Seth MacFarlane    

Comedian, screenwriter, TV producer, creator of Family Guy, The Orville, film director, film producer

D.B. Weiss  

Film director, TV director, TV producer of Game of Thrones, screenwriter aka Daniel Brett Weiss

Jon Favreau    

filmmaker, film producer, screenwriter, film director, actor, Swingers

Rashida Jones  

Actress, film producer, screenwriter, comic book author, music producer

Ollie Locke    

Actor, screenwriter

Duncan Trussell      

Podcaster on Real Duncan Trussell Family Hour, TV screenwriter and co-creator of Midnight Gospel

Dan Aykroyd  

Actor, screenwriter, musician, entrepeneur, founder of Crystal Head Vodka, owner of House of Blues franchise, Dan Aykroyd Wines and Crystal Head Vodka, actor, film producer, creator of Ghostbusters

Neal Brennan        

TV director, screenwriter, standup comedian, comedy writer

Lisa Wu  

Blasian actress, screenwriter, producer

Chevy Chase    

Actor, comedian, screenwriter, investor, co-founder of WeddingWire, dad, father

Andrew Klavan    

Writer, political commentator, politics, screenwriter, essayist

Mike Judge  

Film director, film producer, screenwriter

Jeannie Gaffigan  

Author of When Life Gives You Pears, screenwriter, TV producer of The Jim Gaffigan Show, wife of Jim Gaffigan

Steve Levitan  

TV producer, Modern Family, screenwriter

Jared Keeso    

Actor, 19-2, The Don Cherry Story, Godzilla, screenwriter, TV producer, Wayne on Letterkenny

Jonathan Torrens    

Screenwriter, comedian, Jonovision, Trailer Park Boys

Eoin Macken  

Actor, screenwriter, director, novelist, author

Candace Bushnell  

Screenwriter, TV producer, Sex and the City, reality TV star, Wickedly Perfect

Joel Hodgson  

screenwriter, movies

Aaron Korsh  

Screenwriter, Suits, TV director, TV writer, former ice hockey player

Tony Todd  

Actor, screenwriter, film producer

Alejandro González Iñárritu  

Screenwriter, Birdman

Jacob Tierney  

Screenwriter, film director, TV director, actor as Glen from Letterkenny

Alec Berg  

Film director, film producer, comedy screenwriter

Alex Kurtzman  

Screenwriter, film producer

Matt Miller  

TV producer aka Matthew Miller, film producer, screenwriter

Armand Assante  

Actor, screenwriter, director

Aaron Sorkin  

Screenwriter, producer, playwright, The Social Network

Dario Russo  

Screenwriter, producer Danger 5

Jamie Linden    


Gary Stretch        

MMA fighter, mixed martial arts, MMA fight coach, nutritionist, screenwriter, film director of Through My Fathers Eyes, CEO of The Safest Place on Earth LLC

Stephen Gaghan  

Screenwriter, Traffic, Syriana, Gold, Rules of Engagement

Philip Eisner  


Matthew Cox  

Screenwriter, author, former mortgage broker, appraisals

Steven Soderbergh  

Film director, film producer, screenwriter, cinematographer

Danny Bridger  


Marcus Chong  

Blasian actor as Tank on the Matrix, screenwriter

Terence Winter

Screenwriter, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Sopranos, director, TV producer, film producer, filmmaker

Stephen Levinson

Screenwriter, Entourage

Scooter Downey

Screenwriter, documentary filmmaker

Sacha Baron Cohen

Actor, comedian, Ali G, Borat, screenwriter, filmmaker, film producer

Robert Zemeckis

Screenwriter, film director, Back to the Future

Robbie Fox (writer)


Rob Weiss

Screenwriter, TV director

Randall Wallace

Screenwriter, Braveheart, Pearl Harbor

Quentin Tarantino

Screenwriter, film director, film producer A Band Apart, cinematographer, actor

Owen Wilson  

Actor, screenwriter, film producer

Nick Cassavetes

Film director, filmmaker, screenwriter, The Notebook, Alpha Dog, John Q, Face Off

Nathan Fielder

Actor, comedian, screenwriter

Mike Binder

Film director, filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, actor, cigars

Michael Cimino

Screenwriter, The Deer Hunter

Mel Brooks  

Film producer, film director, screenwriter, comedian, actor, singer, military veteran

Max Brooks

Screenwriter of World War Z

Mark Davis Pickup    

Screenwriter, religious Christian

Lucian K. Truscott IV  

journalist aka Lucian King Truscott IV, novelist, screenwriter, descendent of Thomas Jefferson

Louisette Geiss

Film producer, filmmaker, screenwriter, voiceovers, redhead actress

Lena Dunham

Film director, film producer, screenwriter, actress

Joss Whedon

Screenwriter, The Avengers

Jon Spaihts

Screenwriter of Dune, screenplays

John Moore

Screenwriter, film director, film producer, Behind Enemy Lines

Joe Russo


Joan Lunden          

TV host, Good Morning America, actress, screenwriter, reality TV star, Wickedly Perfect, journalist, writer, author

James Redford

Screenwriter, filmmaker

James Gunn

Screenwriter, film director, Guardians of the Galaxy

Harry Elfont


Guy Ritchie

Film director, Snatch, filmmaker, screenwriter, film producer

Gus Van Sant

Screenwriter, film director

George Lucas

Billionaire, film producer, screenwriter, filmmaker, Star Wars

Gary Spinelli  

Screenwriter of American Made, Impulse and Motorcade, film producer, investor, financier, Finance Manager at Davos Brands

Frank Darabont

Screenwriter, film director, Shawshank Redemption

Evan Goldberg

Film director, filmmaker, screenwriter, friend and collaborator to Seth Rogan

Eli Roth

Film director, film producer, screenwriter, horror films such as Hostel, Cabin Fever, Grindhouse

Doug Ellin

TV producer, film director, creator of HBO TV hit series Entourage, screenwriter

Diablo Cody

Screenwriter, film producer, author, journalist

Destin Daniel Cretton

Screenwriter, film director, filmmaker

Denis Villeneuve

Film director of Dune, screenwriter

Dena Seidel

Documentary filmmaker, screenwriter, documentary film director of Antarctic Edge: 70 Degrees South

Deborah Kaplan


David Ayer

Film director, film producer, screenwriter, Fury

Daniel Schechter


Courtney Kemp Agboh  

Screenwriter, film producer, Power

Christopher Nolan

Film director, filmmaker, film producer, screenwriter

Charles Randolph


Brooke Burgstahler      

Actress, screenwriter, artist, very busty blonde

Billy Wilder


Alan Watt

Screenwriter, lecturer, podcaster, CIA whistleblower

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