqueline Alemany

Journalist, political commentator, politics, writer at the Washington Post

Matthew Rothschild

Writer, The Progressive, political commentator, politics

Dan Poraz

Political commentator, politics

Rachel Gilmore

Journalist, news reporter, political commentator, politics

Laura Loomer

Investigative journalist, political activist, Republican conservative political commentator, politics, journalist, writer at Loomered

Jessica Finn

Journalist at E News, political commentator, politics

Frank Braun

Privacy activist, political commentator, politics, cypherpunk, cryptoanarchist, podcaster of the Cypherpunk Bitstream

Nina Kouprianova

Graphic designer aka Nina Byzantiana, geopolitical commentator, politics, very busty

Michel Chossudovsky

Economist, author, political commentator, politics, founder of

Emily Rothschild

Political commentator, politics, activist

Rebekah Mercer

Political commentator, politics, heiress of Renaissance Technologies, politician, investor in Parler

Jonah Goldberg

Journalist, political commentator, politics, podcaster, author, Suicide of The West

Zach Karabell

News reporter, political commentator, politics


Political commentator, politics, owner of Elect Conservatives

Yadira Escobar

political commentator, politics

Whitney Krassenstein

Political commentator, politics, Krassenstein Brothers

Wayne Allyn Root

Conservative political commentator aka Wayne Allyn Root, politics, Radio host of the Wayne Allyn Root Show, political activist, author of The Great Patriot, writer, podcaster of Root For America

Walter Bloomberg

Political commentator, politics

Vittorio Sgarbi

Art historian, literary critic, political commentator, politics

Vincent James

Political commentator, politics, writer at Daily Veracity, Red Elephant, whistleblower, religious Christian

Vince Coglianese

Political commentator, politics

Vassy Kapelos

Political commentator, politics

Vardit Ravitsky

Professor of Bioethics at the University of Montreal, reproductive health, genomics, political commentator, politics

Tyler L. Russell

PPC conservative political commentator, politics, nationalist, politician, Canada First, streamer on Cozy TV

Tyler Nixon

Political commentator, politics, constitutionalist, writer, historian

Troy Smith

Podcaster on Launch Liberty, conservative political commentator, politics

Tricia S. Lindsay

Political commentator, politics, educator, lawyer, attorney


Account manager at Traffik, Marketing Core, audio engineer, event coordinator at CCR Solutions, podcaster aka Transplendor, boxing, staging, PPC political commentator, politics

Topher Field

Political commentator, politics

Tony Arterburn

Economist, writer at Arterburn News, radio host, podcaster, goldbug, silverbug, political commentator, politics

Tom Mulcair

Political commentator, politics, retired politician, democrat, former leader of the NDP party

Tina Forte

Conservative activist, Republican political commentator, politics

Thomas Sowell

Economist, social theorist, political commentator, politics, philosopher

Thom Hartmann

Radio broadcaster, political commentator, politics, author, psychotherapist, entrepreneur

Techno Fog

Lawyer, attorney, political commentator, politics

Patrick Shyu ("TechLead")

Political commentator, politics, YouTuber on the TechLead Show, streamer, app entrepreneur, podcaster at TechLead Show, ex-Google/ex-Facebook programmer

Tayler Hansen

Political commentator, politics, independent journalist

Tariq Ali Khan

Writer aka Tariq Ali Khan, journalist at New Left Review, filmmaker, democratic geopolitical commentator, politics, political activist

Tammy Bruce

Political commentator, politics, Fox News contributor, writer, journalist

Sydney Watson

Conservative political commentator, politics at PragerU, BlazeTV

Susan Crabtree

White House Correspondent, political commentator, politics

Stew Peters

TV host, radio broadcaster, political commentator, politics, bounty hunter

Steven T. Dennis

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter

Steve Quayle

Conservative political commentator, politics, author of Angel Wars, Past Present and Future, podcaster of Prophecy Watchers, gold metals, goldbug, historian, Genesis 6 Giants, Dead Scientists

Dr. Steve Pieczenik

Bestselling author of American Warrior in Crises, podcaster at Steve Pieczenik Talks, conservative activist, Republican political commentator, politics, former CIA, international relations

Steve Lepkowski

Political commentator, politics, whistleblower

Steve Cortes

Political commentator, politics

Stephen K. Bannon

Republican activist, conservative lobbyist, political commentator, politics, political strategist, former investment banker, former executive chairman of Breitbart News, pardoned by Trump

Stephen Taylor

Political advisor, political commentator, politics

Stephanie Hamill

Conservative political commentator, politics, news reporter, very busty blonde

Stacy Whited

Conservative political commentator, politics, podcaster for Flyover Conservatives Podcast

Spiro Skouras

Investigative journalist, political commentator, politics, whistleblower, news contributor to Activist Post, YouTuber

