Yanet Garcia

Weather girl, reporter, fashion model, big booty, bubble butt, personal trainer, online fitness coaches, fitness online coaching

Joe Rogan

Podcaster at Joe Rogan Experience, standup comedian, MMA analyst, UFC sports commentator, MMA reporter, mixed martial arts, taekwondo, owner of CYIB Land Trust

Anderson Cooper

TV presenter, news anchor on 360°, news reporter, journalist

Rachel Maddow

Political commentator, politics, TV news anchor, reporter for MSNBC, TV host of The Rachel Maddow Show

Adam Schefter

NFL sports reporter

Gary Lineker

Sports reporter, sports news reporter, activist

Gary Linekar

Footballer, sports reporter

Sean Hannity

TV presenter, news anchor, news reporter, TV host on FOX News, political commentator, politics

Stephen A. Smith

sports analyst, sports commentator, sports reporter

Adrian Wojnarowski

NBA sports reporter, TV presenter on SportsCenter

Tomi Lahren

Political commentator, politics, news reporter was demonized as Nazi Barbie, podcaster at Tomi Lahren is Fearless

Skip Bayless

TV host, sports reporter

Lawrence O'Donnell

TV host of The Last Word, news anchor, news reporter, author of Playing with Fire

Mike Seidel

Meteorologist, field news reporter

Natalia Jersonsky

Sports reporter aka Natalia Jersonsky, blonde, very busty, breast reduction

Chris Mortensen

sports reporter

Ian Rapoport

NFL sports reporter

Louis Theroux

Filmmaker, documentary films, journalist, TV reporter, broadcaster

Chuck Todd

News reporter on Meet the Press

Darren Rovell

NFL sports reporter on ABC News, sports analyst, sports betting, gambling, collectibles, NFTs, senior executive producer at The Action Network

Chris Hayes

Author of A Colony in a Nation, news reporter, TV host of All In with Chris Hayes, TV host on MSNBC

Peter King

Sports reporter

Rachel Nichols

TV Host of The Jump on ESPN, sports journalist, sports reporter

Colin Cowherd

NFL sports reporter, TV presenter, news anchor

Wolf Blitzer

CNN news anchor for The Situation Room, political commentator, politics, CNN news reporter

Glenn Beck

Political commentator, politics of Glenn Radio, TV reporter, formerly on Fox News, YouTuber, podcaster

Don Lemon

TV host of CNN Tonight, news anchor, TV presenter, news reporter

Mike Greenberg

NFL sports reporter, TV presenter, news anchor

Henry Winter

NFL sports reporter, author

Robin Roberts

TV presenter, news anchor, news reporter

Matthew Berry

NFL sports reporter

Trey Wingo

NFL sports reporter, TV presenter, news anchor

Shams Charania

NBA sports reporter

Dan Katz

NFL sports reporter aka Big Cat, podcaster on Pardon My Take

Savannah Guthrie

TV host, news anchor, news reporter, TV presenter, mom, lawyer, attorney

Adriana Monsalve

Sportscaster, sports reporter

David Frum

Political activist, news reporter, political commentator, politics

Don Cherry

NHL hockey analyst, hockey coach, sports reporter, TV presenter on Coaches Corner

Mike Golic

NFL sports reporter for Golic and Wingo, TV presenter, news anchor

Goca Tržan

Blonde TV reporter

Anita Sarkeesian

Video gamer, gaming news reporter, feminist, activist, media critic, blogger, YouTuber on Feminist Frequency

Brian Stelter

News anchor of Reliable Sources, news reporter, chief media correspondent at CNN

Dan Walker

NFL sports reporter

Natasha Bertrand

News reporter at CNN, political commentator, politics

Laura Woods

Sports reporter, TV presenter

Field Yates

NFL sports reporter

Jason La Canfora

NFL sports reporter

Katie Nolan

TV host on Garbage Time, sports reporter

Elliotte Friedman

NHL hockey reporter, sportscaster, NHL analyst, NHL hockey analyst, sports reporter

