Ellen DeGeneres

Standup comedian, TV host of The Ellen Show, speaker

Michelle Obama

Author, Becoming Michelle Obama, politician, former First Lady of the United States, keynote speaker

Chrissy Teigen

Supermodel aka Christine Teigen, very busty, speaker

Joel Osteen

Christian minister, televangelist, speaker, multimillionaire, private jet owner

Tony Robbins

Motivational speaker, life coach, author of Money, Unshakeable, Why We Do What We Do

Earvin Magic Johnson

former NBA basketball player, keynote speaker

Martha Stewart

Celebrity chef, lifestyle blogger, author of cookbooks, Marley Spoon, former stockbroker, former model, keynote speaker

Joyce Meyer

Christian author, humanitarian, keynote speaker and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries

Stephanie McMahon

Professional wrestler, WWE Diva, busty, big enhanced breasts, philanthropist, public speaker, fitness junkie

Nancy Pelosi


Bella Falconi

Brunette fitness model, big enhanced breasts, abs, biceps, motivational speaker

Deepak Chopra

Motivational speaker, self-help author, life coach, personal development coach, spirituality

Brené Brown

Educator, empathy, sympathy, researcher, research professor, storyteller, author of Braving the Wilderness, keynote speaker

Anupam Kher

Teacher, author, motivational Speaker

Patrick Bet-David

YouTuber, entrepreneur, luxury cars, TV host for Valuetainment, speaker, podcaster

Chris Hadfield

Astronaut, keynote speaker

Ed Mylett

Podcaster on The Ed Mylett Show, bestselling author, life coach, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, fitness junkie

Newt Gingrich

Politician, former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, author of Shakedown, entrepreneur, dad

Shonda Rhimes

TV producer, film producer, speaker

Michael Yamashita

World traveler, travel photographer, National Geographic photographer, keynote speaker, author

Guy Kawasaki

Chief evangelist at Canva, director at Privy, life coach, motivational speaker, keynote speaker, author, The Art of Social Media, former chief product evangelist at Apple

Gabby Bernstein

Motivational speaker aka Gabrielle Bernstein, bestselling author, The Universe Has Your Back

Josh Denzel

Reality TV star on Love Island, speaker, presenter

Lolly Daskal

Bestselling author of The Leadership Gap, keynote speaker, podcaster at In The Hour Podcast

Simon Sinek

Author, Find Your Why, Leaders Eat Last, motivational speaker

Jack Canfield

Author, The Success Principles, Chicken Soup for the Soul, marketer, salesperson, keynote speaker, motivational speaker

Brian Tracy

Motivational speaker, life coach, The Psychology of Selling

Paul Ryan

Politician, Republican, 54th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Marie Forleo

Life coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, bestselling author, Everything is Figureoutable

Darren Kavinoky

Criminal lawyer, attorney, motivational speaker, TV host, TV producer, creator of Deadly Sins, legal analyst, marathon runner

Bastian Yotta

Life coach, motivational speaker, personal development coach, entrepeneur, bodybuilder

Malcolm Gladwell

Bestselling author, TED keynote speaker, staff writer for the New Yorker

Esther Hicks

Motivational speaker, author, Ask and It Is Given

Blaire White

YouTuber, public speaker, political commentator, politics, transgender, trans glamour model, enhanced breasts

Kim Garst

Keynote speaker, online marketer

Bruce Van Horn

Business coach, life coach, keynote speaker

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Inventor of email protocol, software engineer, scientist, biologist, political commentator, politics, speaker, libertarian, politician, Republican, author of The Future of Email, Your Body Your System

Ayer Alexandra González

Speaker, model, busty, enhanced breasts

Vala Afshar

Keynote speaker, Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce

Gilbert Gottfried

Actor, comedian, speaker, cameos

Jocko Willink

Podcaster, Jocko Podcast, co-author of Extreme Ownership, public speaker, life coach, army veteran, leadership

Jim Kwik

Philosopher, psychologist, keynote speaker, author of Limitless

T. Harv Eker

Speaker, NYT bestselling author, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Don’t Believe A Thought You Think