Solomon Yue

Conservative political commentator, politics, Republican activist

Smoke a Fatty with Paddy

Political commentator, politics, private investigator, criminology, podcaster on Crypto War Live, crypto enthusiast

Matt Baker (Slave2Liberty)

Political commentator, politics, Liberty Slave activist

Shea Garrsion

Conservative political commentator, politics, activist

Shauna Wright

Political commentator, politics, activist, writer at TheFW


political commentator, politics

Sharmine Narwani

Journalist, writer, political commentator, politics

Shari Raye

Musician, theologian, political commentator, politics

Shane Z. Marshall

political commentator, politics

Shadi Hamid

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter, author

Seth Holehouse

Republican political activist, staunch conservative political commentator, politics, podcaster for Man in America Podcast, luxury watches, entrepreneur, owner of Sell to Seth

Sean Davis

Conservative political commentator, politics, co-founder of the

Scott Ritter

political commentator, politics, military veteran

Scott Horton

Radio broadcaster, radio host, political commentator, politics

Scott Greer

Political commentator, politics

Scott Bennett

Political commentator, politics

Sarah Mucha

Political commentator, politics, journalist, CNN news reporter

Sarah Chayes

Political commentator, politics, Afganistan whistleblower

Sara Victoria

Conservative political commentator, politics

Samuel Charap

Senior writer for RAND Corporation, political commentator, politics

Samantha Bee

Comedian, comedy writer, TV producer, political commentator, politics, actress, TV host

Saagar Enjeti

Political commentator, politics, bestselling author of Populist's Guide To 2020

Ryan Saavedra

Journalist, writer, news reporter at DailyWire, conservative political commentator, politics

Ryan Knight

Socialist, democratic activist, political commentator, politics, podcaster on Amped Up

Ryan Gerritsen

Political commentator, politics

Rupa Subramanya

News reporter at the National Post, political commentator, politics

Ron Watkins

Technical analyst, conspiracy theorist, QAnon, Q-Anon, political commentator, politics

Ron Filipowski

Political commentator, politics

Ron Coleman

Conservative lawyer, attorney, free speech activist, political commentator, politics

Roger Stone

Republican political strategist, lobbyist, libertarian, conservative political commentator, politics, presidential campaign advisor for Donald Trump

Robert Gruler Esq.

Lawyer, attorney, political commentator, politics

Robby Starbuck

Political commentator, politics

Robbie Gramer

News reporter, diplomat, political commentator, politics

Rob Ferguson

Journalist, political commentator, politics, writer at the Toronto Star

Richard Willett

Filmmaker, film director, video producer, TV presenter, conspiracy researcher, political commentator, politics, podcaster at Glitch in the Code, WTAF? Podcast

Richard B. Spencer

Political activist, fascist, conservative political commentator, politics

Richard Baris

Political commentator, politics, podcaster at the Peoples Pundit Daily

Rich Lowry

Conservative political commentator, politics, author of The Case for Nationalism

Reza Aslan

Political commentator, politics, religion, religious studies, religious writer, author of Zealot

Rex Murphy

Journalist, political commentator, politics, author

Reed Coverdale

political commentator, politics, podcaster

Raymond Arroyo

TV host on FOX News, political commentator, politics

Raging Dissident

Podcaster for Raging Dissident aka Rage, principal Diagolon political commentator, politics, comedian, comic, libertarian, army veteran, military veteran, guest podcaster for Plaid Army

Pieter-Jan Brouwers

Graphic designer, political commentator

Phillipo Barrio

YouTuber, streamer, political commentator, politics, podcaster

Philip Bump

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter

Peter Schweizer

Political strategist, political consultant, writer, bestselling author Profiles in Corruption, political commentator, politics

Peter Robinson

Speechwriter aka Peter Mark Robinson, author, journalist, researcher, TV host of Uncommon Knowledge, political commentator, politics

Peter Kirsanow

Political commentator, politics, author of Second Strike

Peter Imanuelsen

Journalist, political commentator, politics

Pete Tofu

Political commentator, politics, podcaster at This One's For You (TOFU TV)

Pete Santilli

Political commentator, politics, podcaster on The Pete Santilli Show

Peta Credlin

News reporter on Sky News, news anchor, political commentator, politics

Peggy Noonan

Political commentator, politics, writer, journalist for the Wall Street Journal, author of The Time of Our Lives

Paul Mason

Political commentator, politics, author

Paul Craig Roberts

Economist, father of Reaganomics, historian, political commentator, politics, formerly at New York Times, author of Neoconserative Threat to World Order, How the Economy was Lost

Patriot Barbie

Political activist, political commentator, politics, busty, arm sleeve tattoos, podcaster at The Patriot Barbie Podcast