Albert Breer

NFL sports reporter

Amy Robach

TV presenter, news reporter, author of Better, Epstein whistleblower

Kasie Hunt

Democratic news reporter, TV host Way Too Early, political commentator, politics

Marina Mogilko

YouTuber aka Silicon Valley Girl, reporter, journalist, TV host, linguistics, language teachers, world traveler, luxury goods, founder of LinguaTrip, FluentExpress

Megan Olivi

TV host, MMA commentator, UFC sports reporter, foodie, traveler, dog lover

Sam Stein

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter

Amanda Golden

Political commentator, politics, journalist, NBC news reporter

Gabby Logan

TV reporter, political commentator, politics

Hallie Jackson

Democratic news reporter

Oliver Holt

NFL sports reporter

Kayla Nicole

Ebony model, booty, TV host, sports reporter, online fitness coaching, online coaching

Oliver Kay

NFL sports reporter

Nick Kypreos

NHL reporter, sportscaster, former NHL ice hockey player

Phil McNulty

NFL sports reporter

Patrick Sharp

NHL analyst, hockey reporter, sportscaster, former NHL ice hockey player

Sam Wallace

NFL sports reporter

Kevin Clancy aka KFC

Sportscaster, NFL sports reporter, podcaster of KFC Radio

Sage Steele

Sports reporter, TV presenter, news anchor

Charissa Thompson

TV presenter, news anchor, TV host, sportscaster, sports reporter

Daniel Jeremiah

NFL sports reporter, former NFL scout for Ravens, Browns & Eagles

April Rose (reporter)

TV reporter, model, busty, enhanced breasts

Mike Reiss

NFL sports reporter for the New England Patriots

Dan Roan

NFL sports reporter

Stephania Bell

NFL sports reporter

Mark Chapman

NFL sports reporter

Jared Carrabis

Sports reporter, podcaster, MLB journalist, national baseball journalist

Jeff Darlington

NFL sports reporter

Scott Hanson

NFL sports reporter

Paul Hayward

NFL sports reporter

Mike Garafolo

NFL sports reporter


NHL hockey sports reporter aka Cabral Richards, Cabral Cabbie Richards

Paula Reid

Lawyer, political commentator, politics, news reporter, White House Correspondent

Matt Miller (sports)

NFL sports reporter

Ray Ferraro

Sports reporter, hockey analyst, former NHL ice hockey player


NFL sports reporter, podcaster on KFC Radio

Linda Cohn

TV host of ESPN SportsCenter, TV presenter, news anchor, hockey analyst, sports reporter

Jonathan Swan

News reporter

Dave Itzkoff

NFL sports reporter

Hannah Storm

Sports reporter, TV presenter, news anchor

Kristen Welker

White House Correspondent for NBC News, news reporter, TV presenter, political commentator, politics

Becky Quick

TV host and co-anchor of Squawk Box, news anchorwoman, news reporter, journalist, mom

Andre Ward

Boxer, boxing analyst, sportscaster, sports reporter

Ross Tucker

NFL sports reporter, former NFL football player

Matt Dickinson

NFL sports reporter

Jason Kennedy

TV host, reporter, E! News

Rosemary Barton

Journalist, political commentator, politics, news reporter, TV presenter

Evan Silva

NFL sports reporter

Josh Elliott

TV presenter, news anchor, sports reporter

David Begnaud

CBS news correspondent, TV reporter

Mike Clay

NFL sports reporter

Carl Quintanilla

News reporter at CNBC

Dan Harris

TV reporter, correspondant, author, 10% Happier

Mike Silver

NFL sports reporter

Chris Anderson

Author, The Long Tail, writer for Wired Magazine, robotics, founder of DIY Drones, keynote speaker, tech reporter

Kevin Weekes

Sports broadcaster, NHL hockey analyst, NHL sportscaster, sports reporter, former NHL hockey goalie, entrepreneur, owner of NO5HOLE N5H Apparel