Ray Dalio

Billionaire, hedge fund manager, financier, author of Principles for Success, life coach, keynote speaker

Michael S. Hyatt

Author of Platform, Get Noticed in a Noisy World, podcaster, blogger, speaker, and the CEO and founder of Michael Hyatt & Company

Juntae DeLane

Branding, digital marketer, public speaker, blogger

Colin O'Brady

Motivational speaker, keynote speaker, triathlete, professional endurance athlete

Zig Ziglar

Mentor, life coach, motivational speaker, public speaker

George Couros

Educator, learner, speaker, author, The Innovators Mindset

Stef Sanjati

YouTuber aka Stefanie Luciana Peloza, keynote speaker, busty, enhanced breasts

Kenneth H. Blanchard

Keynote speaker aka Kenneth H Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager

Jim Hoft

Writer at the Gateway Pundit, speaker, Where Hope Made a Comeback

Thomas DeLauer

bodybuilder, big biceps, online fitness coaches, fitness online coaching, personal trainer, motivational speaker, husband, dad

Darren Hardy

Life coach, keynote speaker

Kevin Mitnick

Hacker, cybersecurity analyst, keynote speaker, author of Whistling ICBM

Lori Harder

motivational speaker, life coach


Rapper, entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster of Real Talk with Zuby, author of Strong Advice, fitness junkie, political commentator, politics

Neal Schaffer

Marketing consultant, keynote speaker

Gordon Tredgold

Corporate trainer, leadership training, leadership speaker, keynote speaker

David Icke

Bestselling author, The Answer, The Biggest Secret, writer, social scientist, psychologist, futurist, conspiracy theorist, football, political commentator, politics, keynote speaker

Noah Galloway

Athlete, keynote speaker, army veteran, author

Wes Bos

React computer programmer, React software developer, React web developer, speaker, educator, programming teacher, learning JavaScript programming

Bob Proctor

Author, businessperson, speaker, salesperson, founder of the Proctor Gallagher Institute

Tom Ferry

Podcaster, speaker, real estate investor, real estate coach, real estate online coach, life coach

Mikko Hypponen

Technologist, public speaker, IT endpoint security

Bryan Kramer

Keynote speaker

Chris Anderson

Author, The Long Tail, writer for Wired Magazine, robotics, founder of DIY Drones, keynote speaker, tech reporter

Kim Kiyosaki

Speaker, investor, entrepreneur, author, Rich Woman

Ben Uyeda

Home builder, interior designer, architectural engineer, keynote speaker

Anthony Morrison

Internet marketer, digital marketer, online marketer, affiliate marketer, YouTuber, entrepreneur, Internet marketing trainer, speaker, author, 8 Figure Funnel Formula

Michael E. Porter

Economist, management theorist, researcher, author, advisor, speaker, teacher

Dorian Yates

Bodybuilder, won Mr. Olympia 6 times in a row, speaker, entrepreneur

Guru Mooji

Spiritual teacher aka Guru Mooji, Sahaja Express, monk, educator, speaker, religious, podcaster on Mooji TV

Harnaam Kaur

Trans alt model, transgender

Alice Keeler

Educator, teacher, speaker, author

Joe Pulizzi

Bestselling author, The Will to Die, Content Inc., podcaster, speaker, entrepreneur

Joe Vitale

Spiritual teacher aka Mr Fire, life coach, speaker, self-help author

Amber Mac

TV host, entrepreneur aka Amber MacArthur, keynote speaker, bestselling author, podcaster of The AI Effect

Brian Fanzo

Digital futurist, keynote speaker

Mel Robbins

motivational speaker, life coach

Amy Cuddy

speaker, presence on how your body language shapes who you are

Gurbaksh Chahal

Entrepreneur, author of The Dream, keynote speaker, investor, founder of BlueLithium

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Fitness model, busty, enhanced breasts, motivational speaker, author, fitness instructor

Elizabeth de la Vega

Lawyer, attorney, speaker

Parvati Shallow

Life coach, speaker, yoga teacher, mom, reality TV star, game show competitor, Survivor winner

