Donald J. Trump

45th President of the United States of America, Republican politician, founder of Trump International Hotels & Resorts, private jet owner

Marco Rubio

Presidential nominee for the 2016 Republican party, Senator, politician

Ted Cruz

Republican politician, US senator, conservative

Rand Paul

Republican politician, US senator from Kentucky since 2011, doctor, physician, author of The Case Against Socialism

Candace Owens

Author of Blackout, activist aka Blexit, Blaxit, political commentator, politics, Republican, conservative political activist

Killer Mike

Rapper aka Mike Render, Michael Santiago Render, Run The Jewels, hip hop singer, conservative republican political commentator, politics, entrepreneur, barbershops

Lindsey Graham

RINO democratic US senator, Republican politician, chickenhawk, warmonger

Charlie Kirk

Republican political activist, political commentator, politics, founder and president of Turning Point USA, author of The MAGA Doctrine

George W. Bush

Republican politician, 43rd President of the United States 2001-2009

Beto O'Rourke

Democratic politician, US congressman, former Texas Republican


YouTubers, comedians, political commentator, politicss, conservative Republicans

Jim Jordan

Republican politician, US congressman

Paul Ryan

Politician, Republican, 54th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

John Bolton

Attorney, lawyer, political commentator, politics, Republican consultant, former diplomat and national security advisor, former Assistant to the President for National Security, chickenhawk, warmonger

Terrence K. Williams

Standup comedian, standup comic, political commentator, politics, Republican conservative

Eric Swalwell

California Republican politician, infamous for fartgate and hooking up with a Chinese spy named Fangfang

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Inventor of email protocol, software engineer, scientist, biologist, political commentator, politics, speaker, libertarian, politician, Republican, author of The Future of Email, Your Body Your System

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Politician aka Sarah Sanders, author of Speaking for Myself, Republican conservative, former White House Deputy Press Secretary

Scott Presler

Republican political activist aka The Persistence, polticial commentator, politics

Matt Couch

Republican Conservative activist, political commentator, politics


Political commentator, politics aka Kambree Kawahine Koa, feminist, activist, Republican conservative

DeAnna Lorraine

Political commentator, politics, TV host on Alex Jones, Republican politician, busty brunette

Maggie VandenBerghe

Journalist, political commentator, politics, Republican conservative, independent filmmaker of Wanderlust, film director, actress

Bradley Scott


Katrina Pierson

Tea Party activist aka Katrina Pearson, political commentator, politics, conservative Republican

Owen Benjamin

Standup comedian, standup comic, TV host on Bar Rescue, raunchy humor

Tim Ryan

Ohio Republican, politician

Mark Meadows

Republican politician, congressman, former White House Chief of Staff for Donald Trump

Dave Brat

Republican politician, economist, Falkirk Center, conservative against crony capitalism

Savanah Hernandez

Conservative political activist aka Savannah Hernandez, Republican political commentator, politics, news reporter, formerly TV host on Info Wars, podcaster on Rapid Fire Podcast

Laura Loomer

Investigative journalist, political activist, Republican conservative political commentator, politics, journalist, writer at Loomered

John Delaney

Politician, congressman, Democratic Party, former Maryland Republican

Jim Risch

Republican politician in Idaho

Will Hurd

Republican congressman, politician

Vernon Jones

Republican Party politician, former Democratic politician, Georgia House of Representatives from 1993-2001 and 2017-2021

Vern Buchanan

Republican senator of Florida, politician

Trey Hollingsworth

Republican senator of Indiana, politician

Tom Rice

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump, CPA accountant, tax lawyer

Tina Forte

Conservative activist, Republican political commentator, politics

Thomas Massie

Republican congressman, politician, scientist, geologist, went against John Kerry in congress on climate change

Tara LaRosa

MMA fighter, mixed martial arts, BJJ grappler, Republican activist with Proud Boys

Dr. Steve Pieczenik

Bestselling author of American Warrior in Crises, podcaster at Steve Pieczenik Talks, conservative activist, Republican political commentator, politics, former CIA, international relations

Stephen K. Bannon

Republican activist, conservative lobbyist, political commentator, politics, political strategist, former investment banker, former executive chairman of Breitbart News, pardoned by Trump

Solomon Yue

Conservative political commentator, politics, Republican activist

Shannon Grove

Republican politician, US senator

Seth Holehouse

Republican political activist, staunch conservative political commentator, politics, podcaster for Man in America Podcast, luxury watches, entrepreneur, owner of Sell to Seth

Sean Whalen

Entrepreneur, businessman, owner of Lions Not Sheep, father, dad, conservative Republican, activist