Darren Pang

Hockey reporter, former NHL ice hockey goaltender

Kate Bierness

TV host on Sportsnet, sports reporter

Evan Solomon

Journalist, news reporter for CTV News


NFL sports reporter

David Faber

News reporter, financial journalist, TV host on Squawk

Lindsay Czarniak

ESPN sports reporter, sports broadcaster, TV presenter, podcaster of Players

Jackie Redmond

TV host, sports reporter, Sportsnet360, very busty

Meredith Marakovits

Sports reporter for the New York Yankees

Maria Bartiromo

TV presenter, journalist, news reporter, news anchor on FOX News

Jeff O'Neill

NHL sportscaster, sports reporter, former NHL ice hockey player

Laura Rozen

News reporter

Brian Burke

former NHL hockey GM, sports reporter, hockey analyst

Heather Childers

TV host, news anchor, TV presenter, journalist reporter, news reporter

Jacqui Oatley

NFL sports reporter

Mark Pougatch

NFL sports reporter

Sara Walsh

Sports reporter, TV host, TV presenter, news anchor

Jeremy Diamond

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter

Tom Pelissero

NFL sports reporter

Rob Harris

NFL sports reporter

Mike Isaac

Technology reporter, tech writer, tech journalist at NY Times

Bucky Brooks

NFL sports reporter, former NFL football player

Chamatkar Sandhu

MMA sports reporter, UFC sports reporter, news reporter

Jennifer Valentyne

TV reporter, Bachelorette After Show, TV host, blonde curvy booty

Michael J. Knowles

News reporter, political commentator, politics, podcaster of The Michael Knowles Show

Crystal Marie Denha

News reporter, standup comedian, standup comic, very busty

Tom E. Curran

NFL sports reporter at NBC Sports Boston

Chris Johnston

NHL hockey analyst, sportscaster, sports reporter

Ryan Rishaug

sports reporter, sportscaster, ice hockey analyst

Dieter Bohn

Tech writer, technology reporter, executive editor at The Verge

Steve Wyche

NFL sports reporter

Brett Okamoto

TV reporter, sports reporter, UFC commentator, MMA analyst

Kimberly Jones

Sports reporter, TV host

Adam Levitan

NFL sports reporter

Jim Trotter

NFL sports reporter

Sam Vinograd

News reporter, national security analyst for Joe Biden Institute

Sarah Lacy

reporter, writer, entrepreneur

Mike Freeman

NFL sports reporter

Jeff Howe

NFL football writer, NFL sports reporter for the New England Patriots at The Athletic Boston

Jack Curry

Sports reporter

Pete Prisco

NFL sports reporter

Dallas Braden

Sports reporter, podcaster, MLB journalist, national baseball journalist

Sara Eisen

News anchor for CNBC, journalist, news reporter, TV presenter

Dave Zirin

NFL sports reporter

Laura Sanko

UFC reporter, sports reporter, MMA reporter, former female MMA fighter, very busty blonde, enhanced breasts

Kelly Hrudey

NHL hockey reporter, former NHL ice hockey player

Darren Dutchyshen

Sports reporter

Dane Brugler

NFL sports reporter

Sara Orlesky

Sports reporter

Will Sommer

Tech reporter at the Daily Beast, journalist

Natasha Staniszewski

Sports reporter, TV host on Sportsnet, sportscaster

Ian Dennis

NFL sports reporter

Ben Volin

NFL sports reporter

Will Brinson

NFL sports reporter

Britt Johnson

TV host, sports reporter, busty, YouTuber, curvy model, very busty, enhanced breasts, booty

Evanka Osmak

TV host on Sportsnet, sports reporter

Jennifer Hedger

TV host on Sportsnet, sports reporter

Sarah Castellana-Heurtaux

Sports reporter, sports journalist

David Choe

Investigative journalist, podcaster of The Choe Show, TV reporter, painter, muralist, graffiti artist, graphic novelist

Diana Falzone

TV reporter, sportscaster, bikini model, swimsuit model, busty, enhanced breasts

Josh Norris

NFL sports reporter for Rotoworld

Jared Holt

Journalist, reporter, podcaster

Armando Salguero

NFL sports reporter

Omar Kelly

NFL sports reporter

Sam Monson

NFL sports reporter, senior analyst at PFF

Ashley James (presenter)