Jovana Borojevic

YouTuber, curvy model, bikini model, weight loss, lifestyle blogger, motivational speaker

Chris Messina

Inventor of hashtags, keynote speaker, product designer

Ryan Selkis

Founder of Messari, Bitcoin crypto enthusiast, speaker

Dr. Jennifer Cassidy

PhD, keynote speaker

Christopher Ryan

Psychologist, speaker, bestselling author of Sex At Dawn, podcaster, vanthropologist, road scholar

Megan Phelps-Roper

social media activist, lobbyist, speaker, author of Unfollow

Melissa Andre

Event planner, events, creative consultant, creative director at Melissa Andre Design Co., keynote speaker, married, fashion model, lips

Jimmy Casas

Educator, author, speaker

Tristan Harris

Speaker, time management, founder of the Time Well Spent movement

David Gokhshtein

Politician, writer for Forbes, entrepreneur, speaker, crypto enthusiast, founder of Gokhshtein Media, PAC Protocol

Whitney Johnson

Author, Disrupt Yourself, public speaker, investor

Blake Mycoskie

Founder of TOMS shoes, one for one marketplace, social entrepreneur, keynote speaker

Mitch Joel

Journalist, publicist, author, Six Pixels of Separation, keynote speaker

Marcus Buckingham

Bestselling author, First Break All The Rules, keynote speaker

Karyn Calabrese

Restauranteur, vegan activist, raw foodist, speaker

Anas Alhajji

Keynote speaker, woodworker

Erik Finman

Bitcoin millionaire, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin enthusiast, speaker

Marciel Hopkins

Bikini model, life coach, keynote speaker

Dr. Jack Brown

Physician, psychologist, body language, keynote speaker

Katherine Ormerod

Fashionista, fashion influencer, fashion blogger, stylist, brand consultant, writer, speaker

Sharon Lechter

Motivational speaker, self-help author

Tracey Spicer

Author, keynote speaker

Jason Wrobel

Celebrity chef, TV host of the Cooking Channel, lifestyle coach, author, speaker

Ryan Ries

Speaker, religious podcaster

Bryan Eisenberg

Internet marketer, digital marketer, online marketer, CRO expert, conversion rate optimizations, bestselling author, keynote speaker, author of Be Like Amazon, entrepreneur, founder of Pelotero

Brian Cain

life coach, keynote speaker, author

Dr. John A. McDougall

Physician, nutritionist, educator, speaker, foodist, vegan activist, founder of Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Inc.

Ryan Holmes

Founder & CEO of Hootsuite, keynote speaker

Sam Kelly

social media strategist, marketer, public speaker, author

Elise Hu

TV presenter, news reporter, speaker, podcaster at Future You with Elise Hu

Catlin Tucker

Google Certified Innovator, International Trainer, Blended Learning Coach, Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author

Aviva Klompas

Author, speechwriter, political adviser, public speaker, political commentator, politics

Brian Stann

MMA sports commentator, MMA sportscaster, former UFC fighter, MMA fighter, mixed martial arts, speaker, marine, army veteran, military veteran, world traveler

Martin Ford

public speaker, author, Rise of the Robots

Roger Dooley

Author, Brainfluence, speaker

Carlos Gil

Keynote speaker, author, The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI

Pete Dominick

Standup comedian, standup comic, speaker, political commentator, politics

Felicia Romero

Fitness instructor, fitness coach, yogie, entrepreneur, personal trainer, motivational speaker, fitness model, 7x cover model, enhanced breasts

Dr. Gabor Maté

Neuroscientist, speaker, psychologist, addictions expert, bestselling author

Yvette d'Entremont

Scientist aka SciBabe, speaker, science blogger, chiropractors are bullshit

Alessio Rastani

Stock trader, forex trader, stocks investing, speaker, crypto investor

Daniel Alonzo

Wealth expert, investor, speaker

Clint Hill

Retired secret service agent, author of Five Presidents, speaker, podcasts

Coach Jimmy

Life coach, entrepreneur, speaker

Tonya Lewis Lee

Film producer, filmmaker, keynote speaker, author, entrepreneur, founder of Movita Organics, ToniK Productions, mom