Pat Condell

Political commentator, politics

Pamela S. Karlan

Democrat political commentator, politics, activist, scholar

Norman Spector

Political commentator, politics

Norman Finkelstein

Political scientist, writer, author, political commentator, politics

Nina Jankowicz

Political commentator, politics, director of the Disinformation Board (the "ministry of truth") for United States censorship

Nikki Alien

political commentator, politics, busty brunette

Nigel Parry

Investigative journalist, political commentator, politics

Nick Fuentes

Conservative political commentator, politics, Republican activist, founder of the America First movement

N'dea Yancey-Bragg

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter

Nathan J. Robinson

Editor of Current Affairs aka Nathan J Robinson, political commentator, politics, author of Why You Should Be A Socialist, Big Books of Amusements, Trump Anatomy of a Monstrosity, writer, political co

Nate McMurray

Political commentator, politics

Nate Lerner

Democratic activist, political commentator, politics

Sheikh Murad

Political commentator, politics

Morgan Zegers

Founder and CEO of Young Americans Against Socialism, political activist, Turning Point USA Contributor, political commentator, politics

Monique Leal

Investigative journalist, political commentator, politics

Molly Nagle

Political commentator, politics, journalist, ABC news reporter

Molly Maroney

Political commentator, politics, entrepreneur, founder of SprATX, former writer at Stratfor, InfoWars

Molly Hensley-Clancy

News reporter, political commentator, politics, writer at BuzzFeed

Mocha Bezirgan

Video producer, political commentator, politics

Mo Brooks

Political commentator, politics

Miranda Devine

Conservative political commentator, politics, journalist, writer, columnist, mathematician, author of Laptop From Hell

Mindy Robinson

Conservative activist, political commentator, politics, busty blonde, biceps

Milo Yiannopoulos

Political commentator, politics, polemicist, public speaker, writer

Mike LaChance

Political commentator, politics

Health Ranger, Mike Adams

Founder of Brighteon, entrepreneur, political commentator, politics, spiritual author aka The Health Ranger Mike Adams, Natural News, Healing Matrix, blogger,,

Mika Brzezinski

TV host of Morning Joe, news reporter, democratic political commentator, politics

Mícheál Lehane

Political commentator, politics, journalist, RTE news reporter

Michael Parenti

Political commentator, politics, political scientist, educator, lecturer, author of The Assassination of Julius Caesar, The Culture Struggle, Super Patriotism, Against Empire

Michael Matt

YouTuber, political commentator, politics on The Remnant

Michael Heaver

Political commentator, politics

Melissa Tate

Republican conservative political commentator, politics, author of Choice Privilege

Melanated Rebel

Podcaster on the Melanated Rebel News Network, political commentator, politics

Meghan McCain

TV host, political commentator, politics, busty blonde, daughter of John McCain

Max Fawcett

Investigative journalist, political commentator, politics

Max Boot

News reporter for the Washington Post, political commentator, politics

Matthew J. Peterson

Political commentator, politics

Matt Walsh

Documentary filmmaker of What Is A Woman?, political commentator, politics, podcaster of The Matt Walsh Show for Daily Wire

Matt Fuller

Political commentator, politics, writer at The Daily Beast

Matt Bracken

Political commentator, politics, former Navy SEAL

Math Powerland

Political scientist, political commentator, politics

Mary Hui

News reporter for Quartz, political commentator, politics

Marty Makary

pancreatic surgeon, doctor, political commentator on FOX News, bestselling author of The Price We Pay

Marty Leeds

COVID whistleblower, religious commentator, YouTuber, political commentator, politics aka Marty Leeds 33

Mark Towhey

Political commentator, politics

Mark Steyn

Political commentator, politics, writer, jazz musician, bestselling author of America Alone

Mark Slapinski

Political commentator, politics

Mark Simone

Political commentator, politics

Mark Passio

Conspiracy researcher, Illuminati whistleblower, political commentator, politics, keynote speaker on the science of natural laws, podcaster at What On Earth Is Happening?

Mark Friesen

Political commentator, politics, YouTuber, prison guard, security guard

Marit Stiles

Political commentator, politics

Marissa J. Lang

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter

Marieke Walsh

News reporter for Global News, political commentator, politics

Marc J. Randazza

IP lawyer, IP attorney, First Amendment lawyer, political commentator, politics on InfoWars

Mimi al-Laham

Political commentator, politics aka Syrian Girl, Partisan Girl, Mimi al Laham, chemist, busty brunette

Mahyar Tousi

Political commentator, politics

Maggie Astor

Journalist for The New York Times, political commentator, politics, writer, news reporter, gymnastics

Mack Lamoureux

Journalist, writer for VICE, formerly with CBC, political commentator, politics

Maajid Nawaz

TV host, radio broadcaster, human rights activist, journalist, political commentator, politics, author of Radical

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