TV presenter, news reporter, DJ, interior designer

Kristen Shilton

Sports reporter for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Michelle Phelps

sports reporter, boxing correspondent, enhanced breasts

Jacquie Beltrao

Sports reporter, TV presenter, Olympic gymnast, blonde fashion model, yogi

Richard Conway

sports news correspondent, reporter, marketer

Steve Palazzolo

NFL sports reporter, senior analyst at PFF

Conor McNamara

NFL sports reporter

Mark Masters

Sports reporter

Ben Casselman

Economist, news reporter

Caroline Szwed

sportscaster, sports reporter, sports analyst

James Palmer

NFL sports reporter

Sarah Frier

Social media reporter, tech writer, author of NO FILTER: The Inside Story of Instagram

Charley Casserly

NFL sports reporter

Anna Kraft

TV presenter, sportscaster, sports reporter, news reporter

Jerry Dunleavy

Journalist, news reporter

Dan Roche

sports reporter

Christina Farr

TV reporter at CNBC.com, tech gadgets, healthcare

Caroline Cameron

NHL hockey reporter, sportscaster, tennis reporter, TV host on Sportsnet, sports reporter

Kelly Blanco

News reporter

Elise Hu

TV presenter, news reporter, speaker, podcaster at Future You with Elise Hu

Adam Beasley

NFL sports reporter

Jackie Alemany

TV anchor, political reporter, political commentator, politics, political journalist, politics

Shira Ovide

Technology reporter, tech writer, tech journalist

L. Jon Wertheim

Author, sports reporter

Kat Corbett

Singer, writer, reporter on Sirius XM Lithium


Basketball writer, sports reporter

Nellie Bowles

Technology reporter, tech writer, tech journalist

Danielle Graham

News reporter, TV host on eTalk, Love Island

Jon Ledyard

NFL sports reporter

Mike Renner

NFL sports reporter, lead draft analyst at PFF

Trevor Sikkema

NFL sports reporter

David Cochrane

Senior news reporter at CBC News

Giorgia Rossi

Sports reporter, sports journalist

Robert Benzie

Journalist, writer, news reporter for the Toronto Star

Amichai Stein

News reporter

Bret Hedican

Sportscaster, sports reporter, NHL announcer, sports commentator, former professional ice hockey player, a Stanley Cup champion, and a two-time US Olympian

Phil Perry

NFL sports reporter

Eric Enge

Marketer, tech reporter

Chris Perkins

NFL sports reporter for the Miami Dolphins

Jon Fortt

TV reporter, news anchor of Squawk Alley

Casey Holdahl

Sports reporter, writer, sports journalist

Ben Winslow

TV presenter, news anchor, news reporter

Kyle Crabbs

NFL sports reporter

Lauren Gardner

Redhead sportscaster, radio broadcaster, NHL reporter

Michael Hurley

NFL sports reporter

Christine Simpson

NHL hockey reporter

Joe Marino

NFL sports reporter

Gianna Tobani

VICE correspondent, journalist, sports reporter, producer

Emily Kaplan

Sports reporter

Kate Clark

Finance writer, journalist for venture capitalists, senior reporter at The Information

Adam Burish

Sports reporter, former NHL ice hockey player

Rick Devens

News reporter, news anchor, reality TV star, game show competitor, Survivor

Calvin Ayre

Venture capitalist, founder of the Ayre Group, Bodog, CoinGeek, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin SV investor, poker player, poker news reporter

Drew Harwell

Writer, news reporter

Anissa Naouai

Journalist, reporter, TV news anchor

Paul Farhi

Writer, news reporter

Morgan Brennan

TV reporter, news anchor of Squawk Alley

Maria Finoshina

Journalist, war reporter, peacekeeper

David Lombardi

Sportswriter, sports reporter

Ben Anderson

journalist, TV reporter, writer

Rebecca Ford

Senior Awards Editor at The Hollywood Reporter

Daniel Roberts

TV host on Yahoo Finance, business news reporter, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast, journalist, editor at Yahoo Finance, democratic political commentator, politics