Oli Gardner

Internet marketer, digital marketer, online marketer, CRO expert, conversion rate optimizations, speaker, co-founder and Creative Director at Unbounce

Elaine Perry

Marketer, consultant, speaker, co-founder of Crochet Maze

Cynthia Sue Larson

bestselling author, Quantum Jumps, keynote speaker, aura, pineal gland, YouTuber

Neil Blumenthal

Co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, keynote speaker

Laura Roeder

keynote speaker

Tim Ash

CEO of SiteTuners.com, Internet marketer, digital marketer, online marketer, CRO expert, conversion rate optimizations, keynote speaker

Joel Salatin

Environmentalist, farmer, grass fed farming, speaker, author of Folks, This Ain’t Normal, You Can Farm and Salad Bar Beef

Peter Steinberger

iOS developer, graphic designer, Adobe PDF developer, keynote speaker

Julie Golob

Professional shooter, sharpshooter, marksman, hunter, military veteran, author, keynote speaker

Andy Beal

Author, 30 Days To a Better Online Reputation, marketer, keynote speaker

Mike Koenings

Podcaster, investor, Forbes writer, business development, marketer, serial entrepreneur, filmmaker, speaker, author, product manager, investor

Steven Kotler

Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective, neuroscientist, speaker, bestselling author of The Future is Faster Than You Think

Chuck Blakeman

Speaker, advisor to ShopLocally.com

Barry Adams

SEO consultant, SEO marketing consultant, online marketer, digital marketer, editor at State of Digital, keynote speaker

Catherine Austin Fitts

Economist, investigative journalist, editor-in-chief of the Solari Report, Dillon Read and Co, speaker, crypto enthusiast, former stock trader

Dr. Toni Bark

Medical doctor, physician, biohacker, speaker, homeopath, Keto fitness coach, vegan activist

Rhonda Byrne

Author of The Secret, TV writer, speaker

Jen Morilla

World traveler, travel photographer, mentor, speaker

Jason Smylie

Financial advisor, entrepreneur, speaker, owner of Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, Inc.

Kelsey Miller

Author, speaker, freelance writer

Shannon Dey

Founder of Bombshell Fitness, fitness writer, motivational speaker, fitness model, huge enhanced breasts, lips, booty

Chris Voss

Negotiator aka Christopher Voss, interrogations, keynote speaker, sales trainer, life coaching, sales coaching, business coaching, author, Never Split The Difference

Sarah Hallberg

Keynote speaker, Type 2 diabetes

Erin Elizabeth

TV journalist, author, public speaker, writer at Health Nut News, activist

Jessica Jackley

Founder of Kiva, entrepreneur, ProFounder, angel investor, keynote speaker

Martin Jones

Speaker, writer, digital marketer

Bryan Alexander

Futurist, educator, speaker, writer, blogger, book clubs

Annie Jacobsen

Author of Operation Paperclip, Area 51, investigative journalist, DARPA, The Pentagon, speaker, war, political commentator, politics

Gurdeep Ahluwalia

Motivational speaker

Levi Roots

Celebrity chef, entrepreneur, guitars, musician, author, speaker

Sarah Friar

CEO at Nextdoor, former CFO at Square, keynote speaker

Zayna Khayat

Futurist, future strategist, keynote speaker

Douglas Kruger CSP

Author aka Douglas Kruger CSP, keynote speaker, poverty

Michael Aagaard

Entrepreneur, founder of ContentVerve, Internet marketer, digital marketer, online marketer, CRO expert, conversion rates, keynote speaker, public speaking coach, business coach, life coaching

Cesar Gaytán

Blockchain expert, speaker, crypto enthusiast, YouTuber

Barbara De Angelis

Teacher, speaker, author

Neil Howe

Managing Director of Demography at Hedgeye, keynote speaker, president of LifeCourse Associates, co-author of The Fourth Turning, Generations, and Millennials Rising