Sarah Palin

Republican politician, former Governor of Alaska, writer, author of Going Rouge

Roy Blunt

Republican politician

Ron Johnson

Republican senator, politician in Wisconsin

Roger Williams

Republican politician

Roger Wicker

Republican Party politician, lawyer, attorney, US senator from Mississippi

Roger Stone

Republican political strategist, lobbyist, libertarian, conservative political commentator, politics, presidential campaign advisor for Donald Trump

Rod Blum

Republican politician of Iowa

Rob Portman

Republican politician of Ohio

Rob Carbone

Leader of the Republican Party of Canada, politician, investor, founder of London Burke

Rick Perry

Republican politician, former governor of Texas

Rick Allen

Republican politician in Georgia

Ralph Norman

Republican politician

Peter Meijer

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump

Paul Mitchell (farmer)

Republican US senator of Michigan, farmer, businessman, politician

Patrick Little

Republican politician

Pat Toomey

Democratic politician, Republican US senator

Nick Fuentes

Conservative political commentator, politics, Republican activist, founder of the America First movement

Morgan Ortagus

Political strategist, Republican Party politician, financial analyst, spokesperson for US Department of State from 2019-2021

Mitch McConnell

Republican politician, Senate majority leader

Mike Kelly

Republican politician in Pennsylvania

Mike Gallagher

Republican politician, congressman for Wisconsin

Michael McCaul

Republican senator, politician

Melissa Tate

Republican conservative political commentator, politics, author of Choice Privilege

Matt Gaetz

Republican politician, conservative congressman

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Republican politician aka MTG

Louie Gohmert

Republican politician, congressman

Liz Cheney

Democratic politician, wife of Dick Cheney, Republican voted to impeach Trump

Lin Wood

Attorney, lawyer, conservative political commentator, politics, Republican activist

Lavern Spicer

Republican politician

Kim Klacik

Republican conservative politician

Kelly Loeffler

Republican politician, junior US Senator of Georia, former CEO of Bakkt, sports team owner, co-owner of the Atlanta Dream

Katharine Rayner

Billionaire heiress, republican, her grandfather James Cox founded Cox Enterprises

Karl Rove

Republican politician, lobbyist, educator, President of Karl Rove & Company

Josh Hawley

Conservative politician, Republican politician, constitutional lawyer, attorney

Jonathan Tisch

Billionaire, republican

Jonathan Gray

Billionaire, republican

John L. Parker

Republican politician

John Katko

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump, congressman

John Hoeven

Republican politician

Jim Sensenbrenner

Republican politician in Wisconsin

Jesse Lee Peterson

Conservative activist, Republican political commentator, politics

Jennifer Fleck

Republican politician

Jaime Herrera Beutler

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump

Henry Waxman

Republican politician

Heather Mac Donald

Political commentator, politics aka Heather MacDonald, conservative Republican

Greg Gianforte

Republican senator, politician

Glenn Youngkin

Republican politician

Fred Upton

Democratic congressman, Republican politician voted to impeach Trump

Francis Rooney

Republican poltician in Florida

Ed Durr

Truck driver, Republican conservative politician, US senator from New Jersey

Diamond and Silk

Republican political commentator, politicss, co-authors of Uprising

David Valadao

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump

David Perdue

Republican senator, conservative politician in Georgia

Daniel McCarthy

Politician, conservative Republican

Daniel Lubetzky

Billionaire, republican, founder and CEO of KIND Healthy Snacks

Dana Rohrabacher

Republican politician, US House of Representatives from 1989-2019, cannabis

Dan Newhouse

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump

Code Monkey Ron

Conservative activist, Republican political commentator, politics

Chris Rufo

Documentary filmmaker of America Lost, documentary films, contributing editor at City Journal, critical race theory, Republican conservative activist, fellow at the Manhattan Institute

Cari Kelemen

Conservative activist, Republican political commentator, politics

Buddy Carter

Republican politician

Brigitte Gabriel

Bestselling author, Conservative activist, Republican political commentator, politics

Bob Good

Republican senator, conservative politican

Bob Corker

Democratic political commentator, politics, former Republican senator

Ben Sasse

Republican politician

Anthony Gonzalez

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump, congressman, US representative, footbally player

Anna Khait

Reality TV star on Survivor, poker player, conservative activist, Republican political commentator, politics, YouTuber

Ambur Walker

Conservative republican, conservative political commentator, politics

Adam Kinzinger

Democratic politician, Republican voted to impeach Trump, chickenhawk, warmonger

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