Polly Boiko

TV reporter

Sharon Epperson

Finance correspondant, reporter

Susan Cingari

MMA analyst, MMA reporter, mixed martial arts

Borys Kit

Writer for the Hollywood Reporter

Justin Kroll

Writer for Variety, film reporter

Eric Newcomer

Technology reporter, tech writer, tech journalist

Jesse Granger

NHL hockey reporter following the Vegas Golden Knights

Sophia Yan

TV reporter, broadcaster

Adam Satariano

Technology reporter, tech writer, tech journalist

Yasmeen Abutaleb

Health policy news reporter

Jim Lang

Hockey reporter

Rachel Bogle

News reporter

Pamela McClintock

Editor-at-Large and Senior Film Writer for The Hollywood Reporter

Savanah Hernandez

Conservative political activist aka Savannah Hernandez, Republican political commentator, politics, news reporter, formerly TV host on Info Wars, podcaster on Rapid Fire Podcast

Owen Shroyer

Political commentator, politics, news reporter, TV host on Info Wars

Tatiana Siegel

Executive film editor at The Hollywood Reporter, formerly at Variety


tech journalist, reporter WIRED magazine https://klintfinley.com/

Aly Lozoff

Sports reporter for Bally Sports West & SoCal, rinkside reporter for the Anaheim Ducks, TV presenter, sports commentator, NHL analyst, lawyer, attorney, mom

Dr. Lipi Roy

Doctor, physician, news reporter

Daniela Cambone-Taub

TV presenter, news anchor for Stansberry Research, TV host aka Daniela Cambone Taub, editor-in-chief at Kitco News, news reporter, busty blonde

Andy Serwer

Andrew Serwer, TV host on Yahoo Finance, business news reporter

Brian Lowry

Senior news reporter at CNN, journalist, media critic

Claudia Gestro

Sports reporter, news reporter, busty

Jacques Peretti

Filmmaker, investigative reporter, TV host, The Super Rich And Us

Tom Giles

Technology reporter, tech writer, tech journalist

Stormy Buonantony

NHL analyst, sports reporter for the Vegas Golden Knights, busty blonde

Rosa Goldensohn

Reporter, writer, journalist

Lyndsay Rowley

TV reporter

Kate Rooney

News reporter, tech journalist, crypto enthusiast, fintech, Bitcoin writer, markets reporter

Marcos Villegas

Sports broadcaster for SBnation, FightHubTV, news reporter

Abha Bhattarai

Writer, journalist, national retail reporter for the Washington Post

Radio Rahim

Sports broadcaster of Seconds Out Boxing, news reporter

Angela Mollard

Author, speaker, news reporter on Channel 7

Kara Hammer

TV reporter, sports reporter for the Nashville Predators

Ben Constanduros

Sports commentator, sports reporter, racing commentator

Yesha Callahan

News reporter, political commentator, politics, Editorial Director at Essence

Ken Klippenstein

News reporter at The Nation Magazine

Nathan Vardi

Reporter, writer, journalist

Salimah Shivji

News reporter for CBC

Carly Agro

Sports reporter aka Charlsie Agro

Juliana Mazza

news reporter

Rachel Gilmore

Journalist, news reporter, political commentator, politics

Lory Ankiel

Hockey reporter, co-founder of The Athletes Guide

Star Derry

Meteorologist, news reporter

Mike on Much

Podcaster, interviewer, Hollywood reporter

Jimmy Altman

News reporter, TV presenter

Sarah Sears

Journalist, news reporter

Alyssa Meisner

News anchor, reporter

Kirik Jenness

MMA commentator, MMA analyst, sports reporter, mixed martial arts

Alison Morrow

Investigative journalist, writer, activist, Antifa expert, former TV host, news reporter

Julia La Roche

Financial reporter, TV host on CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, equestrian, horses, beauty pageant model, Miss New York 2014

Matthew Bove

Sports Director, sportscaster, sports reporter

Shari Wenk

Co-author of RELENTLESS, sports reporter aka Shari Lesser Wenk, marketer

Rachel Kopczyk

TV host, reporter

Lorilyn Prestidge

Co-founder at Launchable, editor, writer, reporter at WFIE 14 News

Jennifer Griffin

Journalist, news reporter, national security correspondent

Giselle Davila (reporter)

TV news reporter

Zoey Tur

Broadcast TV reporter

Zeinab Al Saffar

News reporter for Al Mayadeen, TV presenter, TV host

Zachary Petrizzo

News reporter at The Daily Beast

Zach Karabell

News reporter, political commentator, politics

Zach Dubinsky

News reporter, journalist, writer for CBC Investigations Unit

Zach Dean (reporter)