Jose Cayasso

CEO of Slidebean, FounderHub, YouTuber aka Jose Cayasso, speaker, entrepreneur from 500 Startups

Michael Katchen

Co-founder and CEO of Wealthsimple, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, investor, director at 1000memories (Ancestry.com), former business analyst at McKinsey & Company

Melissa Cristina Márquez

Marine biologist, shark scientist, TV presenter, public speaker, wildlife writer, author

Gordana Biernat

Author of Know the Truth, motivational speaker

Gwen Smith

author, keynote speaker

Sara Jane Ho

Finishing schools, etiquette schools, life coach, author, speaker, multimillionaire

Jenn Blum

Writer, bestselling author, keynote speaker

Todd McKinnon

Co-founder and CEO of Okta, keynote speaker, CrossFit

Grace Ng

Co-founder at Javellin.com, journalist, keynote speaker, columnist, writer at Inc. Magazine

Angela Mollard

Author, speaker, news reporter on Channel 7

Evan Ungar

Box jumper, box jumpman, athlete, entrepreneur, public speaker, author

Connie Podesta

Keynote speaker, life coach, therapist, author of Life Would Be Easy If It Weren't For Other People

Jeffrey Eisenberg

Internet marketer, digital marketer, online marketer, CRO expert, conversion rate optimizations, bestselling author, speaker, angel investor

Samantha Brookes (Dann)

Mortgage broker aka Samanatha Dann, Samantha Brookes Dann, motivational speaker, Business Capital Lenders, author of Cash Is Queen

Stephanie Ciccarelli

Entrepreneur, keynote speaker, co-founder of Voices.com, voiceovers, writer, Voice Acting for Dummies

Stefan Palios

CEO at PulseBlueprint, writer, keynote speaker

Allison D Graham

Salesperson, business consultant, keynote speaker

Maayan Ziv

Keynote speaker

Greg Rollett

author, keynote speaker

Karoli Hindriks

Founder and CEO of Jobbatical, TEDx speaker, mom, Singularity University alumni

Ben Evans

CEO at jClarity, software developer, Java performance tools, keynote speaker, co-author, The Well-Grounded Java Developer

Anjali Sud

Investment banker, CEO at Vimeo, keynote speaker

Sara Westbrook

Motivational speaker, speaker, author, singer

David Ossip

Chairman and CEO of Ceridian, keynote speaker

Melanie Joy, PhD

Social psychologist, educator, speaker, vegan activist, founder of Beyond Carnism, author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism

Francesco Cirillo

Speaker, self-help author, life coach, invented the Pomodoro Technique 

Jeff B. Evans

Physician, adventurer, speaker

Afdhel Aziz

Co-author, Good is the New Cool, keynote speaker

Vicki Robin

Social innovator, writer, personal finance educator, keynote speaker, minimalism, author, Your Money or Your Life and Blessing the Hands that Feed Us

Diana House

Property manager, realtor, founder of Cole + Parker, Tiny Devotions, Church Jewelery, ADJ Holdings, mala beads, angel investor, entrepeneur, keynote speaker

Theresa Byrne

Martial arts, self defense coach, fitness coach, writer, fitness model, motivational speaker

Annette Franz

CEO of CX Journey, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, Customer Understanding

Tyson Zahner

Online coach, speaker, photographer

Kimberly Kirberger

Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul, speaker

Jamie Dantzscher

Olympic athlete, Olympian, motivational speaker, online coaching

Ashley Sprague

Technologist, Head of IT at Quora, previously at Netflix, speaker, fashionista, mom

David Suzuki

Environmentalist, environmental activist, public speaker

Vikram Vij

Celebrity chef, motivational speaker

Brianna Gopaul

Innovator at The Knowledge Society, keynote speaker

Danielle Juneau

TWG, keynote speaker, UX researcher for fintech startups

Jackie Camacho-Ruiz

Author, writer, keynote speaker, pilot, entrepreneur, philanthropist

Troy R. Underwood

CEO of benefitsCONNECT, author aka Troy R Underwood, How to Launch Your Side Hustle, speaker