Sports reporter, sports news reporter

Willie Geist

TV host, news anchor, journalist, news reporter

Wendy Mesley

TV presenter, news reporter, news anchor

Tyson Nash

NHL announcer, sportscaster, TV reporter

Tyler Pager

Journalist, writer at Washington Post

Travis Dhanraj

News reporter for CBC Global News

Tram Mai

News anchor, TV presenter, journalist reporter

Tony Brar

Sports reporter

Tom Brokaw

TV host, journalist, news anchor, news reporter

Tom Ayers

Journalist, news reporter for CBC

Todd Van Der Heyden

TV host, news reporter

Timothy Holmseth

News reporter for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, radio broadcaster, songwriter, publisher, investigative journalist, FBI intelligence officer, whistleblower

Tim Malloy

Investigative journalist, news reporter

Teryn Gregson

Sports reporter, news reporter, golf reporter, podcaster, co-founder of Driving Disciples golf camps, religious Christian

Taylor Lorenz

technology news reporter, writer at NY Times, formerly at The Atlantic and The Daily Beast

Tanyel Mustafa

Journalist, writer, lifestyle reporter

Tali Arbel

Democratic news reporter for AP, animal lover, cats, vegeterian

Sylvain St-Laurent

Sports news reporter for Le Droit, RDS

Sydney Ember

Economist, news reporter for New York Times

Steven T. Dennis

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter

Steve Paikin

News reporter, podcaster

Steve Irvin

News anchor, news reporter

Steve Danehy

TV reporter, marathon runner, traveler, scotch, craft beer

Stephanie Hamill

Conservative political commentator, politics, news reporter, very busty blonde

Sophia Kunthara

News reporter for Crunchbase News

Sophia Jurksztowicz

TV host, sports reporter

Simon Bennett

Hockey announcer, sports reporter, hockey analyst, vioceovers

Siera Santos

Sports reporter for NHL.com, MLB Network, TV host of Quick Pitch, TV presenter, enhanced breasts

Shira Stein

News reporter for Bloomberg Law, formerly at Washington Post

Shi Davidi

Sports analyst, baseball analyst, sports reporter for the Toronto Blue Jays on Sportsnet

Shawn Tully

News reporter at Forbes

Sharri Markson

News reporter on Sky News

Shannon Sharpe

Sports reporter, TV host on Undisputed, former NFL football player

Shannon Cake

News reporter on WPTV, news anchor, investigative reporter, investigative journalist

Shanna McCarriston

Sports writer, sports reporter

Shadi Hamid

Political commentator, politics, journalist, news reporter, author

Sean Sullivan

White House news reporter

Scott Sniedzins

Founder of Truly Local Farms, entrpreneur, podcaster, news reporter, activist

Scaachi Koul

Culture reporter, journalist

Sarah Wu

Journalist at Reuters, news correspondent, news reporter

Sarah Williamson

News correspondent for Newsmax, news reporter

Sarah Trott

Reality TV star on The Bachelor, news reporter, ALS activist, feminist, podcaster of From Here to Where Podcast

Sarah Taylor

News reporter for TheBlaze Media, formerly at TMZ

Sarah Nicole Davis

TV host on TSN, sports reporter, mom

Sarah Mucha

Political commentator, politics, journalist, CNN news reporter

Sara A. Carter

Journalist, news writer, investigative reporter

Sanya Burgess

investigative journalist, news reporter at Sky News

Sanjay Gupta

Neurosurgeon, medical reporter, writer, chief of the neurosurgery service at Grady Memorial Hospital

Sanjana Karanth

news reporter

Sanders Kennedy III

YouTuber, news reporter for AfterBuzzTV, reality TV star on 90 Day Fiance, podcaster on The Sanders Kennedy Show, Hard To Swallow

Samantha Ponder

TV presenter, news anchor, sports reporter

Ryan Saavedra

Journalist, writer, news reporter at DailyWire, conservative political commentator, politics

Ryan S. Clark

Sports reporter for The Atlantic, beat reporterfor the Colorado Avalance

Ryan Rocca

News reporter, writer at Global News Toronto

Rupa Subramanya

News reporter at the National Post, political commentator, politics

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