Adar Kahiri

Keynote speaker, AI, maching learning enthusiast, fintech

Frankie Rodriguez

Global travel manager at Zendesk, formerly at Slack, keynote speaker, Bachata dancer, Salsa dancer

Zaynah Bhanji

Innovator, researcher at The Knowledge Society, keynote speaker

Yoel Roth

Speaker, former head of Trust & Safety at Twitter

Yancey Strickler

Co-founder at Kickstarter, keynote speaker

William Strauss

Keynote speaker, co-founder of Lifecourse Associates, co-author of The Fourth Turning

Wes Watson

Bodybuilder, life coach, business coach, motivational speaker, ex-convict drug dealer, YouTuber, GP Penitentiary Life

Vishen Lakhiani

Entrepreneur, founder of Mindvalley, keynote speaker

Victor Antonio

B2B salesperson, speaker

Vanessa Van Edwards

Life coach, speaker, bestselling author, Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People

Vandana Shiva

Bestselling author, activist, keynote speaker

Valerie Garcia

Public speaker, real estate agent

Uncle Bob Martin

Computer programmer, speaker

Traci Gusher

Partner of Data Analytics at KPMG, keynote speaker

Tom Walsham

VP of Product at TWG, keynote speaker

Tom Marazzo

Lead speaker for the Ottawa Freedom Convoy, military veteran, Ontario Party politician

Tim Francis

Entrepreneur, lecturer, keynote speaker, Erythema Nodosum

Tim Denning

Keynote speaker, writer, entrepreneur for Web3 writing projects, NFT writing, NFTs, crypto enthusiast, personal development coaching, business coaching, life coaching

Tiffany Scanlon

Yoga instructor, yogi, blonde model aka Tiffany Jane, speaker, reality TV star on The Bachelor Australia in 2016

Tiffani Bova

Chief Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, keynote speaker

Theresa Miller (tech)

Keynote speaker, Citrix (CTP), VMware vExpert, Microsoft MVP, WBENC-certified, & MBA

Theo E.J. Wilson

Human rights activist, keynote speaker

Theo Priestley

Author of The Future Starts Now, futurist, keynote speaker, tattoos

Terri L. Sjodin

Founder and Principal of Sjodin Communications, author of Scrappy, Small Message Big Impact, keynote speaker, sales training consultant, online training consultant

Ted Livingston

Founder and CEO of Kik Interactive, keynote speaker

Teal Swan

YouTuber, artist, keynote speaker, author, motivational speaker

Tanya Woods

Keynote speaker, managing director of the Chamber of Digital Commerce Canada

Tammy Clark

Educator, consultant, speaker, entrepreneur, political activist

Dr. Tal Zaks

Chief Medical Officer of Moderna Therapeutics, keynote speaker

Susan Carnicero

public speaker, author Spy the Lie

Chelsey B. Sullenberger III

Pilot, leadership, speaker, author of Making a Difference

Stephanie Kelton

Economist, economic advisor to Bernie Sanders during 2016 presidential campaign, macroeconomics, keynote speaker, bestselling author of The Deficit Myth

Stephanie Florio

Co-founder at Swob, keynote speaker

Stacy-Ann Buchanan

Marketer at BIPOC Executive Search, keynote speaker, mental health and wellness, filmmaker, actress

Shi Heng Yi

Shaolin Kung Fu mastery, life coaching, speaker

Sheraz Amin

Facebook Canada and Instagram Canada, keynote speaker

Shawna Wolverton

VP of Product at Zendesk, keynote speaker

Shaun Robinson

TV host, TV presenter, journalist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, activist, founder of Shaun Robinson Media

Shane Cradock

Business coach, life coach, keynote speaker

Shahrzad Rafati

Founder and CEO of BroadbandTV Corp, keynote speaker

Sethembile Msezane

Artist, fine arts, keynote speaker

Dr. Sara Al Madani

Fashion designer, keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur, founder of Social Fish, Proposal Cupids, Halahi, fashion model

Samantha Stevens

Director of Product at Tinder, keynote speaker

Samantha Barry

Editor-in-chief of Glamour, keynote speaker

Sam Masri

Chief Operating Officer, COO of SAP, keynote speaker

Salim Teja

Partner at Radical Ventures, keynote speaker

Saadia Zahidi

Speaker at the World Economic Forum

Ruth Chang

philosopher studying hard choices, TED speaker

Ronit Avni

Keynote speaker

Roger Park

Keynote speaker

Roger Frampton

Personal trainer, fitness trainer, fitness expert, male model, motivational speaker

Rochelle Ezekiel

Keynote speaker

Robert Hoge

Keynote speaker

Richie Etwaru

Keynote speaker, blockchain technology

Richard D. Wolff

Marxist economist, Professor of Economics, marxism, speaker, author

Richard Feldman

React web developer, keynote speaker, computer programmer, functional programming, author of Elm in Action

Riccardo Bosi

Political consultant, keynote speaker, One Australia Party politician, activist

Ric Elias

Co-founder and CEO of Red Ventures, philanthropist, traveler, keynote speaker

Rhonda Kallman

Bevery industry expert at Craft Beverage Expo, keynote speaker, co-founder of Boston Beer Company, founder and CEO of Boston Harbor Distillery

Renée DiResta

Researcher, author, speaker

Reena Merchant

UX researcher, keynote speaker

Rebecca Rosenfelt

Marketer, keynote speaker

Raquel Urtasun

Keynote speaker, associate professor, head of Uber ATG Toronto, AI, machine learning, deep learning, co-founder of the Vector Institute

Ranjeev Singh Sidhu

executive coaching, life coaching, speaker, investor, owner of The Executive Branch

Ran Gavrieli

motivational speaker


YouTuber, streamer, speaker, podcaster on the RAMZPAUL Show

Raia Carey

Life coach aka Raia Coach Carey, keynote speaker

Rachel David

Keynote speaker

Raanan Cohen

Serial entrepeneur, angel investor, keynote speaker, founder & CEO of MobileMax, co-founder of Bringg

Philip Roberts (programmer)

Computer programmer at GitHub, keynote speaker

Peter Fisk

Researcher, business analyst, keynote speaker, advisor

Peter Docker

Founder of WhyNot, teacher, educator, keynote speaker, co-author of Find Your Why

Peggy Hamburg

Physician, public health administrator, Foreign Secretary of the Institute of Medicine, keynote speaker, chairwoman of the

Patrick Winston


Patrick Surry

Keynote speaker

Patricia Marx


Pat Miletich

MMA coach, MMA fight coach, former MMA fighter, motivational speaker, podcaster of The Final Round Podcast

Pamela Meyer

Speaker, how to spot a liar

Paige Dickie

Senior Manager of AI and Digital Strategy at Vector Institute, Keynote speaker

Padmashri Suresh

Data scientist, director of Data Science at Zero Gravity Labs, keynote speaker

Pablos Holman

Computer programmer, hacker, futurist, epidemiologist, pandemics, keynote speaker

Norman W. Baylor

Speaker, President and CEO of Biologics Consulting Group

Nivatha Balendra

Keynote speaker

Nicole Apelian, Ph.D.

Herbalist, survivalist, personal wellness speaker, mulitple sklerosis, biologist, autoimmune disorders, apothecary, naturopathic doctor, anthropologist, author of The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

Dr. Neal Barnard

Keynote speaker, diabetes, author of The Cheese Trap

Nadia Hamilton

Keynote speaker

Molly Shoichet

Keynote speaker

Mo Hagan

Motivational speaker, CEO/COO at CanFitPro (Canadian Fitness Professionals), fitness junkie

Milo Yiannopoulos

Political commentator, politics, polemicist, public speaker, writer

Mike Stern

CEO at Connected, keynote speaker

Mike Mason

Global Head of Technology, keynote speaker

Michelle Ray

Keynote speaker

Michel Weststrate

Software developer, software engineer, founder of MobX, open source software, speaker

Michael LeBlanc

Senior retail advisor at the Retail Council of Canada, eCommerce founder, keynote speaker, podcaster at The Voice of Retail Podcast

Michael Franzese

mob boss, author, keynote speaker

Melinda Rogers

Media mogul of the Rogers family, chairwoman, deputy chair of the board at Rogers, keynote speaker

Melanie Sodka

Writer, keynote speaker, podcaster at Capacity Creator Podcast

Meg Hetherington

Realtor, entrepreneur, life coach, public speaker, author

Maye Musk

Fashion model, busty GILF, dietitian, diets, weight loss, keynote speaker, author

Maureen Farrell

Journalist, reporter at WSJ, keynote speaker

Massimo Pugliucci

Philosopher, keynote speaker, stoicism, podcaster at Rationally Speaking Podcast, Scientia Salon

Mary Ann Yule

President and CEO at HP, keynote speaker

Mary Alice Stephenson

Blonde fashion model, genius, founder and CEO of GLAM4GOOD, motivational speaker

Martine Rothblatt

Founder & CEO of United Therapeutics, keynote speaker about transhumanism, author of Trangender to Transhuman

Martin Matte

Actor, keynote speaker

Mark Zekulin

CEO at Canopy Growth, cannabis, keynote speaker

Mark Passio

Conspiracy researcher, Illuminati whistleblower, political commentator, politics, keynote speaker on the science of natural laws, podcaster at What On Earth Is Happening?

Mark Kornfilt

CPO & CTO at Vimeo, keynote speaker

Mark Holland

Liberal Party politician, democrat, keynote speaker

Mark Bowden

Psychologist, human behavior expert, body language expert, keynote speaker

Maria Zack

CEO at Quantum Solutions Software, business strategist, inventor, public speaker, serial entrepreneur, activist, elections whistleblower

Maria Molland

CEO of Thinx, keynote speaker

Margaret Trudeau

Actress, photographer, author, speaker

Marcus Luttrell

Retired Navy SEAL, military veteran, motivational speaker, bestselling author of Lone Survivor, podcaster on Team Never Quit Podcast

Loral Langemeier

Finance writer, money expert, entrepreneur, speaker, author of The Millionaire Maker's Guide to a Cash Machine for Life, CEO of Integrated Wealth Systems, co-founder of Attainable Wealth Association

Lisa Bodell

public speaker

Limor Blockman

Sexologist, sex counselor, keynote speaker, very busty, huge enhanced breasts, chest tattoos

Lijia Zhang

Journalist aka Lijia Zhang, socialist, public speaker

Lesley Hazleton

Keynote speaker, religious faith, biography of Muhammad

Leonard Susskind

Speaker, scientist

Lena Kay

motivational speaker, life coach

Leigh Dundas

COVID whistleblower, keynote speaker

Lee Byron

Computer programmer, immutable objects, keynote speaker

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Political commentator, politics, journalist, conspiracy researcher, TV host, podcaster, formerly at The 700 Club Canada, keynote speaker, writer, author of Relentless Redemption

Laura Arnold

Keynote speaker

Larry Pinkney

Published writer, conservative political activist, Black Panther activist, political commentator, politics, keynote speaker

Kristen Hadeed

entrepreneur, founder of Student Maid, public speaker

Khalid Hashi

Founder of Know Your Health, keynote speaker

Keith Wilson

Property rights lawyer, attorney, speaker

Katie Greenberg

Keynote speaker, VP Digital Products & Retail Payments at Scotiabank Digital Factory

Kathryn Buczko

Keynote speaker, Facebook Canada and Instagram Canada

Katharina Borchert

Keynote speaker, open source software

Kat Blaque

YouTuber, transgender

Justine Musk

philosopher, visionary, motivational speaker, TEDx Talks, former wife to Elon Musk

Jules Evans

motivational speaker, philosopher

Josh Lekach

Motivational speaker, farmer of wild buffalos, podcaster on Wrong Opinion

Joni Brennan

President of the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC), keynote speaker, banker, technology evangelist

Jonathan Isaac

NBA basketball player for the Orlando Magic, COVID whistleblower, keynote speaker

Johnny Bigger

Motivational speaker

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